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Seller's notes: "Minor scratches and rust, no body damage, seats in good condition, tires like new, great overall condition for a non-reconditioned stock vehicle. In an in-depth interview, Truck Camper Magazine writer Angela White talked with Jim DeLoziers, the driving force behind the ultimate Survivor Truck bug out vehicle. A professional security consultant, DeLoziers “wanted a vehicle that could quickly evacuate his family in an emergency situation, and keep them safe and comfortable for weeks at a time, no matter what. Please be aware some of the sites we link you to could have pop ups and that we have no control over them. Description: Self contained machine shop Originally equipped with Lathes, Drill presses, Welders, Valve Grinding machines, Milling Machines and other metal working tools all powered by a generator driven truck mounted PTO. Selling only truck chassis with mounted (bat wing) shop, PTO generator and on board air system. Our purpose was to utilize a mobile office that had off road capabilities with simple rugged reliability. This truck was purchased and put into service as a mobile office that would be able to access rough terrain, and then be stationary for long periods of time. There are pole attachment frames that extend the lift up side panel that create simple frames for canvass garage areas on each side of the sides. The front portion of the shop van area has an overhead air tank and a PTO belt driven generator on the floor. The interior space is tight, with low head room, (5?8?) This interior feels like a submarine. This truck appears to have been designed and prepared for harsh use: However shows no signs of ever being deployed. I currently drive as an insured vehicle; however do not run plates on it as Military Vehicles technically do not have state plates. This truck is like driving an older underpowered large truck, where you have to shift down and maintain RPMs rather than speed.

This truck does very well on two lane highways and back roads where speed limits peak at about 55 mph. With a little study, today?s online access allows for easy parts locations; however you need to know this prior to needing a part.
General maintenance and repairs are easy as these trucks are designed to be field repaired by common men with common mechanical skills.
Can separate box from truck, if you need only the truck, prefer not to sell box before truck. The term Baja Bug generally refers to an original Volkswagen Beetle modified to operate off-road (open desert, sand dunes and beaches), although other versions of air-cooled Volkswagens are sometimes modified as well. Load it up with your emergency survival gear, food, water, add in some solar panels, a mini wind turbine, and this trailer becomes an all-in-one solution for survival. When he couldn’t find a vehicle that satisfied his requirements on the market, he made one,” reported White. However, we will never link you to a site that requires you to make any purchase or join anything to view the article. This truck design serves it best in an off road environment with heavy loads at slow speeds. These panels open to create a work area from the sides of the truck, accessed by boarding ladders.
The pole attachment frames can be included: however no specific canvas covering were included with the truck.
Although tight, this design functioned well and had the added benefit of being 100% lockable. A continuous flow of curious people would stop by to have their photo taken with this truck. The title date is in the early 70s as M-Series titles are based on design date, not manufacture date.

Low speed, Heavy loads, Rough terrain; MPG at cruising highway road speeds is approximately 3-4 miles per gallon.
Additionally any downhill decent has to be utilized for the momentum of the next uphill accent, while maintain critical RPM limits. On my 1400 mile return trip from the East coast; to the Mid-west, the speedometer cable broke. I have tractor trailer access however all shipping arrangement will be responsibility of buyer.
The company willVolkswagen receives go-ahead from the Federal Motor Transport Authority for the modification of models with the 1.2-litre EA189 TDI engine August 14, 2016The KBA approval applies to 460,000 vehicles of affected Group brands, including the Volkswagen Polo and SEAT Ibiza models. Some of the features include  a firewood box, a shower, and the camp seating built into the running boards and storage bins all around the truck’s perimeter.
Because this function is incorporated into the design of the vehicle, No form is included within the design.
This is common on the M-series vehicles and are easily replaced: However the current mileage of 2703 is showing approximately 1000 miles less than actual.
This is typical with all military equipment in general, this is what gives it the brute all business look (thus the unique form). 3 6-cylinder turbo supercharged Diesel engine driving through an Allison automatic transmission with a two-speed transfer case and power steering.
It is up to you to use common sense and your best judgment when using any information contained within the articles.

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