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Probably the Teton Crest plus some short stuff I was looking at just over the line in ID, but I haven't really looked at the logistics to see if that last part's going to be practical or convenient.
The video is a little painful to watch due to repeated footage of totally uncoordinated use of trekking poles(good grief, learn how to walk!) interrupting things, but the scenery is off the chain. Total solar eclipse swipes diagonally right down the state (and on to the SE USA) on August 21st, 2017!!!
Cotton socks are ok, but try to wear light wool socks if you can, as they wick moisture away from your skin and make your feet feel more comfortable. A short-sleeved undershirt will keep you warm but bring along a long sleeved shirt to wear overtop and a sweater or fleece to wear later in the day. Bring some wind, rain and snow gear; personal umbrella, ear muffs, rubber and snow boots, rain and snow gloves, rain hat, warm hat, water resistant gaiters, water and snow resistant trousers and a parka or heavy coat with a hood. Check out battery operated electric gloves, socks, boot inserts and coats for real cold weather. Sewing Kit may include regular needles, leather needles and thread, safety pins, seam ripper, tape measure, thimble, note pad, pen and scissors. Shoe Kit may include shoe brushes, soft cloths, rubber gloves,insoles, moleskin and shoe polish. Breakdown Kit may include rubber or leather gloves, respirator, baby oil or spray oil, dark and light clay powder, sandpaper, electric sander, scissors and extension cord.

Tuck your trousers into your socks if there is a lot of snow or wear gaiters to keep the snow from packing up around your boot laces and socks. If your child misses the fun of summer camp, re-create the experience at home by having a camp-out night, making s'mores, and more. Plus, get ideas for camp-inspired arts & crafts and sports, from making friendship bracelets to playing balloon ball and crab soccer (both indoor-friendly, we promise!). Some of these ideas might be super simple (make dinner together, take a long bath, watch old home videos), but they sure are fun! These "boredom busters" are the perfect solution when you're stuck inside and have simply run out of things to do. Let your kids take the lead on their room decor with these 3 cool DIY products, including a decorate-your-own duvet cover, color-in wallpaper, and quick-drying chalkboard paint. If you've got a real crafty one on your hands, check out our Rainy (or Snowy) Day Survival Kit featuring kid-friendly, easy-to-use products that will stimulate your child's creativity and, of course, keep boredom at bay. Bowling is the latest youth sport to come back into style, with alleys luring kids and families back to their lanes with spruced-up features like glow-in-the-dark bowling, all-inclusive birthday party packages, and child-friendly food and entertainment. Get out of the house and head to a nearby spot that offers tons of kid-friendly fun -- no umbrellas necessary. Fill your pockets with everything you need to begin the day: lip protection, sun glasses, gloves, hand and foot warmers.

Other Sections include diagrams showing How to Iron A Shirt, How to Tie a Tie and How to Tie a Bow Tie. Download our guide to 50 creative, TV-free indoor activities that will keep them happy, including tons of DIY projects, kid-friendly recipes, and boredom busters galore.
You'll also find more creative ideas here, such as hosting your own Family Olympics, making your own Mad Libs, and baking cookies to deliver to the local fire department.
Its not just about boots and mitts, you may need regular work shoes if it warms up or you work inside where boots are not allowed. Comfortable, warm or lined trousers are a good idea to protect your legs from the cold wind or snow.
Pack extra hats, mitts, gloves and scarves, winter sunscreen and wind protection, winter lip protection, insoles, moleskin and bandaids, feminine products, deodorant, water bottle, extra warm clothing, face cloth and towel, face soap, moisturizer and hair clips or barrettes.
Costumers often leave their shoes in the truck or dressing room and put them on before entering, leaving their boots outside. If this sounds about right for fall and winter weather, you can successfully plan for all contingencies.

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