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Recently someone asked me what type of ammo he should buy for self defense for his pistol.  Whether you’re carrying open or concealed in this dangerous world or planning the defense of your home, the type of ammo you use matters and I’m not talking about caliber. Today, self-defense-minded gun owners can chose from dizzying array of different types of ammo.
Note that these types of bullets expand or “mushroom” as opposed to breaking apart upon contact with the target. In the end, after someone asked me my opinion on what type of self defense round to carry, I suggested either a Speer Gold Dot or a Corbon DPX round.
For in depth and non sarcastic help, check out ShootingTheBull410 and TNOutdoors9 on youtube. A high quality bonded massive expansion bullet that opens up & retains its weight is very important no doubt. If you can’t get that job accomplished as you move off line, then are talking about having the carriage ahead of the horse here.
You can have a great bullet in the chamber, and if you can’t stick it in the desired target, all it is, is an expensive piece of noise making equipment. I’ve been shooting a lot with freshly minted concealed carry permit holders, and they cant accurately hit a static target at 5 yards with consistency where they want to hit it. What I am saying is they cant hit a head shot at 5 yards with consistency, with the time to do it, with the target not moving, with the target not shooting back. They are standing still while shooting, the target is standing still while it is being shot at, and they the shooter is taking way to much time to acquire their sights, prior to pressing off their first shot. The lack of skill sets that I saw just last week was just staggering, and not in a good way. And to boot, they tell me about all their buddies that tell them that they don’t need to practice let alone take additional training. The reason I brought all this up here and now, is because this is the exact topic that the guys that I was shooting with wanted to discuss with such zeal prior to live firing with them on the line.
But the ones I've seen win consistently have great mindset coupled with great training, and the equipment is just a bunch of tools that they can make due with. Surprisingly you actually came out of the 1970′ old school teaching that caliber is not as major issue as in the past with bullet designs of today. I bought and shot a bunch of civil defense and kept testing it into different materials because it kept on exceeding its professed results. They even have a .223 version on the same self defense round and its being used to drop 350lbs hogs in Texas. Most of the LE programs I am aware of use something that has been well vetted and tested vie the FBI protocol, which has proven in the real world to be the very best and most valid way to choose self defense or duty ammunition.
Bonus: You can use the Winchester Train 9mm 147 gr FMJ which has the exact same ballistics as the Defend JHP round at a good price for training ammo. For cold weather applications a polymer insert in the hollow point like Hornadys Critical Defense is a good choice.
The response in court is (1) the bullet used was selected to stop the attack as quickly as possible (with as few holes in the assailant as possible) and (2) to mitigate risk of the bullet passing thru, both reasons thereby reducing risk to the assailant as well as bystanders and victims.

Pay for an expert witness to make this case…the advice is from a published article by Massad Ayoob. I made the decision a long time ago to carry only standard commercially manufactured ammunition in my hand guns. I use Hornady Critical Duty in 9mm +P for my concealed carry and I conceal a full size Glock 17 Gen 4.
Close Quarters Combat Weapons is a vast subject and to cover it would take volumes of text, so my goal is to give you some tangible advice you can use immediately. I would say the stun gun stops the nervous system from working, so now the human brain cannot dispatch impulses towards the remainder of the whole body. The whole effect coming from the stun device is usually a person who can’t possibly move their muscle masses, who loses his or her equilibrium as well as their direction, and remains incapacitated and harmless for many minutes after that. Usually the more time you press this kind of stun weapon against your attacker translates into the results he seems to have would last longer and also be more severe. Apart from the legalities, one important thing is, that any weapon that your friend may carry, can and will be used against herself if she does not know how to properly use it.
Before you decide what to give her, make sure she can use it effectively and safely, that she knows when she can legally carry and use it (you can not zap someone with 250,000 Volts because he’s reading a newspaper while waiting for the bus). Firearms have been in the news lately, and not for the right reasons, but SALT aims to change that. In turn, this keeps the full bullet in one piece when shot into a person with thick clothing or through glass or bone, for instance. But a FMJ with a double tap to the high thoracic and a tap to the head takes care of the problem too. Also with the old ball ammo was to force the opponent to spend resources in evacuating and treatment of wounded people. Multiple independent tests have shown it has great expansion and great penetration (exceeds FBI recommendations). The insert prevents thick clothing such as leather jackets from clogging the opening on the bullet and interfering with expansion (mushrooming) of the bullet until it hydraulics in tissue and prevents over penetration and dumps all its energy into the body. The class that I took strongly emphasized that the lawyers will take you apart for using reloads or +P. Extremely well documented and the best data presentation I’ve seen for ballistics testing. The Rem GS was a good .45 performer as well, except for the bonded load (who’d a thunk it? It it pretty common knowledge that the first version of the Gold Dot G2 had all kinds of problems (and an FBI recall if I remember correctly) – but the latest version seems to have fixed the problem. The major reason is that it is the most efficient pressure point self defense weapon which is determined as legal and non-lethal. Needless to say, like anything else, the stun gun self defense weapon has a varying final result depending on the people its applied on. Also Verbal I have heard a taser and been hit with a taser, which really didn’t phase me.

If you buy her a pepper spray kind of thing, don’t just buy one can, buy three or four, so you can use one or two for training purposes. This "Self Defense Gun" offers long-range protection benefits of a gun, without using bullets. And due to the fact that the ammunition creates an incapacitating cloud, you don’t necessarily have to hit your target to stop them," said Hi Consumption. The characteristic mushrooming of a hollow-point round provides shooters with a projectile designed to expand and create a large cavity in tissue, but also not over penetrate the target. Fragmentation just sends pieces everywhere, dispersing the rounds energy and creating smaller internal wounds. There priorities as to the order of importance as it relates to gun topics was bent, to say the least. Hornadys technology has brought smaller rounds like the .380 to a reasonable self defense choice not mention the smaller lighter more concealable gun it is. The advantages of the 9mm over the SIG are numerous, (1) practice ammunition is less expensive, (2) equal sized guns hold more ammunition in the 9mm, (3) there are more choices in loaded ammunition, etc.
The energy pulse provokes an individual’s muscle mass to go practically haywire, spasing at a extremely high movement level. Lots of people are likely to go down similar to a sack of taters after only a second of coming in contact with the stun tool, whereas some other person will definitely need a lengthy jolt from this gadget before they actually are incapacitated. A taser can be useful but for any self defense aid to be of any use, the condition is that she has to carry it all the time.
While shaped like a traditional handgun, it fires specialized rounds filled with a chemical powder that creates a toxic cloud upon impact, temporarily incapacitating anyone in the vicinity. Frag rounds or RIP rounds may be good when shooting steel, but I don’t think they work as well on bodies as other available rounds. We’ve already seen officers willingly place their lives in danger for fear of being thrown under the bus. Cobra Firearms makes a great model of a .22Mag Double Shot Derringer style handgun that fits neatly in a purse.
Plus all they have to do is turn their head or lift up their arm in front of their eyes and it is ineffective. Also I’d like to know that the human body is a deadlier weapon than an weapon you can carry.
Pankration was used by the Ancient Spartans of Sparta to kill an enemy using only the human body, and also you might want to check you local laws to see IF carrying a weapon is legal. In some states and municipalities don’t allow the carrying of even a taser as it is a concealed weapon. IT is not a lethal weapon IF used properly but is has the potential to be lethal if misused.

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