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After you visit Nicholas Megalis at Answer Guy Central’s Tumblr, and watch him sing, click the Vine logo to see him sing over, and over, and over—which is where the full impact comes in. Last week, I got into a conversation with our lead designer about the relative merits of Vine, versus those of Instagram Video.
Marketing-wise, I believe, scary as this sounds, that 15 seconds is TOO LONG, and yet (simultaneously) the most appealing thing about Vine is its looping characteristic, extending its range to infinity.
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You may remember that when Vine found its way to Android last month I told you it was the most significant individual development in Influency I’d seen in quite a while. All you need to do to make Influency happen is decide who your target is, what they want, how—and where—they like to receive marketing messages, and whether the have enough of a sense of humor to handle people like Nicholas Megalis and his ridiculous, delicious, gummy money song. Now please re-read that last sentence a few times, because it says more about Influency than I’ve ever cobbled together in such a short place. Instagram released its answer to Vine almost immediately, and some fascinating statistical gyrations took place even faster.

Follow the link you see THERE through to Vine and you get a looping version of the Gummy Money Song.

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