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Much thoughts have been placed in the interior as once stepped through the doors, you can't help but feels like you have been transported to a typical rustic French restaurant. Just like the ambience, the price too, were carefully considered and reasonably priced, offering some cracking value for money delicious grub. Paris-Brest and the Strawberries tart (tarte aux fraises) were my favourite out of all the puddings I've tried so far. This place is like a little Paris tucked in the backyard of one of the finest dining corners in London.
The intimate red leather banquette seatings, the red and white gingham tablecloths, pastiche posters and hanging copper pans.

Grab a stool by the cosy bar or squeeze yourself into the intimate dining seating, either way, this is a great place to dine in and has already made it onto my favourite restaurant list. Pork fillet, stuffed with salty bacon served with creamy cheesy mash, thanks to the magnificent Comte. The former has the creamiest hazelnut praline cream sandwich between light choux pastry, although crunchier than expected, actually yield a pretty delicious combination.
A perfect addition to this side of town and one that made no fanfare or hype to get its diners to return. This is me sharing my love of food I cook and eat and sometimes my Nyonya heritage cuisine.

Even the chalk scribbled menu board that changes daily and the charcuterie board are in French as were the background music playlist (French radio station no less). The odd let slips of french phrases from the waiting staff and of course, the owner himself, further contributed to this gallic fantasy.
And a dish of skate, which was boned and stuffed with roasted tomatoes and spinach, too was utterly delightful.

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