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Motor Mechanics service, repair and overhaul mechanical parts such as engines, transmissions and suspension systems. Contract Duration: Has normally been 4 years but recent changes allow for a competency based training approach for possible earlier completion. Prospects in this area can also be enhanced through specialisation in the areas of diesel, automatic transmission air-conditioning and LP gas.
Use MapEditor to look around the San Andreas map and double click on the object that you want.

By default, the model replaces Mr Whoopee, however, thanks to our corporate avtoustanovsiku mods for GTA San Andreas you can set the model of Zastava Rival Ice Cream Truck to any other in the game!
Motor Mechanics service and repair petrol engine vehicles, however some specialise in diesel engines. The model replaces the Uranus, but thanks to our autoinstaller, you can replace any game model! Em um carrinho de mao, voce pode participar em corridas normais, mas no Derby, porque ela e muito forte e poderosa!

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