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Earlier this year the JQI team proposed a recipe for turning ultracold “boson” atoms into just such a supersolid, an exotic state of matter that behaves simultaneously as a solid and a friction-free superfluid.
First theorized in 1970, a supersolid displays the essential characteristics of a solid, with atoms arranged in regularly repeating patterns like that of a crystal lattice, and of a superfluid, with the particles flowing frictionlessly and without losing any energy. In 2004, Moses Chan and Eun-Seong Kim of Pennsylvania State University published a groundbreaking experiment on helium at low temperatures and gathered evidence for a supersolid phase.
Physicists Ludwig Mathey, Ippei Danshita and Charles Clark have identified a technique for making a simpler-to-understand supersolid using two species of ultracold atoms confined in an optical lattice, a “web of light” that traps atoms in regular positions. In work presented at the March 2009 APS meeting, JQI researcher Anzi Hu will present an extension of this theory that makes some new predictions.
A government report, authored by experts from a variety of federal agencies, has recommended that the US treat quantum information science as a national priority.
Dozens of JQI Fellows, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students are in Providence, R.I. Quantum physics began with revolutionary discoveries in the early twentieth century and continues to be central in today’s physics research. The Joint Quantum Institute is a research partnership between University of Maryland (UMD) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, with the support and participation of the Laboratory for Physical Sciences. Created in 2006 to pursue theoretical and experimental studies of quantum physics in the context of information science and technology, JQI is located on UMD's College Park campus.
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This phenomenon, also known as a microquasar, blows a huge bubble of hot interstellar gas, 1,000 light-years across. The energy doesn’t actually come out of the black hole itself, but rather is emitted from the gas that is spiralling in towards the black hole. It was thought that most of the energy came out in the form of radiation, predominantly X-rays. However, the new findings show that some black holes can release at least as much energy, and perhaps much more, in the form of focused beams or jets of fast moving particles instead of radiation. The fast particles slam into the surrounding interstellar gas, heating it and triggering an expansion. Observations in several energy bands (optical, radio, X-rays) help astronomers calculate the total rate at which the black hole is heating its surroundings. The astronomers could see the spots where the jets smash into the interstellar gas located around the black hole. This research will help astronomers understand the similarity between small black holes formed from exploded stars and the supermassive black holes at the centres of galaxies.
Very powerful jets have been seen from supermassive black holes, but are thought to be less frequent in the smaller microquasar variety. The gas-blowing black hole is located 12 million light-years away, in the outskirts of the spiral galaxy NGC 7793.
The Center for Western Priorities mapping project paints a wildly inaccurate picture of oil and gas development in which energy production leaves almost no room for anything else. A series of maps designed to scare the public about the pace of energy development in Colorado exaggerates the size of an average oil and gas well by as many as 45 times. The maps were created by the Center for Western Priorities (CWP), a program of the $52 million New Venture Fund in Washington, D.C.
The CWP paints a picture of oil and gas development taking up huge swaths of land and leaving little room for anything else. To confirm our suspicions, Energy In Depth reviewed more than 2,200 approved location assessment permits in Weld County, home to almost half the state’s oil and gas wells, between December 2011 and December 2014. The CWP’s Twitter feed clearly shows the group trying to influence Colorado’s oil and gas task force ahead of a highly anticipated Front Range meeting in Loveland, Colo.
Even though the CWP says it mapped wells, not well pads, let’s be charitable for a moment and assume the group really intended for each 50-acre red dot to signify a single site with multiple wells. Any way you slice it, it’s clear the CWP wants the public to believe that oil and gas development is crowding out all other land-intensive industries, like agriculture.
If the CWP’s maps were an accurate portrayal of the land used by oil and gas development, the continued growth of agriculture in Weld County simply would not be possible. Kincaid, who later left CWP to join the Obama White House’s communications team, even saw fit to lecture others about honesty. Despite its Western moniker, the CWP is a program of the New Venture Fund (NVF), based in Washington, D.C. Apparently, it’s too much to ask organizations like Center for Western Priorities to take the time and effort to explore and understand how communities truly feel about oil and gas development.
Physics hasn’t quite gotten there yet, but JQI researchers predict that in a weird new state of matter called a “supersolid” two types of atoms could flow through each other frictionlessly while each maintaining a regular crystalline arrangement.
While scientists have found evidence for supersolids in complex liquid helium mixtures, a supersolid formed from such weakly interacting gas atoms would be simpler to understand, potentially providing clues for making a host of new “quantum materials” whose bizarre properties could expand physicists’ notions of what is possible with matter. Able to exist only at low temperatures, a supersolid behaves very differently from objects in the everyday world. However, the interpretation of their observations has considerable uncertainties due to the complex nature of the particular system used in their experiments.
In a paper recently published in Physical Review A (see reference publications), the JQI team identifies conditions under which a cloud of ultracold atoms of two species (such as rubidium and sodium, or two slightly different forms of rubidium) can spontaneously condense into a state in which there is crystalline structure in the relative positions of atoms, e.g. The expanded theory predicts a phenomenon called “counterflow superfluidity,” in which two species of atoms can flow frictionlessly in opposite directions while maintaining their crystalline patterns.
Guyot Bernardo Arocho Jr from BJ’s Technology News Blog recently paid us a visit to check out the new Mac Pro in person, interview our own Michael Truskowski, and review the new workstation from Apple.
The Mac Pro is engineered with a single and larger fan that pulls air upward through the bottom intake.

The inflating bubble contains a mixture of hot gas and ultra-fast particles at different temperatures. Their observations show that the bubble of hot gas is inflating at a speed of almost one million kilometres per hour. From the size and expansion velocity of the bubble the astronomers have found that the jet activity must have been ongoing for at least 200,000 years.
Click the RSS Feed link at the top right-hand corner of this page, and then save the RSS Feed page to your bookmarks. They were released just before a highly anticipated Front Range meeting of the Colorado oil and gas task force last month.
But the CWP maps dramatically overstate the size and scope of oil and gas operations in Colorado. By that measure, one oil and gas well occupies the same area as 38 football fields – an intriguing concept that raised some eyebrows for those of us who have set foot on a well site before. On average, each oil and gas well occupied 1.47 acres – or 45 times less land than the CWP’s maps would have you believe. The 2011-2014 data from Weld County indicates that an average well site takes up 6.6 acres.
And it’s not the first time we’ve heard wildly inaccurate assertions about the amount of land used for energy development. At the end of the day, it’s hard to imagine another industry that requires wide open spaces quite so much as agriculture. According to the Washington Examiner, CWP is a “phantom engagement center” responsible for, among other things, running “anti-fracking attack ads” in Northern Colorado last year.
But it is disingenuous – and wrong – to portray that development as an encroachment upon other land uses, and even something to be embarrassed by. But misrepresenting data as part of a fear-mongering campaign and perpetuating a condescending East Coast view of one of Colorado’s most important industries – well, that’s the least we can expect. As air passes vertically through the center of the device, it absorbs heat and carries it out the top of the device. A gas bubble being inflated the black hole's jets, is 1,000 light-years across and too big to show in this image. The deception can easily be overlooked, because the maps do not include a scale – a curious and convenient omission by the CWP. By that measure, the CWP maps still exaggerate the footprint of oil and gas development by 7.6 times. But Weld County, one of the regions depicted on the CWP maps, tells a very different story. CWP is one of many campaigns supported by the NVF, whose tax filings also show donations to anti-energy groups such as Earthworks, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Environment Colorado, the Wilderness Society and Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen.
In fact, some residents take great pride in the way Weld is harnessing the resources it has been blessed with.
This remains hard to visualize in familiar terms—the accompanying image shows an artist’s conception of it—but the team identified clear experimental signatures (essentially photographs of the cloud), that could verify the simultaneous existence of these two seemingly incompatible properties. Examining the flow of atoms in both directions, the researchers find the net flow to be zero. But by using other landmarks as a guide, it’s possible to estimate how much land each red dot represents on the map. But, unsurprisingly, that nuance is evidently lost on CWP and its funders in their offices just south of Dupont Circle in the nation’s capital. But it can be regarded a superfluid, with nonzero net flow, if one species of atom is considered as an “anti-atom” or a hole (just like in electronic devices).
The underlying technologies of optical lattices and Bose-Einstein condensation were pioneered at NIST and have sparked a renaissance in atomic physics with applications to NIST’s fundamental measurement missions, such as time and frequency standards and improved sensors of magnetic and gravitational forces.
The supersolid is an example of a further direction of research in ultracold atomic physics: the design of quantum materials with fundamental properties not previously found in familiar matter.

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