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This statistic shows the value from EU and non-EU exports of seats for motor vehicles in the United Kingdom between 2010 and 2013. Policy Impact is a series of issue briefs from CDC’s Injury Center highlighting key public health issues and important, science-based policy actions that can be taken to address them. Committed to the highest standard of quality service and building long lasting relationships. Synergy Coverage Solutions provides exceptional claims service through equipping each policyholder with a dedicated Lost-time and Medical Adjuster.
Telemedicine: Phone a Physician With our Telemedicine option, workers who have sustained soft tissue injuries, sprains and strains, or skin irritations can speak with a Physician over the phone for initial treatment after a workplace incident occurs.
Studies show that the average company will decrease claims frequency by over 30% with the establishment of a safety program. View our industry training videos to learn about important safety topics in healthcare, materials handling, motor vehicle safety, and food prep.
This video demonstrates the use of a hoyer lift to transfer a patient from bed to wheelchair, and from wheelchair back to bed. This video demonstrates the process of using a patient lift system to transfer a resident from the bed to a wheelchair, and then back from the wheelchair to the bed.
This video demonstrates the proper use of a gait belt, a device that is used when transferring or walking a patient.
This video demonstrates how to safely perform manual transfers using proper body mechanics. Our on demand safety seminars include leading topics in loss prevention and vital programs for a well-rounded workersa€™ compensation program.

This video reviews the basics of a hiring practices program: applications, interviews, reference checks, criminal background checks, motor vehicle records, drug screening, clearly defined job descriptions, and post-offer screening methods.
This video discusses how to develop and implement an effective safety program to prevent workplace injuries.
This video reviews the claims process, including tips on how to control claims costs when a workplace injury occurs. This video discusses the benefits of having a Post Accident Drug Testing policy in place for your organization. This video discusses the benefits of an Early Return to Work program, along with the process for implementation. This video discusses the intersection of workers' compensation, FMLA, and the ADA, including a mock case study to gain a better understanding of how they interact. Your workers’ compensation premiums are determined by your annual payroll and classifications of your employees.
We understand for your workers’ compensation program to be successful, your business needs an experienced and knowledgeable Insurance Company - one that works as a partner to assist you in providing a safe workplace for your employees, along with reducing claims costs once they occur.
Telemedicine physicians prioritize getting injured workers back to work without overtreatment and if medication is needed, only non-opioid medications are prescribed. A gait belt decreases the chance of a caregiver injuring their back and allows them to control a patient's balance to keep the patient from falling.
These lifts require the patient to assist with coming up to standing position, bearing weight on legs. A Draw Sheet, commonly used in the medical industry, allows for more even distribution of a patient's weight when lifting or repositioning by caregivers.

In this webinar, you will learn about a powerful hiring tool that will assist employers in hiring appropriate job candidates who can successfully perform essential job functions without compromising their safety. Includes information on orientation and training, hazard identification and evaluation, accident investigation, recordkeeping, safety committees, and program auditing. A few examples of expanded hiring programs include Fit for Duty Testing, Drug Testing, Criminal Background Checks, Integrity Testing, and Physical Abilities Testing. EU exports of seats for motor vehicles reached a value of 45.5 million British pounds in 2013.
Unlike most insurance companies, Synergy Coverage Solutions is privately owned by its management team.
The best antidote is to prevent the claims from happening in the first place through a well thought out loss prevention program. Because the team operates as business owners, we relate to the operations and challenges you face each day.As a policyholder with Synergy Coverage Solutions, you will have your own service team which will act as an extension to your company. Synergy Coverage Solutions will help you create tailored programs that are consistent with the goals and needs of your company and help to reduce the frequency and severity of workers’ compensation injuries.
Your service team is held to the highest standard of quality service and is committed to building a long lasting relationship with your organization. Positive outcomes, coupled with reduced cost and accessibility makes the network an effective solution.

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