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The Bobcat 930 forend rail replaces your stock plastic forend providing a mounting platform for a variety of accessories.
It can be used alone, or combined with the Rhino Rail for the ultimate embodiment of form and function.
We took feedback from several law enforcement agencies, the military and end users to design the newest Bobcat.

The top of the Bobcat now contours to the barrel and through machine cuts have been replaced with grooves to prevent debris and contaminants from entering the mechanical workings of the action. Even with less material, we stiffened the entire assembly with a newly designed "Cat clamp" which mounts the Bobcat to the gun. The length was increased slightly to improve rigidity and prevent torque from twisting near the receiver.

This also enhancea the look of the shotgun as well as making the lower "battle ramp" interface with the loading port more efficently.

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