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If you missed any of Jaclyn’s previous posts on wedding cake trends you can find them all here. I do get couples worried that it will dry out during the day, but if you choose your wedding cake designer well they will know all the tricks of the trade to completely avoid that happening. Each guest would bring a single cake layer and the bride would stack them up, putting her own homemade Apple Butter in between layers.
Words cannot describe how incredibly thankful and grateful we are that you were apart of our special day. Visit Gina McLean Photography to see the best of what Raleigh has to offer in talent and experience.

We had Stephanie make mini cakes for the kids that were adorned with their initials to contrast with the brides cakes color theme. They were white cake with butter cream & strawberry filling, the next one was white cake with Kailua and cream cheese icing, and the other one was white cake with butter cream icing. The hearts matched her invitations along with the colors of the wedding, topped with a chiffon bow. Steph's turning the cake world upside down with this chandelier cake.
We decorated it with (non-edible) silver dragees and clear gems. Deciding on your special cake makes a statement about your style and personality. Whether you choose an elegant cake or whimsical style we will help you to design that perfect look that you desire.

This cake was as good as (if not better than) anything I saw at Edible Art and Sweet Memories, but the price was much more reasonable. It's also worth noting that several people said it was one of the tastiest wedding cakes they'd ever had - both moist and flavorful.
And please don't let the Fuquay address dissuade you - she'll bring it all to you in town for the tasting." Melissa R.

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