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Our ability to achieve and remain in compliance demonstrates our dedication to quality patient service and care. ABC AccreditedSusan McCune, LPN, CFom became a certified orthotic and prosthetic fitter by ABC in 2009. We wish to thank Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, for much of the information on this page. The first Army post was founded by Edward Banker Willis in January 1864 in Chino Valley, Arizona. While the fort is still a hospital, several of the original buildings; which once served as the officers quarters, have been maintained as homes to the nurses and doctors of the hospital. One of the military officer's quarters has been turned into the Fort Whipple Museum, with artifacts and history about the fort and hospital, including medical instruments, Army weaponry, the Buffalo Soldiers, maps, with photographs and memoirs written by those stationed there. Since, one of the military officer's quarters has been turned into the Fort Whipple Museum, you will be able to also see how nice and well kept the officer's quarters were at Fort Whipple.
The Fort Whipple Museum is easy to find among all of the other buildings at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center because it's green and yellow, and all the other buildings on the grounds are white. Since the architecture of all of the buildings is similar, the color scheme makes it easy to spot the museum among the rows of two-story houses. The museum is operated as a joint project of the Sharlot Hall Museum, and the Bob Stump Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Edward Banker Willis (January 9, 1831 - December 7, 1879) was a United States military officer during the American Civil War.
He participated in the Trans-Mississippi Theater, fighting rebels and hostile native Americans in the frontier of Arizona and New Mexico.

Willis was born on January 9, 1831 in New York City and when he was nineteen he traveled west for the California Gold Rush. On August 24, 1861 he mustered into the service of the Union Army, becoming a first lieutenant and later on a captain of Company A, 1st California Infantry. After that he headed south for the mining town of Mowry in order to arrest a suspected traitor named Sylvester Mowry. Leaving Fort Wingate on November 7, 1863, he went to Little Chino Valley, north of Prescott, and opened the new fort on December 23. In January 1866 Willis was in command of Fort Selden when he heard a rumor that a large band of Apaches had sacked the Janos presidio in Chihuahua. But when the column arrived, ten days later, Willis learned that the citizens had successfully fought the Apaches for two days. Amiel Weeks Whipple (October 15, 1818 – May 7, 1863) was an American military engineer and surveyor. Amiel Weeks Whipple was born to David and Abigail Brown Pepper Whipple in Greenwich, Massachusetts. In 1853 he led explorations for the first transcontinental railroad route to the Pacific Ocean, near the 35th parallel. During the Civil War, Whipple first served under General Irvin McDowell, & then became chief topographical engineer under General George B. After great gallantry at the Fredericksburg, where he led third division III Corps, Whipple was severely wounded by a sharpshooter at Chancellorsville, and received the last rites on the battlefield. Taken to Washington he was breveted brigadier-general on May 4, major general of volunteers on May 6, and major-general by brevet on May 7, only a few hours before his death in Washington. If you are planning to visit Prescott and the Prescott area and you are coming from outside of Arizona, you could fly into Phoenix and then rent a car.
You may need some outdoor clothing and equipment, if you plan to visit the Prescott or Sedona area. We have some links to Altrec on this page since they are a good online source for outdoor gear.
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Army post which served as Arizona Territory's capital prior to the founding of the city of Prescott, Arizona.
But, it was later moved in May of 1864 to Granite Creek near the present day location of Prescott, Arizona. The name of Fort Whipple, comes from the last name of Amiel Weeks Whipple, who was a Union General, who served in the American Civil War. And the best part is that it's historically accurate because, all of the buildings were painted green and yellow, in the past.
Carleton's expedition across New Mexico Territory and was involved in the capture of Tucson, an old Spanish presidio defended by a handful of milita. In September, Willis led a scouting party against the Navajo and later was on the board to determine where to build Fort Whipple. On September 5, he mustered out of the 1st California Infantry and joined up with the 1st New Mexico Infantry at Santa Fe, becoming a lieutenant colonel on February 5, 1865. Hastily he organized an expedition of fifty infantrymen and twenty-five cavalrymen to march to the aid of the Mexican citizens there. He served as a brigadier general in the American Civil War, where he was mortally wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville. From 1855 to 1857, Whipple published Explorations and Surveys for a Railroad Route from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Prescott is a little over a 2 hour drive from Phoenix off of the scenic I-17 route by taking Arizona 69.
Army post, it became a Military Hospital that was used throughout the World War I and World War II eras.
His early career including surveying the Patapsco River, sounding and mapping the approaches to New Orleans, surveying Portsmouth Harbor, and, as a lieutenant, helping to determine portions of the United States' borders with Canada and Mexico. Among other things, the book contains the formal botanical description of the cactus species Opuntia davisii, and others of which Whipple is a binomial author.
He then became a civil engineer in New Mexico, Arizona California, Oregon, Washington and Oklahoma Territory before retiring to Omaha, Nebraska.

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