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As I’ve shared previously, preparedness is primarily about independence from vulnerabilities.  After being on nearly a dozen medications regularly for years, I decided to take a closer look at my medical vulnerabilities as a whole in order that I might more fully understand what kind of a battle I’m engaged in—after all, bringing the most effective weapon to the battle is only possible if one knows their opponent well. The focus of today’s article is an encouragement that you take more responsibility and accountability for your medical well-being.  Part of that is being more aware of the person or entity that you empower to have influence over your health care. I know that on my path over the last couple of years I have found so many alternatives to traditional medicine.  Allow me to be clear.
On a slightly different note regarding medications, Kellene, so far I haven't found a reliable alternative for preventing migraines other than the medicine I've been on for about the past two years, nortriptylene, but I've been able to stock up more than a year's worth of medication so far (since the medication isn't a controlled substance). Nick, I've allowed the link, however, please note that I have NOT had time to read it and thus it does not necessarily represent the views of Preparedness Pro.
I was talking about this and I remember hearing how "Consumer Reports" gave a Do not Buy rating to a Lexus SUV yesterday and Toyota recalled it today. A very good article, and very well researched, especially since you are a non-health care professional. Kim it looks like insulin can be stored as long as the expiration date if kept in a cool dark area or a refrigerator. I am 49 years old, very healthy and fit, I ferment (with sea salt) much of my garden produce (which has the added benefit of not requiring electricity to store, especially since I grow so much), eat lots of all kinds of meat and liver, farm eggs (I am on a first-name basis with the chickens), raw butter, raw milk, and the cheese I make with the raw milk.
My cousin is a doctor and when I complain about some pains I feel, she doesn’t directly prescribe medicines for me.
It's my belief that in many cases chemical medicines actually thwart the healing process and certainly complicate it elsewhere as noted by the litany of "side effects" warnings which accompany each medication prescribed today. Hi Kellene just want to ask aside from visiting your doctor and getting prescription drugs what else did you do to help yourself? There is MUCH that I'd like to share with you but I don't think it appropriate to do on the blog. Please note that the name you use in the "Name" field above will be the name displayed on your comment. Medical Supplies, Diabetic Products, Over the Counter Creams, and other pharmaceutical products are available at Wellness Pharmacy.
And much, much, more!  Call Wellness Pharmacy at (215) 800-1248 to verify if we carry a specific item. Almost every day of your life, you encounter things that could make you as sick as a dog (to wax colloquial).
During this time, although you will not know it, the virus will be using your cellular machinery like a copy machine. You will develop a dry cough, the body’s way of keeping dead cell debris from blocking your lungs. Assuming that you have escaped pneumonia, the immune system will have finally kicked the flu virus to the curb. Immune system – the immune system is responsible for fighting infections caused by bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses.
Respiratory system – the flu is primarily a respiratory virus, which produces lower and upper respiratory symptoms.
The earlier you can detect flu symptoms the sooner you can treat it and begin to feel better.
Sometimes the flu can start with a pounding headache the creeps up through the back of your neck and into the front of your head. If you find yourself sneezing with a runny nose there is a highly good chance you are coming down with the flu.
Feeling chilled to the bones when the temperature you are surrounded by is comfortable means illness is about to occur.
Constant coughing whether dry or wet is a sign the flu has already begun attacking the body. When it comes to getting any sort of preventative medicine, then there are more than enough opportunities for anyone to be able to get the types of antibiotics, supplements, vitamins, and even vaccines.
If you are going to go ahead and have to receive a flu shot then you need to think about what it actually adds in terms of value.
When you think about the fact that a diabetic individual will have problems with their immune system right off of the bat, you can imagine why catching the flu can wreak havoc on their immune system. A diabetic individual can live a healthy and almost completely normal life so long as they are able to control their blood sugar and keep their internal sugar levels as normal as possible. If you are diabetic and you take a flu shot then you can see some significant added benefits as a result. While the data doesn’t get into all of the specifics with such a blunt fact, the truth is diabetic individuals who have a flu shot are 24% less likely to pass away due to any and all causes. When you think about any sort of vaccine, there are a few things that will instantly come to mind. The immediate thing you need to think of for people who happen to have any sort of diabetes is that unfortunately their body is already vulnerable. Individuals who have the flu in general are going to be in a tight spot because catching the flu can oftentimes lead to things like chest infections. While there are also other symptoms and underlying factors, individuals with diabetes may also have circulatory problems in general. For any patient or any person there are significant reasons why you would want to obtain a flu vaccine. The whole inoculation theory rests on the truth that the body can transition to match an environment. The people most at risk for influenza are the young and the old, as their immune systems aren’t as strong. Like most vaccines and medications, you can potentially develop side effects after receiving the FluMist vaccine. Although most of these symptoms mimic the flu, the side effects are not as severe as if you were to suffer from the flu.
If you have suffered any of the above side effects in the past, you should not get the FluMist vaccine again. Ryan Kh is passionate writer and blogger, writes for several well known health organizations.
5 Ways Health Providers Can Help Reduce Patient Stress Without Drugs - July 27, 20169 Study Tips for the Medical College Admissions Test - July 15, 2016How Can You Reduce Workplace Stress In 2016? Please note: Your first comment as a registered user will be held for moderation up to 24 hours (usually less).
After doing a great deal of research over the last year for the benefit of my own path towards medical independence, I’ve realized that I’ve essentially attempted to fight the battle with a lot of ammo and no firearm.
I hope that you all may benefit from the last two years of focused research that you might be more medically independent in your life.
However the other side of the coin is what I’m addressing today—the side which presumes there is no other alternative, responsibility, or accountability when it comes to our healthy independence. How many drugs are you familiar with that have been originally approved by the FDA, only to have them pulled off of the shelf due to fatal consequences in their use?  And yet the FDA approves them. Can you believe that we now are told—with a straight face—that possible side effects of the drugs we take may result in “temporary paralysis, thoughts of suicide, liver failure, heart attack,” etc.
Water is necessary to cause the medication to be transported throughout our body.  However, when the pharmaceutical industry goes through the testing of their drugs on human beings, they pay no attention whatsoever to the state of hydration in the body. I don’t think that traditional medicine is evil, per se, I just think that it’s so widely accepted because there’s a seriously concerted effort to get us all to accept it as the answer.  As an expert marketer, I can appreciate such a successful campaign. I have had some good effects from taking it but have had one HUGE problem that to put it politely required some Preparation H. Although I should disagree on several of the smaller aspects, I think you did an awesome job explaining it.
As a health care professional, this is exactly why I am working on teaching others how to take responsibility for their own health care by looking at what they can change.
He said that they were always told the best drug is one that treats the symptoms to get relief and not to cure the problem.
However, the research I've done on water has given a great deal of credibility to lessening the symptoms with water intake, but of course not reversing the state of diabetes.
So I know it can be hard to adapt at first but believe in yourself and you will get through this challenge.
I also take cod liver oil every day and often have bone broths that I make and can at home.
You know some of this problems we're facing can be minimized by changing the way we live, eat and a change in environment. So feel free to contact me directly via the "contact us" button and I can share with you some fantastic alternatives. Also it may be possible to order in certain items upon calling, or with a valid prescription. Now is the time to go the inoculation route, if that’s your way of protecting your family against the influenza virus. A lot of people simply procrastinate, and forget to start getting into the game until their children are already in school. The sun gives Vitamin D, which is processed through the skin and isn’t as effective supplementally. The reason you don’t come down with some version of influenza every day of your life has to do with your immune system.
If they live in conditions of poverty, those immune systems have even less of a chance when it comes to defending against sickness. If you are near this person and you inhale these droplets or touch a surface coated with them then rub your eyes, they will get into your system and make their way to your airway’s cells.

Your cells will swell with the rapidly multiplying flu and burst, filling your body with the virus. The symptoms will hit you hard and you go from feeling lively to being bedridden in just a few hours. The pain from flu headaches can be so intense they can cause impaired vision, nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Anytime your body is running a fever it means it is fighting an infection and protecting the vital organs and systems. You can ease the chills away by taking a warm relaxing bath and prevent the flu by takin antiviral medications or supplements as soon as you feel the flu symptoms coming on.
Sipping on warm herbal teas made from elderberries, the purple cone flowers, goldenseal, lemon peel, rose hip and Manuka honey is an outstanding way to help support the immune system while relieving the inflammation and heavy mucus that might be causing the coughing. However, just because someone is able to take advantage of these sorts of preventative care doesn’t mean that they always do. The flu shot will help the body to be able to not only protect itself by learning how to fight off a weakened version of a possible flu strain, but it is also something that is so much more. Not only can the flu hit harder, but it can last longer and even do far more damage as well. However, one of the main problems with the flu is what it can do internally to your actual sugar levels. The added benefits of the vaccine aren’t just that it can help to prevent against the flu, but it can strengthen the immune system overall as well.
Due to the nature of diabetes in general, there are a tremendous amount of side effects that can happen to people with the disease. Your entire body ached, you couldn’t keep food down (nor did you even want to eat), liquids were funny to the taste, and it became even more difficult to just stay still in bed because of the fevers, sweats, chills, and nauseous feelings. This means your respiratory system is at risk of being compromised, but at the least it can make things like breathing just a bit more difficult and discomforting. The good news is that studies have shown so long as you get a flu shot then you can have a prevention or at least a minimum risk of seeing the negative consequences. However, when it comes to the actual process of protecting someone who has diabetes then you need to start considering the flu vaccine as one of the most important things you can do.
If you sunburn long enough, eventually you are going to tan–even if you are an exceptionally pale individual to begin with.
Between these strains are multiple variations, including the Asian Bird Flu and The Swine Flu. Everyone should be vaccinated during flu season, especially people who have a high risk of developing complications from the flu.
The amount of the live virus is not enough to actually cause the person getting immunized to develop the flu. If this happens, you should contact a doctor immediately, as they are signs of an allergic reaction that can pose a threat to your life. The chances of you suffering from the same side effects if you were to receive the FluMist vaccine again are very high. Some people choose not to get vaccinated due to the side effects, however, the side effects are much less severe than what you would experience if you were to contract the flu. Life must develop in conjunction to its surroundings, and without such developments being built into an organism from the genetic level, it’s doomed to break down over time.
With the digital age, we are given a whole new family of thinking which allows for a better metaphorical understanding of this wonderful feature inherent to the human body. If the body’s immune system is positive proprietary software, then influenza is MalWare designed by the devil himself.
Subpar equipment can lead to poor quality or delayed treatment or, worse, infection induced from faulty or unsterile equipment. In spite of often being cited to the contrary, heart disease and cancer are not the number one killers in America.  It’s actually medical malpractice. I have been taking anti-depressant and a whole lot of sleeping pills for the past three years and I'm afraid that it's taken its toll on my body. Right now, their immune systems are in top condition, and when chasing vaccination options, it is always integral for a child’s immune system to be at peak operating capacity.
If you can jump the rush by even a week or two, it’s likely there will be available inoculation options on-demand. Most iterations of flu that become trending pandemics are likely to be some version of these two strains that’s slightly more distinct. Your immune system is usually a bit stronger than you realize, and routinely keeps you from catching an infection of detrimental variety. Like a bevy of conditions combine to weaken your body over time as the season progresses, with influenza fatalities, conditions have continued to worsen such that more detrimental diseases get in.
Additionally, those who work in public offices that regularly cater to large groups of people are going to come into contact with disparate viral agents.
However, you might still be contagious for a few more days and you need to be careful to avoid spreading it. Moreover, lack of appetite is a secondary effect of cytokines affecting the appetite centers of the brain. To help dull the aches and pains you can soak in a cold and flu bath soak within a warm bath, take a pain relieving supplement and an immune boosting supplement. Drinking plenty of water, taking pain relieving medication and sipping on a hot organic herbal tea such as peppermint can help relieve the pain and discomfort while also providing immune boosting properties to help the body fight the flu away fast. Sipping on warm organic bone or veggie broths can help calm this symptom of the flu virus down while providing you with nourishment the immune system needs to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. If take antiviral medication or supplements within the first 48 hours of having the flu you do have an increase chance of fighting it off and feeling better sooner. Herbal teas that contain these herbs will also provide you with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help heal and prevent the flu virus in the future. When you consider the fact that teaching your body how to prevent against a possible flu virus will keep you healthier when everyone is sick, a diabetic individual can be protected. In addition to those minor points, there is some evidence that having a flu shot reduces the chances of being admitted into the hospital for a stroke, lower rates for heart failure, and even lower rates for pneumonia.
A vaccine is nothing more than a weakened version of a disease or a virus, and by seeing a vaccine and learning how to fight against it, your body is able to get practice against a weakened virus so that it can later have a plan if the real thing is ever exposed to your body and you get infected. However, when you start to consider the health consequences, one of the worst things is that they have a weakened immune system.
When the average individual combines those feelings and symptoms with having an already weakened immune system, you can simply imagine how challenging it can be to cope and how it could become quite a serious medical issue as well.
However, when you start to think about a person with diabetes and how they are already on multiple medications, you can see why it instantly becomes more difficult and can actually become borderline problematic to figure out which medicines will work first and which can cancel others out. In addition to heart attack or stroke, there are many potential problems that can occur in the circulatory system for people who happen to have the flu. The studies are a bit incomplete, but as of now there are more than enough reasons to believe. This is because the body’s immune system has adapted to that region of exposure, and heightened defenses.
Their immune system is already weak, the flu kicks in, pneumonia follows suit, and death soon thereafter. It is just enough for the patient to build up antibodies against the disease to fight it off. Yearly immunizations are very important to keep you from catching the flu, and then spreading it to friends, family member, co-workers, and the general public.
It adapts and grows over time, and this is also the reason why new flu shots are required every year: the old strain is no more. If you operate a primary hospital, nursing care facility, or any other type of patient care center, you should understand the role quality medical supplies play on a daily basis within your practice. In fact there are a countless articles in the legal world which address this fact, yet you won’t see a medical organization ad that addresses this fact (just Google medical malpractice + cause of death).
With all of the medical advances in our world for treating cancer have you wondered why chemotherapy and radiation are STILL the only FDA approved treatments for cancer (vs.
Given that the majority of Americans are dehydrated, the medicines are made more powerful than necessary so that most patients can experience the desired chemical results of their medications. I’m not saying that we all have to be perfect, but I am saying that we should all TRY perfectly. Even with that, lifestyle changes such as eating,exercise, and taking proper supplementation can be explored, and many people get off their medications (with physician's approval). This is because antigens contained in the vaccine contribute to an immune system response which generates a sort of pseudo-sickness that can be severe if underlying conditions already exist. Otherwise, you might have to order them, and what if your child isn’t in peak health when they arrive? Proteins, vitamins, wheats, dairy–these things help the body grow and maintain existing immune system response facilitation. But when you push your body harder, or the surrounding environment forces you to push your body harder, then weakness can spread across your immune system. During a time of immune system weakness, influenza strikes a very young or very old person who had a weakened body to begin with. Hospitals, schools, libraries, government buildings, concerts, public transportation, and touristy areas are all viral areas. Your immune system will immediately go on the offensive: churning out antibodies and T cell soldiers that will hold on to and destroy the virus.
Therefore, you should sneeze into your elbow or cough into a tissue to avoid infecting others.

You can find cold and flu bath soaks and immune boosting supplements at most pharmaceutical stores. Vitamin C is also an outstanding supplement to take since it natural works as an antihistamine to slowly ease some of the chronic sneezing and constant running of the nose away. Staying hydrated is also essential when running a fever because your body tends to sweat out tons of liquids during an illness. When it comes to certain people such as diabetics, however, you need to be sure that you can pay attention to the benefits of receiving vaccines because they can be significantly more advantageous if you actually have diabetes.
If you have diabetes then you are already dealing with enough issues, medicines, and exercise routines. Then it should be no surprise that your blood sugar levels can and actually do spike or can at least be significantly increased due to the flu. For some people who happen to have diabetes, the flu vaccine can be one of the most powerful vaccines around.
This means that if an individual already has a weak immune system due to diabetes and they are then exposed to the flu, it can have some serious consequences. That is why it is completely important to make sure someone who is a regular person has a flu shot and even more important for someone who has any sort of diabetic problems as well. This island is replete with tanned Europeans, and the juxtaposition of sun-roasted dermis and blonde locks can even be comical. Now you’ll need to have the inoculation administered directly to the blood for any result, which indicates an injection of some variety is necessary.
Complications can result in serious medical conditions, such as bacterial pneumonia, dehydration, sinus infections and ear infections.
Many people who have a fear of needles choose the FluMist vaccine, as there are no needles involved. Think of it as a character that becomes stronger with each interaction it has with antagonistic forces.
Meanwhile, as the body encounters this transitioning bevy of viruses, it naturally adapts to defend against them.
And yet there is a mountain of highly credible research to indicate that the symptoms of serious medical conditions such as heart disease, kidney failure, cancer, depression, ADHD, and diabetes would be dramatically lessened if the patient were to stay well hydrated.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if you were to take a drug that has strict instructions that you not only take a full glass of water with it, but that you also drink plenty of water during the day in order for it to be helpful?  Well, the drug industry wouldn’t sell as much medicine though if they spread that kind of doctrine though, would they?  So, they create and dispense their drugs to the most common denominator—dehydrated bodies. As winter approaches, several things happen to the surrounding environment, body, and mind.
As influenza spreads, the immune system grows weaker, allowing more sicknesses to come into the body and set up shop. If you have been vaccinated against that particular strain, your antibodies will be stockpiled. Your body is using up all its energy to fight the flu, and you will not even be able to find the energy to walk to the bathroom. If you are unlucky, these normally harmless throat bacteria will descend into your lungs, putting you at risk of pneumonia.
After shaking hands with people, you need to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds under running water. With an inoculation, or a vaccination, inert versions of the antigen can be introduced to the body’s immune system without facilitating as dire a response as natural exposure in the real world would.
So when you’re considering flu inoculation options, it makes sense to keep the FluMist on the back-burner for a special occasion. It also strikes public places more regularly than non-public ones, but in those areas the population’s midsection is represented, so it is less fatal.
It can also worsen long-term medical conditions, such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, and asthma.
It’s going to get more tanned in an environment where you are continually ingesting Vitamin-D from the sun.
Your immune system learns kind of like a program in a computer does, except more effectively. You can’t patent naturally existing minerals and vitamins, etc.  If the FDA really cared about your health, then why don’t they or the USDA actually have the power to shut down offending food, meat, or other plants who are repeat offenders?  When it boils down to it, the FDA is driven by power and money. Due to the scenario in which the pharmaceutical companies test their subjects, most drugs are created much more potently than is necessary as well. I have been living this way for the past 8 years, and the change from how I felt in my thirties is significantly for the better.
One of the chief gangsters in this disease onslaught is pneumonia, which has a habit of sinking into the lungs and killing people on the young and old ends of the spectrum.
On the other hand, if you start to consider the idea that the flu can cause people to want to ignore eating altogether, there is a tremendous amount of issues that can stem from not getting enough food and from having low blood sugar as well.
Then, when the actual antigen is encountered without a vaccination solution to restrain it, the body can better handle it, and may avoid contracting it. Maybe your oldest child can stand the pain without pitching a fit, but the middle child is inconsolable.
And while advancements in medical and healthcare technology have increased operational efficiency, medical supplies remain vulnerable from poor manufacturing and handling. With a vaccine, you’re likely to have the sickness for a fraction of the time you would have had it.
But Kevlar helps protect people where otherwise there would have been sure loss, and influenza inoculations can do the same. Keeping your child strong through proper nutrition, regular outdoor activity, and requisite exercise goes a long way toward ensuring they don’t become entangled in influenza. Usually, what happens is that the sickness is just substantially diminished because the body is prepared for it.
It’s like having to deal with a sick child for only several days as opposed to several weeks.
In modernity, however, sickness from all over the globe plays ping-pong coast-to-coast, and it is very difficult to avoid exposure. Their seal of approval on products has become as questionable as Rosie O’Donnell endorsing health food.
My ex-Doctor prescribed another Antidepresent so I could get good sleep(I have fibromyalgia.). Especially as globalization brings disparate people into closer contact, more influenza virulence is to be expected.
Compounding the problem are things like holidays and the school year, which both impose stress on the mind, and by extension the body. It’s unfortunate that the FDA has continually proven themselves to be wrong again and again. A school gathering at the beginning of the year, or before the first day of school, is sure to bring you and your child into contact with sicknesses which weren’t previously in proximity. Stress also requires the body’s life-support systems to respond, and weakens the immune system even more. As such, they have not earned the respect in my world that merits them to have the final say over what I will and won’t put into my body.
Meanwhile, the sun is out less and less, but you still have to go about functioning as you did. When it comes to medical practices, they focus solely on treatment, not prevention.  This is the ONLY reason why they have not poked their nose into the market of natural remedies up until now—and the only reason why they are threatening to push into this field of oversight is because the treatment medical industry has taken a financial beating over the last 5 years to the tune of over $100 billion dollars!
The kicker is my ex-Doctor and I had an argument about me taking this Antidepressent about 2 months ago and I told him what would happen (which it did) and I wouldn't take it.
You can’t always avoid large groups, but certain festivals, concerts, or otherwise unscrupulous events should be either avoided or approached with caution. Take the necessary time and energy to look for a reliable supplier you can partner with for the long run.
Pocket hand sanitizer can help, but this also cumulatively weakens the immune system over time. As all these conditions come together, they combine to keep your body from working at its full potential. The treatment methods have powerful lobbying groups and they are making sure that the FDA essentially puts a stop—or at least a large stumbling block—to all of the mom and pop kind of homeopathic methods out there.
However, regular crowd encounters can also increase immune-response through exposure in the same way a vaccine helps individuals’ immune systems prepare for actual infection.
Don't just sign up for a long-term contract with the first supplier that has the items you need in stock. A couple of hours spent comparing suppliers online can save you from considerable cost and hassle over the long run.
Sadly, majority of online suppliers take advantage of their clients by charging unreasonable shipping prices. Determine if the online supplier is reliable by looking for reviews left by previous customers.
Test out how they conduct business, particularly how fair and responsive they are whenever you have inquiries, how much they actually charge, and what order capacity they can fill.
If after a month or two no problem emerges, then follow up another order from the supplier.

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