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Mannai Trading Company has represented blue chip manufacturers of medical equipment for over thirty years. Having recently established a medical equipment department, the portfolio of companies represented is growing extensively. Providing an extra level of care ensuring high availability and peak performance of your systems through a variety of advanced and unique resources. Domestic manufacturers can only produce primary medical products, such as surgical gloves, bandages, orthopedic aids and hospital furniture.
Foreign manufacturers of medical devices have always faced numerous obstacles in Indonesia. Indonesia, with a population of more than 240 million, is a medical device market that has great potential.
Indonesia can only produce primary medical products such as surgical gloves, bandages and orthopedic products. In order to conduct the sale and local distribution of drugs and medical devices in the Indonesian market, a company must have local Indonesian office (Foreign Direct Investment) or select a local distributor with good regulatory capabilities. Feel free to contact us and for a free quotation on entering the  Medical Device market in Indonesia. Cekindo has helped us in many ways, from helping our business associates obtain work permits to becoming nominee shareholders and assist all the way in company formation. Linguaphone is an internationally known company with more than 60 branches around the world. We were looking for one strong Indonesian partner who properly understood Indonesian legislation and can provide us complex services to safely and quickly set up our company in Indonesia and assist us in subsequent necessary operation routines like accounting, payroll and tax reporting. We needed to work with a partner who understood our industry and had the skill set and resources to help us understand our market more closely. Cekindo is helping us very efficiently to find a suitable distributor, from the first steps to final registration process.
Cekindo is a leading consulting firm of Market-Entry and Corporate secretarial services to clients expanding and operating in Indonesia and further to Southeast Asia.
Medical Support Products is partnering with Breathe Technologies to bring the NiOV product to our customers. We are at the 2016 PSRC Respiratory Show at the Radison in King of Prussia April 14 and 15. MSP would like to introduce its newest employee.  Stacy Creasy has joined our team as a Customer Service Representative.

Medical Support Products is pleased to announce that the CoSense ETCO Monitor is now available in PA and NJ. Medical Support Products is now selling the Airon MACS epic CPAP System.  This is the only truly portable hospital CPAP system for pediatric to adults iwth oxygen mixing and patient alarms.
Prevent endotracheal occlusion with these high quality, universal endotracheal tube bite blocks by B&B Medical. 103-11160 - Children and adult size, fits entrotracheal tubes ranging in size from 6mm to 9.5mm. The MABIS LEGACY Wall Mount Aneroid Sphygmomanometer has an adjustable gauge and includes a 10 year replacement warranty.
Includes: deluxe calibrated blue nylon cuff, inflation bulb with deluxe air release valve, 8 foot coiled neoprene tubing, wall mounting fixture and hardware, and 1 mini screwdriver.
However, foreign manufacturers of medical devices have always faced numerous obstacles and challenges in entering this market, despite the fact that Indonesia relies mainly on imported medical devices due to the lack of any established local manufacturers. The largest medical imports are medical consumable products, particularly injection needles and catheters, which make up about 20% of the market. With large-scale investment in purchasing advanced medical devices, the market demand for medical products has increased.
Fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you with a quote and overview of the process customized for your industry.
The biggest value that Cekindo can bring is that they are very professional, competitively priced and very accommodating to client requests. When we wanted to enter Indonesia, we had a difficulties handling all regularties related to company registration as well as finding local distributors and customers. The NIOV (Noninvasive Open Ventilation) System is designed for supporting activities of daily living, patient ambulation, physical therapy, and pulmonary rehabilitation in either home or institutional settings. Stacy will be helping with customer orders, shipping, purchasing, and inside sales support. CoSense is a portable, non-invasive device that rapidly and accurately measures carbon monoxide in the exhaled breath of newborns.
This sphygmomanometer has a built in cuff storage area that is great for checking the cuff before operation.
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A number of multinational companies, such as CIBA Vision, manufacture products in Indonesia because it has low labor costs and a weaker currency policy.

This joint project of AEP team & Cekindo team was very well done and I am truly convinced we can cooperate further in the very near future. Cekindo Bisnis Grup had the relevant experience and the resources to undertake the market research for us. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Indonesia’s Ministry of Health is responsible for bidding all public hospital procurements for disposable medical supplies and medical devices. The island of Java offers a higher standard of medical care in Indonesia, especially the capital, Jakarta. They are assisting us with company incorporation in Indonesia, including finding office space and of new distributors. It was very comfortable for us to meet someone who can be aware about everything and help with all the needs that we face when we enter a new market in Indonesia. I would recommend any business in finance or retail who are looking to enter the Indonesian market to get in touch with PT.
We are not only saving our time and money, but also with very important help, finding the best distributor. The need for high-quality medical services has led to the establishment of small and state-of-the-art private hospitals. They understand our customers and our business very well and recommended the right new distributors and customers to us. The medical supply market in Indonesia was US$420 million in 2011, which is an increase of 17.8% over the 2010 level of US$357 million.
We were very happy with their services and we look forward to long-term cooperation with Cekindo. According to Espicom, the Indonesian medical supply market size was valued at US$593.8 million in 2013. Most of the Indonesian medical device market is supplied by imports (an estimated 97.2% in 2013). By product, the largest market share was that of diagnostic imaging devices, which account for almost 35.0% of the market.

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