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Beyond setting up and installing equipment purchased from Abone,  please consider us for any operating room setup.
We will travel to your location, do assessments, testing, and repair operating room and surgical equipment on an as needed basis. Abone Medical Equipment, Dubai, offers a variety of component parts to keep key equipment running. Medical Led Lamps with adjustable color and illumination : Wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted light systems for labs or operating rooms.
Surgical Instruments : Arrow Gibeck Hudson RCI Kmedic Pilling Rusch Taut Vasanova VPS Weck Beere Kmedic SMD Deknatel TFX OEM for performance fibers and resins and custom-made catheter fabrication.
We accept Medicare assignment, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, most private insurance, and we file your insurance!
It's Your Business is a new Sun News feature compiled by the business owners themselves to spotlight local small or new businesses on topics such as the business' specialty product or service, history and any plans for the future. The transition from good health to needing medical care is one of the hardest things you can go through. If you find yourself looking for something NOT on the list, email us at the address below and let our experts go searching for disposable glove importers for you, find a used wheel chair platform lift, or get you information on forearm crutches prices. The device uses fingerstick or venous to collect various blood sample types (Whole Blood, Serum,Plasma).
Home Care's Peak Flow Meters have been designed to help asthma sufferers monitor their condition without interrupting their everyday life.

Whether you need installation and setup, equipment repairs, preventive maintenance, safety testing or just to order parts, Abone has you covered.
We offer a high quality, low cost alternative to factory repairs and provide a fast turn solution. You can consolidate multiple vendor accounts and still maintain functionality on specific types of equipment. We provide distribution as well as sourcing and refubishing, stocks already in stock and ready to ship.
At Medical Equipment Distributors, we'd rather you take care of your family, and let us worry about where a girlleg brace or accupuncture for high blood pressure are coming from.
By measuring their peak flow on a daily basis, the user can control their medicine intake, keep track of the medicine's effectiveness and be alerted when an attack is imminent way before any signs of troublesome symptoms. The Company has a team of factory trained and experienced Biomedical Sales & Service Engineers.
Our Dubai office has a professional team of certified engineers on staff to meet the needs of demanding medical facility environments.
The emotional strength needed to cope with the trauma of helping someone close to you who has just lost some degree of mobility or strength can be the final straw.
Whether you need forearm crutches or personalized canes, a Bayer esprit glucometer or tall pants medical uniforms, we can help you locate it easily. We also have a neurosurgical consultant who reviews all of our product offerings to make sure they meet our high quality standards before we ever offer them to our clients or the public.

If fish print scrub tops are just the thing to help your child cope with being sentenced to bed for a couple of weeks, or a sun canopy for mobility scooter is going to make it possible to get a parent out of the house, our goal is to make the unusual accessible. Meaning we will come to a patients home to help set up products or perform measuring services if needed. We truly believe in going that extra "mile" to offer that special touch to the people we interact with either our physicians patients that become our clients or people who find us on their own.
How current economic conditions might affect our business: There will probably never be a medical recession.
As people get older they will always be a need for medical equipment and supplies at a fair price.
The biggest obstacle we have had to overcome thus far: The time it has taken to put everything together.
But we believe nothing comes easy if it matters and we have had a great time putting this company together.

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