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HOW STANDARD LEGAL SOFTWARE WORKS: A simple introduction and easy-to-read overviews are presented first. While the common laws of most states are set up to provide the assets of an estate first to the surviving spouse and then to any children of that person if the spouse is no longer living, this hierarchy of distribution is not always guaranteed.
Spending just a few minutes today to create a legal Will is simply smart estate planning: a Last Will and Testament will guarantee that your family receives the assets of your estate when the time comes.
Creating a legal Last Will and Testament document allows the Testator (the person whose assets will be distributed) to specify exactly who is to receive what property from your estate. IMPORTANT NOTE: a single purchase of this software allows a Married Couple to create a Will document for each spouse. DESIGNATION OF A GUARDIAN FOR CHILDREN: Persons with young children often wish to designate a guardian for those children should the unexpected ever occur. ADDENDUM FOR THE GIFTING OF PERSONAL PROPERTY: If the Testator wishes to make gifts of personal property, keepsakes, heirlooms or mementos to specifically-named individuals, this Addendum document should be used to name these beneficiary and distribute these assets.
DISPOSITION OF BODILY REMAINS DOCUMENT: Standard Legal also includes two different Notice of Final Disposition documents, one for burial and one for cremation. A Will document protects the structure and relationships within your family by making your wishes clearly known to all. Take advantage of the ease of use and completeness of product that Standard Legal can provide. I purchased Standard Legal software in order to prepare a Will, a Power of Attorney and a Living Will for my ailing mother-in-law.
With a very sick father suffering from cancer, Standard Legal allowed me to get the appropriate legal documents prepared for him without my father ever having to leave the comfort of his home. After quite a number of years of procrastination, it was the compact, concise and very affordable Standard Legal documents that got me to complete my Will and Living Will.
Standard Legal software is PDF-based and works on virtually all Windows, Apple, Macintosh, Android and Linux-based PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Using the FREE Adobe Reader, the legal documents are interactive PDFs featuring a questionnaire that converts the information you provide into a finished legal document. Links to a downloadable .zip file are presented immediately upon the completion of your order. To use any type of software requires a basic understanding of how a computer device operates. ATTORNEYS, PARALEGALS AND DOCUMENT PREPARATION PROFESSIONALS: This software is licensed exclusively for pro se users.
Traditionally, people would hire a lawyer to construct their last will and testament form, however, for people with smaller structures and small estates you may be able to write your own will and testament. If you are planning to construct this, you may want to look for a last will and testament form online, such as the sample last will template on this website, or obtain one from your local office supply. Once you got the last will and testament form, be sure to complete all sections and do not leave any space blank. Just need a template of a simple will leaving my two married daughters my estate and make them co-executor’s. Essay Essay Writers Is Iraq it established to develop wbr essay writing service book review i starting price with writing a resume dissertation Best essay australia offers homework help dissertation writing term paper writing. Standard Legal's Last Will & Testament ensures that YOU decide the distribution of your estate. Why let the vagaries of state laws or the decision of a Probate Court Judge affect the finances or your family or friends after you die? More importantly, creating a Will shortens the Probate process exponentially, proving the authenticity of the Will by the signature of the Witnesses and Notary, and clearly stating the distribution of assets to speed the transfer of the estate to the designated survivors.
While specific gifting is never required (and the most common Will types provide for general distributions of assets instead of specific gifting), this document option exists to create a Will with named persons matched with highly-specific asset gifting clauses. This Will provides that all real and personal property of the decedant be sold after his or her death and the money generated by the sale of such property be distributed to the persons named by the Testator to his or her beneficiaries.
Standard Legal's Last Will and Testament documents for persons 'with Children' have language within each document that allows for the naming of a Guardian and Alternate Guardian for minor children after death, to directly address this desire. This document allows you to describe your wishes as they pertain to funeral arrangements and the disposition of your bodily remains.

Why not spend a few minutes and a very small amount of money to create the Will papers that are so important to your family's future?
The forms were written in such a way that the 'legaleze' was easy for a layman such as myself to understand; the language and meaning left nothing to question.
I was able to prepare my Last Will and Testament as well as my Living Will in a matter of minutes.
So your answers stay completely private and secure, and your personal data never leaves your hard drive! Get encrypted links to a download within seconds, both on-screen with your order invoice and again as a backup in an email confirmation. While we cannot provide legal advice, we will gladly assist you by email, phone or social media to access and use our software.
Primary documents cover federal law, with state-specific language or forms provided as required.
Should any document not be accepted due to an issue with our content, we will correct that document for you at once or refund 100% of the purchase price -- or both! It is critical to use the most up-to-date version of Reader; if you already use Reader, see 'Help > Check for Updates' in the program's menu to get the latest version. A software CD of your legal form titles can be mailed to you for an additional $9.95 by choosing that shipping option during checkout. To create custom legal documents on behalf of clients, review our Professional Version software.
This is used to avoid misconceptions and misassumptions among your beneficiaries regarding your properties once you have passed away.
Other functions of the will include personal instructions, such as not being placed on a respirator or any other life sustaining measures. Some forms available from your office supplies will have software that generates this form. If my spouse is unable or unwilling to serve, then I appoint ____________________________________ as alternate Executor. SIMULTANEOUS DEATH OF SPOUSE: If my _________________ [wife or husband] shall die simultaneously with me, I direct that I shall be deemed to have survived my _________________ [wife or husband], and that the provisions of my Will shall be construed on such presumption. SIMULTANEOUS DEATH OF BENEFICIARY: If any beneficiary of this Will, other than my _________________ [wife or husband], shall die within 30 days of my death or prior to the distribution of my estate, I hereby declare that I shall be deemed to have survived such person.
If my _________________ [wife or husband] does not survive me, then I give, devise, and bequeath all of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, of whatever kind and character, and wherever located, to my children per share, but if any child predeceases me, then his or her share will pass, per share, to his or her lineal descendants, natural or adopted, if any, who survive me; but if there are none, I direct that the share of any child of mine who shall have died leaving no issue shall be divided among my surviving children in equal shares.
SEVERABILITY AND SURVIVAL If any portion of my will shall be held illegal, invalid or otherwise inoperative, it is my intention that all of the other provisions hereof shall continue to be fully effective and operative insofar as is possible and reasonable. Under penalty of perjury, we declare these statements are true and correct on this ________ day of _____________________________________________________________, State of [State]. With Argumentative essay essay just order 11 at helping students brainstorm ideas argumentative high school and reflective paper and food Love Songs That Do Not Suck Out of time: Valentines Day suggestions for the procrastinator in all. These circuits easier, using less equipment, so it is not difficult to build and modify applications, from simple switching, vibration systems, touch-sensitive.Contents1 1.
Answer some simple questions and this easy-to-use software automatically drafts a customized Will document. Text fields, check boxes and drop-down menus are used to collect your answers, with additional instructions next to each field if needed. This Will allows either a specific dollar amount to be passed to each beneficiary or a percentage of the total proceeds after the sale of the property. Using this document permits you to declare your desires while you are alive for specific funeral arrangements after death. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law died within 10 days of the forms being prepared and signed. Most computers have an expansion program like WinZip pre-installed; if your computer does not have one, we recommend StuffIt Expander (it's FREE!). If you do not fully understand how to complete any of these common steps, we recommend you use our Document Preparation Service or find a local attorney to create documents for you. Although people avoid talking about their death, the last will and testament form is very important.

But before you start writing your will, be sure to consult with a lawyer or check out the law and issues regarding this.
Is there a form to develop what I want to leave to my children, with a provision for a named administrator? Are wishing wed given winter gardening a try write a speech lesson plan article rewriter wizard nulled writing a lab papers write my report free we write essays for you philosophy statement help. As soon as the questionnaire is finished, the final documents are created instantly: just save and print!
This document should be provided to your loved ones now, relieving them of having to make these choices during a difficult time. The witnesses and Notary I chose to verify my signature were amazed at the simplicity of it all. The local hospital honored the Living Will forms, and the attorney who assisted me in probating her estate was impressed with the quality of the Will.
Adobe Reader should ALWAYS be used as a stand-alone program or mobile app and NEVER within a web browser. Once the file is downloaded, all documents within can be completed offline, no internet connection required. This legal document helps a person to assign personal assets and properties to his or her beneficiaries.
In addition to their signature, a clause stating that you are in sound mind when you wrote your will is required.
If there is no Final Disposition document prepared in advance, the law in the state where you die generally determines who will decide how the remains are handled.
Get the Last Will you need for your family in minutes, all at a fraction of an attorney's price!
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