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If you read that Back to School title and want to slap me for mentioning Back to School in the first week of August, I can relate.
We have partnered with Merry Maids, the nation’s largest home cleaning company and a ServiceMaster (NYSE: SERV) company, to share with you their “Education in Organization” for parents to help ease us all back into the school year routine. Merry Maids experts developed customized tips for every personality type — the Neat Freak, the Closet Stasher, the Busy Bee, the Summer Straggler and the Team Player.
While most of the tips can help us all get more organized, I had fun looking through the personality descriptions to determine which type I am and what tips they had for me. And to keep things running smoothly and to help me remember where everyone needs to be, a calendar on the fridge is key.
A white board to remind us of important things to do or to take with us for the day is helpful too. Messes go against your very nature, and this time of year can put your temperament to the test, not to mention your cleaning skills. Instead of stressing over where to stash the keepsakes your kids will surely come home with this year, plan ahead and create color coded files for each child.
Stash a stain-removal stick in the backpack of older kids to pre-treat ink stains and make laundry less stressful. A closet stasher may look like a neat freak, but don’t be fooled – their messes are hiding in the closets and under the bed. Take time to dig into storage areas and cabinets to create an organized space for the family. Use plastic bins or baskets with labels on the front to divide the games from the books, and create a special shelf where extra pens, paper and other school supplies can be kept handy throughout the year. Kids will appreciate the independence of knowing exactly where to go to get what they need for homework and school projects.
And remember, your kiddos might be following in your footsteps so be sure to check under the beds and behind the headboards for any treasures they may be hiding.
When you’re juggling work, homework, after-school activities and home cleaning, some days it’s tough to even find matching socks. While the back-to-school season can heighten the chaos, it’s also a perfect opportunity to take control of the time you have. Create a family calendar to keep track of everyone’s schedules, and place a whiteboard by the door to remind you – and your kids – of important things to take with you before heading out the door.
As vacation time comes to a screeching halt, a summer straggler usually waits till the last minute to kick back-to-school prep into gear. From preschoolers to high schoolers, everyone is involved in getting the home ready for the new school year. Have the kids switch it up a little and take on each other’s chores, try something new or take on more responsibility.
As kids get older, they are able to take on more challenging roles, from just folding towels to actually doing the laundry, or from setting the table to loading and unloading the dishwasher.
Make it fun and keep things fresh by creating a handy helpers box; fill it with slips of paper highlighting various household chores and then let your kids pull out their assignments each week.
Rewards are a great way to incentivize the kids to empty the box by the end of the school week.
Hopefully the Merry Maids’ “Education in Organization” helps you get back in the school year routine. While having kids at home can mean a bit more chaos, I love the freedom from early mornings, making school lunches, driving to sports, and most of all, homework!
Fix that by setting a food prep day (Sunday afternoon) where you and the kids pack lunches and place them in a desired area in the refrigerator and pantry. For example, have the kids put in the laundry while dinner is cooking, or encourage the kids to clean the dishes as you finish preparing dinner. It’s OK not to get to everything right away, but keep making progress until your entire list is complete. But if you want a bit more help, the Merry Maids cleaning experts are ready to create home cleaning plans customized for each household’s needs to ensure a consistent, reliable and thorough cleaning process every time. Stay up-to-date on the latest Merry Maids news and tips by visiting Merry Maids’ Facebook page or following Merry Maids on Twitter.
She's been working online since 2003 and is thankful her days are full of social media, writing and photography. Call a professional to help with the deep cleaning, so you can focus on getting the school year off to a great start.

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