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The 150C Dual Core pack offers the highest performance of any lipo battery available in the world. This lipo battery pack will work great for any brushless systems on the market including Castle Creations, Tekin, and Novak. Rather than using one 6500mah cell, we take two 3250mah 150C cells and put them together in parallel. Weather you're a racer or a basher you definitely need MaxAmps lipo's, they are the best period!

Unlike most car lipo's, this one will fit any model which using a standard race pack without any modifying of the battery compartment. If you are looking for a battery pack to fit a specific vehicle, we offer other versions of this lipo pack that are designed for each vehicle so that the wires exit the battery pack in the correct location and the wires are the correct length.
This creates a pack with the lowest possible resistance, the highest voltage under load, and the most rapid voltage recovery of any pack we have ever tested. Even better than promised!Mark Williams - February 22nd 2016I bought these batteries for our families fleet of Axial Wraiths.

We use them while walking in the woods and went with MaxAmps because I had heard they had the best run-times.

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