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In order to serve content on our website, we rely on advertising revenue which helps us to ensure that we continue to serve high quality, unbiased journalism.
In order to serve content on our website, we rely on advertising revenue which helps us ensure that we continue to serve high quality, unbiased journalism. Anup RoyRBI will announce its monetary policy review on 3 June and most analysts expect it to hold its key policy rates steady. Mumbai: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will for the first time conduct a term reverse repo auction, or an auction to remove excess cash from the banking system, of more than one day. The central bank will have a so-called greenshoe option to accept offers up to an additional amount of Rs.10,000 crore above the notified amount. While the liquidity situation has improved considerably in the system, following anaemic credit growth and dollar purchase by the central bank, not all banks are awash with liquidity. On a net basis, banks have borrowed an average of Rs.26,233 crore from the market since the start of the calendar year. Bond dealers say the term reverse repo auction may not have to do much with the existing liquidity scenario. The term money market is the standard by which banks in developed market borrow from and lend to each other.
The term rates can be taken as the benchmark for issuing certificates of deposits, or short-term debt papers, by the banks in future.
According to a bond trader with a foreign bank, it is the best time to develop the term repo market as rates are not volatile and overnight call rates and other money-market instruments have stabilized as RBI wished for and are closely following the central bank’s repo rate. While banks may not have Rs.10,000 crore to offer to RBI, the liquidity in the system has eased considerably in the recent past as the central bank bought huge amount of dollars that flowed into the market following the general election. It’s a good thing that you are aware about charges – but there is a misconception that charges gets over after 3 years.
So my suggestion is if you have paid the premium for more than 3 years – whether you should withdraw or hold that investment is based on Alternative Opportunity you have at that point in time. Can you please let me know about much talked about term plan insurance policies that offer Rs 1 crore. I have been propositioned this MAGIC PLAN – by LIC for my wife (age 31) and me (age -35). I got convinced of the need of a medical insurance and term insurance (though an NRI of 38 yrs) and am finding out the best for me. Last year in July 09 I purchased a LifeStage Assure policy of ICICI Prudential from one of my friend who was in this company that time. This is a Unit linked pension plan which gives some guaranteed addition & manages your portfolio allocation according to your age. In case if you have any question related to insurance – feel free to add it in comment section. I want to invest in lic for life insurance which can be cover upto min Rs5000000.I can invest Rs50000 pa on this. The premium is about 15% – 20% lower than I-protect and Ageon Religare when we opt for Sum Insured of 50 lakhs and above. Endowment plans are even worse than ULIPs – I think you have not read the first question. Hearty congratulations for sectional questions and answers and continuous innovation to create value. It looks that after reading our articles & replies to readers you have realized that investing in insurance policy is a bad idea. 2) Paying a premium of Term Plan means Donation to Insurance Company do not expected for return of premium.
4) Due to law premium of Term Insurance from my view there is no Compulsion to pay premium in adverse financial history of person. 5) Further if you check the IRDA Web site and Web Side of All Life Insurance Company highest Lapsation Ratio of Term Insurance Policy because of law premium and highest risk coverage and non return of premium or return of what ever the premium paid?
I could not understand you point of NO COMPULSION TO PAY PREMIUM IN CASE OF FINANCIAL ADVERSITY..What to you mean by that??
Would love to see the WEB SIDE [Actually its WEB SITE ?? ] of IRDA or INSURANCE COMPANIES where they are showing LAPSATION RATIO of their TERM PLANs because of LOW PREMIUM??

As you know that if person take insurance policy he has to pay premium for continue the coverage of risk other than term plan. First of all buy online term plan as they are much cheaper as compared to when you go through the agent.
Yes, I was already convinced with ICICI iprotect with Accidental Benefit.Many of friends says that you must take an extra care while filling the insurance forms for not giving them a chance to reject it.So is it safe to buy it through online or is it better to go their office directly ? If he advices for any Term Insurance policies like Anmol Jeevan and Amulya Jeevan of LIC , he will only get 2% each yr of the premium you pay. You don’t mention your age,let me take example of a person of age of 27 yrs, for sum assured of Rs.
After the dismal performance in 2014-15, the company has started recovering its market share in the last four months of the fiscal. From our end, we will aim to show clean and unobtrusive ads to provide you with a great browsing experience. You will receive an adblock detection screen on private window, even if you are not running any adblock plugins. In the same period, they have parked Rs.4,532 crore of their excess liquidity with the central bank. In India, a standard term repo market is missing, which governor Raghuram Rajan has been trying to establish. But it becomes fatal to financial life and costly once you end purchasing a wrong insurance solution. Also I have one Money back endowment policy with 45000 Annual Premium and already paid for three yrs…so again the same question whether to continue or not.
If you find that you will be better off investing in Mutual Fund directly instead of remaining Invested in ULIP, then it’s better to withdraw the same and make Mutual fund investment. Appreciate to know your view on ICICI lombard vs Appolo munich fpr the medical insurance and Kotak e preffered vs Aegon Religare life insurance. As you mentioned you are an NRI my suggestion will be that you should buy it in country where you are residing. Let’s understand this right now you young – this means you have to accumulate as much as you can through good products. You can take a fast train which will take you to mid-way & then there are lots of other options to reach your final destination.
As you don’t want to lose your initial investment of Rs 25000 you have no choice but to continue this policy for 3 years. You know that if we will not pay premium, policy in lapes condition and hence for continue of policy we have revive the policy if we return back the money paid alongwith interest, so this is compulsion imposed for continue savings for us and for family incase of unforeseen event. Only concern with online or offline is that we need to fill all the details properly.If we fill up the form without hiding any details then there will be no problems. He will get 7.5% of the premium for the 2nd and 3rd yr and 5% for the remaining premium term. I have one money plus from LIC with 5000 Annual Premium and have already paid for three yrs..
But even in those policies return will not be higher than 6.5% or 7% taxfree – so if people feel that it’s sufficient for them they can continue otherwise they should plan to withdraw. You have purchase Jeevan Anand – I am assuming that you are 35 & premium paying term is 25 Years. In term plan even 1 crore is not a limit you can even go for higher sum assured if required.
They propose this plan as this will help you to achieve your financial goals but actually it helps them to achieve their goals you are lucky that you know that Jeevan Anand is given to you but most people I have interacted think that is some special policy by LIC. But for other readers I have found that Apollo Munich policy features are better & also serving better in comparison to ICICI Lombard. No need to worry that what kind of products will give me pension when I will retire – In next 20 years we will see lots of new products emerging that will help us to get some regular income.
Second one is right now you accumulate till retirement & then choose best option that is available at that time.
I am thinking of investing this amount in monthly income plan(growth option) type of mutual funds rather than recurring deposits and then making FDs.

My suggestion is do some reverse calculation – what kind of corpus you need for medical emergency at the time of your retirement. If i will not pay premium of Term Plan say after 15 years from the date of purchase of Term Plan, because of i have some financial problem say discontinue of job for a temporary period say for 6 to 7 months and my premium fall in this period and if i will die in this period, is Term Plan give me Sum Insured? This may not apply incase of term plan becase of law premium and noting to be return after the term of policy is over.
ICICI I protect is even more cheaper than kotak term plan and also provides accidental benefit.
According to me the reason why private insurance policies claim ratio is lesser than LIC is because most of them are new n hence it will take some time for the ratio to increase.
There are as such no conditions attached but your income should justify that you can take this sum assured + you should be asked to go through some medical tests.
So from this you can see that you are stuck – if you withdraw it after 3 years you will approximately get 60-70% of your premiums.
Hope it clarifies your question – other than SIP you can also start some small contribution in PPF. Please do not advise for SIP or Mutual Fund because Only Some SIP and Some Mutual Fund Perform well and id i will purchase this time what are the NAV? LIC's New Endowment Plus is a unit linked non-participating endowment assurance plan which offers investment-cum-insurance cover during the term of the policy. Now go & ask your agent that how much sum assured you will get in this premium if you buy term plan. If we compare the cost of Kotak e-preferred to Aegon Religare – it’s almost same but if we talk about claim settlement Kotak wins the bout. Even I am shocked that you are saying that agent was your friend – no real friend can sell such long term product by saying this is 3 year product. To simplify the things you can just add this amount to retirement corpus needed & start accumulating. But if you shown it for tax benefits under section 80 C you can hold it till completion of 5 years. If we fill all the details properly and correctly any insurance policy will accept our claim.
You will be shocked that it will be more than Rs 25 lakh in case of LIC & if you go for some private insurance it can be as high as 30-40 Lakh.
Regarding selection of fund my suggestion is go for balanced or diversified equity fund in place of MIP as it is your long term goal. So both r good term plans but I think ICICI I protect with accidental benefit will be even more cheaper than kotak. Now coming to your second question where you are saying that Jeevan Anand will cover you till 100 years –here the problem is Indians don’t realize that why Insurance is bought. We are also planning to launch 6-7 traditional products during the current fiscal," Roy said. Insurance is bought because if you die before fulfilling your financial goals it can be taken care through insurance & once you retire means that you have already build sufficient corpus for your financial goals.
We have already clocked a healthy 31 per cent growth at over Rs 5,700 crore in the first quarter of the current fiscal year," he said. The policy will cover you even after your premium paying term (after you got your Sum Assured + Bonus+ Addl. Going by the July 2015 performance, the Corporation, at 73 per cent of market share each in premium and policies, has almost regained its lost market share. LIC collected a premium of Rs 78,308 crore in 2014-15, a decline of 14 per cent against Rs 90,645 crore in 2013-14.

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