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Infamous rocket: This Scud-A (with inoperable missile) was sold for $345,000 at the auction and American Auction who handled the sale would not give any details on how the missile was acquired or from whom. Early model: This M53 155-mm Self-Propelled Gun sold for $21,850 at the auction and when the 50-ton war machine was operational it was one of the very first examples of self-propelled artillery in the world.
Mine Clearance: This FV3901 Churchill Toad Flail Tank was sold at the auction for $80,500 and is in almost mint condition. Falklands icon: This RCM 748 'Tracked Rapier' Weapons Carrier was sold at auction for $73,600.
Air defense: This M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage Anti-Aircraft Half-Track sold for $201, 250 at the auction over the weekend and is a veritable piece of history. British animal: This pristine FV701 Ferret Reconnaissance Scout Car sold for $54,050 and came about because of the British army's need for a new scout car after World War II. Still fighting fit: This British Centurion Mk13 Main Battle Tank is still operational and its 4 inch canon still capable of firing. Antique: This colorful truck is a CitroA«n Kegresse half-track and sold for $34,500 at the weekend auction.
Wide service: This Humber Mk Iv Armore Car was sold at the auction for $97,750 and was built in 1942 during World War II.
Multi-purpose French unit: This Panhard EBR-90 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle was sold at the auction for $28,750 and is in its original and unrestored condition. No nonsense: The M26 Pacific Tractor and M15A2 Trailer which sold for $86,250 was designed to operate in the desert in World War II. As I mentioned in my review of the Hyatt Union Square New York, Hyatt’s growth in New York the past few years has been explosive.
So this time around for my two night stay in New York I decided to try two new Hyatt properties. The associate checking me in was extremely friendly, and reminded me I would receive complimentary internet, 4PM late check-out (which she proactively applied to my room), complimentary breakfast (she didn’t name a dollar limit), and a choice of Diamond welcome amenities (I chose the 1,000 Gold Passport points). The hotel has two sets of elevators — one for the lower floors and one for the higher floors. The room featured a king size bed, a chair with ottoman, and then a desk and flat screen TV on the opposite side of the room.
While I was impressed that the other Hyatt had a Nespresso machine, this one just had a standard coffee machine with Starbucks blend coffee.
The desk was functional, with lots of outlets and adapters, and a comfortable enough rolling chair. The bathroom was sleek, though at the same time black bathrooms drive me nuts and are almost blinding.
In terms of the hotel’s other facilities, there was a large gym on the 4th floor with a good variety of equipment. That being said, this does feel to me like a fairly bland property — the rooms are nice but plain, and the lobby is small and lacks any character. I stayed at this property a few weeks ago for the first time, and I think your review was spot on, but it left out the one feature that I think made the room unique: heated tile floors in the bathroom. Looks pretty good (it should since it’s new, lol) and I guess proximity to Times Square would be viewed as a plus for many tourists. I could;t be more grateful for the staff, which is consistently the friendliest and most care-oriented I have experienced at any NY hotel. In short, my feeling (as I mentioned about the food) was that I was in a sort of full-service Hyatt Place, a hotel with multiple personality disorder.
This tank, part of Littlefields collection, was built in October 1942 by the Ford Motor Company and was given a refit later during World War II and used for training purposes. The missile, which was developed by the Soviet Union in the 1950s to carry tactical nuclear weapons, achieved notoriety during the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s and later in the First Gulf War in 1990-91. First appearing in August 1952, the gun was very much an experimental unit that was improved upon in the following years.
The Rapier is a small anti-aircraft missile built in the 1960s in the UK for service with the British Army in 1971.

The M16 saw service in both the European and Pacific Theaters of Operations during World War II. The first production Ferret, which weighs 4.8 tons was built in 1952 and the vehicle was eventually sold to many Commonwealth nations who couldn't afford armored cars. Therefore it is a federally registered Destructive Device so any buyer must have met certain national security requirements after paying $92,000 for it.
Named the M48A5 Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge it is designed to lay a hydraulically-launched bridge over a 60-foot gap in three minutes. The first vehicles entered service in 1943 and were used by British and Canadian armies in Europe. The Panhard was built in 1937 and introduced into service in 1939 in time for World War II. Designed for apocalyptic tactical nuclear battlefield warfare, the advanced artillery unit was not shared by the Soviet forces and only Poland and Czechoslovakia ever acquired any. The M26 first saw service in the summer of 1944 in Europe, where it was used to recove damaged tanks in U.S. Going back a few years they only had one property in New York City, while they now have seven (the Grand Hyatt, Andaz 5th Avenue, Andaz Wall Street, Hyatt Union Square, Hyatt Times Square, Hyatt 48 Lex, and soon the Park Hyatt). I consider those two hotels to be the best value in New York as a Gold Passport Diamond member. I spent the first night at the Hyatt Union Square, and my second night at the Hyatt Times Square, which just opened late last year. Usually I avoid Times Square like the plague, though I figured it was still worth checking out this hotel for one night. It’s a touristy area, but not nearly as bad as being right in Times Square, like the W Hotel, for example. I thought it was well designed, and all of the employees I interacted with were genuinely friendly and wanting to please, to a higher level than I’ve found at most other hotels.
On one hand I like that the hotel is further uptown than the Hyatt Union Square, on the other hand I don’t like being only a couple of blocks from Times Square. He travels about 400,000 miles a year, primarily using miles and points to fund his first class experiences. Take for example the Nespresso machine (which is the best!) Also, over at the IC Times Square there isn’t an Ambassador Lounge. The Peninsula-level properties provide classier service, but none have made me feel as welcome as this one. The lobby is the coldest (emotionally) I’ve ever been in, with virtually no place to sit. So, if I want to take a shower at the same time my wife is in the bath, she will get drenched. All things considered I would probably favor the Grand Hyatt due to the club lounge and location, but both are great hotels, in my opinion. Police have confirmed that 7 people were injured by the shooter, and one victim, a man in his 20a€?s, was killed. I was told that at my 60th birthday party in November 2013 I revel in the fact that as a 60-year-old woman, I feel free to say things that normally a much younger me would never have . The tank is in perfect working order and houses a crew of five, including driver and co-driver. The short-to-intermediate range missile, was ammended by Saddam Hussein's military to travel up to 400 miles at mach 5 carrying up to 1,102 pounds of high explosives, chemical or biological weapons. Built by the Pacific Car & Foundry Company, known these days as Paccar, the unit was powered by an 810 horsepower 12-cylinder engine. When not shooting at air targets, they were successful against ground targets due to the amount of firepower generated by the 4 .50-cal machine guns.
With six inches of armor the powerful tank was introduced into World War II too late to see any action and is powered by the famous Rolls-Royce Meteor engine - the ground variant of the famous supercharged Merlin used in the Spitfire and Mustang fighter planes. They were also issued to British and Indian units in the Far East who used them against the Japanese in Burma.

The service at both properties is great, the rooms are large, and both hotels are fairly good with upgrades.
Quiet location despite being steps from Times Square, which is great for a tourist going to a few Broadway shows.
Overall, considering the hotel was very new when I was there, I enjoyed my stay… in large part because of the staff. There is meeting space, though I never used it; laundry and dry cleaning were handled perfectly. M4A3 production ended at Ford in September 1943 after 1,690 had been built but most were retained within the United States for training purposes during World War II.
It is estimated that at the height of his bombardment of Tehran between 1987 and 1988, Hussein fired up to 200 Scuds at Iran's capital and killed more than 2,000 people - causing one third of the city's 10 million residents to flee. The tank is designed to clear a path through a mine field by setting off the explosive charges with its extended canopy of huge hanging metal chains. However, most famously the Rapier saw service in the 1982 Falklands War, achieving relatively limited success, shooting down no more than five Argentine aircraft - despite its much vaunted reputation.
And I absolutely agree about the staff – everyone I met was genuinely nice and helpful.
Lucky and I differ on our experience of the water pressure; I thought it was weak for NY (which, to be fair, is middling everywhere else). Thursday and found one man, later identified as Baker, on the floor dead of an apparent gunshot wound, said Ron Cameron, chief criminal sheriff’s deputy. Captions printed with the aid of Auctions America, who conducted the sale of the collection. However, some were redesigned and sent to Europe and saw service after the pivotal Battle of the Bulge after January 1945.
During the First Gulf War in 1991, Hussein failed in his mission to draw Israel into the conflict by firing dozens at the Jewish state, but did kill 29 US soldiers when a Scud struck a United States Army barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The first flail tanks were built in 1942 and developed from the ideas of a South African officer named Capt.
They proactively offered free drinks, dessert, and Internet for my whole family to apologize for the delay at check in. It often took 20 minutes to fill the tub, and the rain showers were ultimately more for show than a true drenching. Deputies learned that a birthday party attended Scooby-Doo was never known as being particularly tough or courageous, but a costume of his likeness just might have saved a young man from real harm. Famously, Patriot missile interceptors were used to combat the Scuds, which although dangerous were not as effective as Hussein or his enemies feared.
Les Brown was attending a frienda€™s birthday party dressed identified as 40-year-old Sharron you can always organise traditional games such as blind man’s bluff, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and musical chairs. The M4A3 was a modified version of the smaller Sherman which saw service across Europe as the workhouse of the American military. During World War II and especially at D-Day, the most effective flail tanks were the Sherman Crab which became known by military planners as 'Funny Tanks'. Cath Harrop is already thinking ahead to her son Freddie’s birthday party in July when he turns five.
The idea was was continued postwar and the Churchill tank by the early 1950s had become obsolescent and ideal for the task of clearing minefields. The tank was designed to move forward at 5 mph and the flails to turn at 150 revolutions a minute.
Now, the man who brought not only fame but dignity to his country, has been sacked from his job.

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