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Kia didn't make an automatic available for the test drive.On the freeway, the Picanto feels planted for a car that weighs less than a tonne, although one man in a very large van manages to upset the balance with a too-close-for-comfort overtaking manoeuvre. Steering is accurate and gives good feedback, while the engine revs high but doesn’t buzz too much at the UK speed limit of 70MPH.Some cars at this price level can be a bit spooky on the freeway and less than inspiring through the bends, but the Picanto feels solid and composedAfter three days and more than 1000km behind the wheel of Kia's tiny tot, it's safe to say that the Picanto feels impressively grown up.
Some cars at this price level can be a bit spooky on the freeway and less than inspiring through the bends, but the Picanto feels solid and composed.It's quite a feat for a car that is just 18 months away from a completely new model. Add an enticing seven-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty and it should get more than its fair share of the pie in the city runabout class.Unfortunately, that pie is shrinking at the moment. It feels like a class above in its construction, how solid it is and how it sits on the road.

The Picanto is ageing well and still looks a competitive package, but a four-speed auto and five-speed manual is hardly cutting edge - even at the budget end of the market.Then there's the fact it will not come with a reversing camera and may not even get reversing sensors. It received four stars from European crash test authorities, but was marked down for having no stability control. Specification is still being worked on ahead of its local arrival in the first quarter of next year.Hepworth says there will be only one model available in manual and auto, with the manual sliding in at an estimated $13,490 driveaway and the auto at $14,990.
The seat fabric designs on all three models are modern and the seats offer plenty of support on long freeway drives. Rear knee room is tight, but headroom is good and there is decent space underneath the front seats for feet.

The rear load area is small – and could get smaller if Kia fits a temporary spare in lieu of the repair kits on our test cars.

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