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The Jaguar AJ-V8 engine was designed to give excellent performance, refinement, economy and low vibration levels. The whole engine is built from cast aluminium including the cylinder heads, block and bed-plate. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) stamping is located on the right-hand-side of the luggage compartment and a quick reference plate is visible through the left-hand lower corner of the windshield. The VIN and other information are usually displayed on a label located either on the rear edge of the left-hand front door or on the body front-upper cross-member. The VIN stamping is located on the right-hand-side of the luggage compartment and a quick reference plate is visible through the left-hand lower corner of the windshield.
The VIN and other information are displayed on a label located on the left-hand “B” pillar above the door striker plate. During the development phase of this engine Jaguar experimented with V12’s, 5 valves per cylinder and different V angles. A brief overview of the Jaguar XJ-S Car Numbering by Geoffrey Green, author of a forthcoming book about the model.
The VIN number can be found on the builders plate mounted on the inner fender under the bonnet (hood) until 1978 when the info was moved to the windshield tag and door sticker for North America. There were also prefixes assigned to the 1975, 1976, 1977 and the first half of 1978 model years of 2W and in the United States (at least) of "UF", "UG", "UH" or "UJ" respectively. A suffix for the automatic cars was used with "BW" designating Borg Warner auto gearbox and in true Jaguar fashion this suffix was continued on after the change to Turbo Hydramatic transmissions and eventually dropped some months later. The engine number for the V12 is at the rear top center by the joint with the transmission and the inline six cylinder is by the distributor. The gearbox number is located for Borg Warner and Turbo Hydramatics on a plate mounted to the side of the transmission and for the six cylinder auto ZF stamped on a plate behind the shift cable mount. The body number is behind the rear bumper inboard of the mounting strut on a small metal tag riveted to the car. Most entry errors on XJS cars in this database are because of too many or too few digits in the VIN number.
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What to Look For When Reviewing Your Auto Policy For The New Year When the year changes, it’s not just the calendar that starts over. Cheap car insurance is basically the forte around these parts and we're always happy to pass on the savings we discover to you. Pay as you go car insurance is a type of insurance program that adjusts the rates based on the number of miles that you actually drive. Home Insurance is arguably one of the most important types of insurance policy for you and your family but many of us still don’t fully understand what it covers.
The VIN of a vehicle offers an abundance of information for anyone wanting to know about a vehicle, especially if it’s a used car.
Now that you know the insurance provider will ask for this number when you are getting an online quote or when you are speaking to an agent over the phone, you should be prepared with the number.
Note that most insurance companies will not want to ensure a vehicle that has been declared a salvage vehicle.
Though most companies do their best to track a vehicle’s history there are inconsistencies. If your car’s VIN reveals a salvage title, many insurance companies won’t offer coverage on it. The rates you receive will vary based on certain information that you provide to an insurance company and agent, this includes driving history, type of vehicle, location, coverage limits, deductibles and other data points you may be asked for. Jaguar did attach plates with additional information for different markets but the factory Chassis Number on any Series II should be within the ranges shown. Whether seat belts were fitted or not depends on the original market specification of the vehicle. Some models are fitted with variable valve timing, which was introduced to improve low and high speed performance. In addition, there may be legitimate letter codes for certain positions that we don't have in our decoder. View some of our featured items below or use the menu above to find your Jaguar model and browse the accessories for that model. In fact, when getting insurance quotes online, you may have already noticed that the insurance provider always seems to ask for your VIN number. For instance a prior owner may fail to report an accident, so it wouldn’t show up in the report.  Some repair shops may also not report vehicle information. You can purchase this from CARFAX or from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.

This means the car, at some point, was declared as a total loss, which to an insurance provider means an increased insurance risk.
The Jaguar Series II followed a similar pattern with different letters in the second position. For instance, mainland Europe required front seat belts to be fitted on new vehicles from 1965 but the UK didn't introduce this requirement until 1968. The chain driven valve gear has zero valve overlay, which not only reduces hydrocarbon emissions but in conjunction with the variable valve timing gives a smoother idle. If you encounter this, please drop us a line and we'll change the decoder to accomodate for them. The reason they ask for this information is because they want to review the history of the vehicle.
It allows individuals, shops, law enforcement, and car dealers to find information that pertains to that specific vehicle. It offers the sequence of the model production and determines whether the VIN is legitimate for the car.
You can check it against the VIN number located on the dashboard near the windshield on the driver’s side. Repair shops, insurance companies and law enforcement will store information and categorize it using the VIN number of the vehicle. This way you’ll know whether the car has ever been declared a salvage vehicle because of flooding or collision.
Now, as high sulphur petrol has dissapeared from the market, Nikasil may return along with all the benefits of weight and reduced friction. An insurance provider wants to know if the vehicle has had a salvage title, the type of car it is, and generally, the risks involved in insuring your car.
A car insurance company wants to check the vehicles VIN to make sure it has never been in a serious accident or declared a salvage vehicle. Having the vehicle’s history in hand before making a purchase also allows you to determine the approximate cost of your insurance policy for that vehicle. This was the in-factory production sequence number, that was attached to every part produced for a particular car during final assembly. The engine number on the engine is 8S476xxxx, but all documents show one digit different 8S473xxxx.

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