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It was easier than I thought gathering up all the little necessities and I had so much fun coming up with a cute label for them too. I actually had the take out boxes left over from my own wedding and I decided to put them to good use again.
What does a gal have to do to deserve one of these?Does 25 years of marriage count towards getting an emergency kit like this?
Cristen, I just used PowerPoint to make the lables- its the most user friendly way I have found. My only tips is always to start off arranging early, we had lots of headaches running about at the last minute but it turned out fantastic, it’s truly worth planning in advance. In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15th as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week in which May 15th falls, as National Police Week.

Individually Wrapped Candies of the following: Lifesavers, Starburst, Payday, Hershey Kisses, Gum, Tootsie Rolls, York Peppermint Patty, Snickers, and Mounds. I’m a Law Enforcement Chaplain so I cover a lot of different departments in two counties. You have got a great idea here, this can and will lift the spirits of our law-enforcement officials if they’re having a bad day. With the officers being killed in Baton Rouge, I wanted to do something to show support for low enforcement officials. My bachelorette party is coming up next month and i'm totally going to make these for all my friends! I am planning my sister's bachelorette with my sis in law and I might have to steal your idea (of course will give you complete credit!

We located a list of 99 scavenger hunt ideas and put them on the back of t-shirts, it was an excellent method to get every person involved! We are doing this for each one in the entire parish from State Police to city police to sheriff’s offices.
Located this web site that lets you customize your own tank tops, cups, post cards and tons of other fun stuff.
One of the Officers told me they usually didn’t have any and are frequently caught without either, suddenly stuck out in the sun with no protection.

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