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You can also see why RS is hard to get in any meaningful amount eating a typical paleo or SAD diet. I found that when I ran out of potato starch and switched over to plantain starch, above average fartage for a day or so, then back to normal. Even beans not properly prepared by soaking don’t give me much in the way of farts, anymore. A lot of explanation have already been done, for example, on Hyperlipid blog, Vilhjalmur Stefansson and his former expedition member had more elevated FBS on their all-meat diet(while feeling more healthy) .
It looks like physiological IR is the way a body saves glucose for where it is needed absolutely. Every VLC person on earth has retained water, gained weight (oh, myyyy), had localized inflammation (this was plain fucking stupid–if you had local inflammation on a tooth, this was to fight an infection, dumbass), and been in the doldrums.
Wolfstriked: as far as I understand it, the fact that method A – In vivo (ileostomy or intubation in living human) measured the RS means that the percentage is after the food has already been in the body for hours. My question would be: if I can saute my potatoes in the evening, and let them sit in the fridge overnight to increase their RS, can I then re-heat them without reducing the RS level to what they were before cooling? The deal with heating and cooling is a chemical process called retrogradation–the gelled starch crystallizes as it cools forming a type of resistant starch. It would be really difficult to accurately predict your RS intake using the list I provided because there are so many variables.
Hey Janet, I planned to take some handfuls of Fritos corn chips and just re fry them in extra virgin olive oil. I don’t mind my anecdotal n=1 to be dismissed, but mostly I wanted to point out that some explanations you requested were given by less dismissable people. Galina, even if for some reason you can’t tolerate normal starch at all, you realise there is a difference between that and starch YOU don’t primarily digest, that is instead primarily digested by bacteria in your gut, right? Beans are against my religion ?? I feel better keeping it nutrient dense and not so much volume.
This whole RS road-show is more about getting the info out about RS, what it does and where it’s found than to convince every single reader that they absolutely must eat more RS or else.
The people I feel who should take steps to really try to get more are those who have been following SAD, paleo, or any other diet plan that completely eliminates all sources of RS and most fiber.

Brad, I tried RS only in the form of cooled cooked potatoes(not green bananas or powdered potato starch), often in the form of a salad – mix of cooked potatoes, cooked beets , raw onions, homemade pickles or sauerkraut, typical for my native cuisine . Cooked, cooled potatoes, etc., is a MIXTURE of mostly regular, rapidly-digested starch plus resistant starch.
To revise my above analogy, it’s the difference between Metamucil powder and brownies with added fiber. It’s pretty damn exacting science to me, unless you want $2000 worth of corals to crash. I went through many, many iterations with the latest tequniques, because the original way to keep a reef tank was simply 80% water changes every week to dilute the nitrates. And it was alarming because I had no knowledge of PIR at the time and often experienced high FBG readings myself. If anyone has questions about how the food was prepared or where the values came from, they can easily go to the paper I got the info from.
The essential dietary requirement for resistant starch to feed gut bacteria and its universal benefits is well established over 30 years, in hundreds of studies. Some days it’s a heaping T or two, other days none, and other days just a t, and at different times. I had my last potato chip on January 3, 2003 because I just could not eat one bag, let alone 1 chip. At least it would have only good oil on them and if the salt is only on the surface and it is removed by the re frying, I can just sprinkle salt on them.
SSs as were talked about were basically rice & potatoes, mostly rapidly digesting starch. I believe that thus far, oly a single person has made a cautionary argument about RS based on actual science and not complete confusion and ignorance. I don’t doubt that part of population could be fine eating starches, the thing I doubt is the totally negative perseption of physiological IR.
A 180 gal big fish tank with too high of nitrates to keep invertebrates who can barely stand a measurable level but fish can take up to about 40 ppm. But low and behold, after many gizmos and many, many methods we came upon a simple solution: 6-8 inches on sand in the bottom.

Her dad has been type II for over 40 years, so it’s a good precaution for her to take. I plan to make a blend of potato starch, plantain flour and tapioca starch for my supplementing—as I suspect different starch granules feed different bacterial strains differently. I notice increased satiety, although that could be because of the bone broth I am drinking as well now. I have maintained saltwater tanks without one, and while a fish ony tank is pretty easy so long as you deal with the ammonia and nitrites which is easy and automatic if you set it up properly and build the bioload slowly so the bacteria multiply commensurate with the bio load (including fish waste and unconsumed food), nitrates are a whole other story and require anaerobic bacteria because algae scrubbers won’t cut is and cause their own problems anyway from decay.
No real difference in sleep so far, though my dose is probably too low and not close enough towards the evening. In my part of the world, I have access to a product called FiberFine produced by a Norwegian company which also develops other interesting stuff (the Sukrin products for example, they also have a nice bread mix which contains a lot of RS).
When you see the data, compiled by a PhD Chemist, a very precious few of you might begin getting a clue that all starch is not created equal.
I had already supplemented with potato starch in the past (and my wife was not too happy … fartage you know) but I found the taste rather unattractive, and this FiberFine is better in this respect (not the price though). I saw that it was based on the Hi-Maize stuff and I know that you guys are not really keen on it because of the marketing bollockery and price. My FBS went down on the diet with more carbs, but I started slowly regaining weight,got some inflammation near a root of one of teeth, retained water, got less stable energy, so eventually I choose more important for me things over a number.
I do very green bananas as well almost every day (almost uneatable, dries the mouth instantly and blunts the sense of taste for a short while) and I like buckwheat (I make French crepes … since I am French myself ). The Lost Crown: A Ghost-hunting Adventure "Surprisingly good" The Lost Crown its an amazing adventure game with an unique appealing Continue ".

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