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If your device is impacted by the problem but the serial number does not show eligibility, it may be worth a call to Apple Care anyway. Whichever method you use for repair, it is absolutely critical that you back up your iPhone before sending it into Apple otherwise you will lose the data stored on it.
Apple is only giving the credit to users who specifically ask about an upgrade, but the credit amount is above what the store typically gives for an iPhone 5 trade-in. Power button failed on my iPhone 5 about 6 months ago, works sometimes only if I touch it on the far corner, otherwise it registers no click at all. Personally, if I didn’t have to mail mine in I’d take that $350 store credit and hold onto it until the fall, get a whopper free iPhone 6 upgrade! I would like to add my bad experience with apple here, my iPhone 5 is eligible with the serial number they mentioned as eligibility check.
That’s exactly my issue, I have a defective Power button on my iPhone 5, but it’s hard to imagine a scenario where I can live without an iPhone for a week! So as you can imagine I was SO excited when I heard they were going to be fixing it for free…. After testing, my battery was determined to be failing (it will hold a charge for about 3 hours), and the very small crack in the corner of the screen was not acceptable either.
Check this out…I was told that if I decided to save money and fix the 2 issues myself, that it would still not be excepted. Its been so long that it hasnt worked that I have decided to wait for the new one to come out in the fall…at that point I will be eligible for upgrade, and the Apple promised 350 trade in…FREE phone! So I had this exact problem, called at&t tech support, Called apple support and both stated it was wear on the phone. I just called to arrange to send mine in since the nearest apple store is over an hour away.

Now I am supposed to be getting an email with the shipping information to take to the UPS store and send my iphone off. I got the email from apple later that evening and went to the local UPS store to send it out. Does anyone know if there are other providers besides Orange, Swisscom and Sunrise that offer micro sim cards for prepaid customers? I've been trying various prepaid options lately and noticed that Orange and Ortel SIMs are by default compatible with MicroSIM format. 100 Balls is a game that uncomfortably transcends the concept of being a time filler to an absolutely maddening time suck. Not all iPhone 5 devices have a broken power button, and the the vast majority work as intended. The repair can either be done at an Apple Repair Center by taking it into an Apple Store, or you can mail-in the iPhone 5 to Apple through a postage-paid service they offer. Fortunately, if you can live without your iPhone for a week or so, you’ll be able to get it back good as new.
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I understand they have conditions like the screen must not be broken and iPhone must be in a working condition, which my phone is. After at least a half hour on the phone with the tech filled with long pauses and hearing his breathing for way too long. Apple store called today and said the repair process did not resolve the issue and they swapped it for a brand new iPhone 5. I mean, you don't need to ask or do anything, the SIM that you get from them can be used in iPhone out of the box.

Nonetheless, it’s easy to check to see if you are eligible for the free repair service. If you are bothered by this problem and are eligible for a replacement, you should take advantage of it. Now, at the store they start a drama that the phone has a bulge at the bottom which is something related to better which they have manufactured, so the phone can’t be fixed unless the issue is addressed. He ended up having to pass me off to a supervisor because some issue was preventing hime from being able to complete the request. I got another email saying they were sending a replacement phone on Monday and yesterday (Wednesday) FedEx dropped it off at my door. Then the colors start changing, balls start spilling and your high score becomes an obsession. The replacement process takes approximately 4-6 days from the time your iPhone is received at the repair center until it is returned to you.
After a few minutes on hold I got the supervisor with a poor microphone that was difficult to hear well. Your iPhone will be examined prior to any service to verify that it is eligible for this program and is otherwise in working order.
I went through the whole thing again although not quite as long this time and she was having the same issue.
Before sending your iPhone to Apple for service, you will need to back up all your data and erase all your content and settings.

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