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If you’re a car buyer who lets their emotions run rampant it’s unlikely Toyota figures prominently on your shopping list, but if you’re type to shackle your emotions and rely on logic the Toyota will be at the top of the list. Toyota is often accused of building boring cars, but anyone who cares to delve beneath the bland skin of most Toyotas will find well engineered, well built, reliable cars that keep on going long after the emotional appeal of others has died. A large family car with roomy accommodation for five adults, power from a straight six-cylinder engine, and driving through the rear wheels. Improved body stiffness delivered a more stable platform on which Toyota’s chassis engineers could build a decent handling package.
Larger front discs, bigger pads and a revised pedal ratio boosted the Cressida’s braking performance. Inside there was comfortable, supportive seating for five with plenty of room front and rear for adults. Standard equipment in the GL included power windows, central locking, power steering, and a decent sound system.
Add to that alloy wheels, colour coded bumpers and cruise, and you had a GLX, while the Grande boasted ABS, limited-slip diff, leather trim, CD player, and climate control air-con. The Cressida is now reaching the end of its useable life on the road, the youngest now more than 10 years old. Shop carefully when buying a Cressida, but if you do take care you can find a good car that will continue to provide good service for many years yet, even if it’s already showing high mileage.
Regular oil changes reduce the accumulation of sludge in the engine, which can ultimately strangle an engine to death.
The auto transmission can be a problem as the mileage climbs into the mid-100,000 kay region. Generally the body and paint stand up well, although it’s worth looking closely for rust around the rear body pillars. Geoff King has owned several Cressidas over the years, and currently drives a 1990 model, and rates them all good, well-built cars.
Ben Jensen’s first car was a 1991 Grande, which he says is fantastic on fuel and brilliant to drive. Steve Kioumis has owned two Cressidas and has replaced the head gasket, and has had to rebuild the transmission at 125,000 km. Great car in its time despite bland styling, but age now means it’s getting hard to find a good one. The Fiat 500 is a bit of fun, the Abarth more so, although I've always been glad to hand them back at the end of the day. Adding fuel to the fire are the new crash test results for the 2015 F-150, which are a mixed bag of outcomes.
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the F-150 a Top Safety Pick rating, thanks to the truck doing well on a variety of tests. Regular-cab and SuperCab F-150s don’t have this added safety feature, and it showed in the IIHS tests. The 2015 Ford F-150 is the first vehicle IIHS has ever tested where the results were incredibly different, depending on the truck’s configuration. The 911 Turbo keeps evolving, topping the ranks of rapid road-goers without radical departures.Porsche's whale-tailed 911 Turbo vied with the Lamborghini Countach for wall space in boys' bedrooms in the mid-1970s. Book a travel service by selecting one of the links to the left or try out any of the free Trip Tools we've created to help you get your holiday started now.

This elegant city on the banks of the Garonne near the Bay of Biscay is in the heart of the justly famed Bordeaux wine region. If you closed your eyes for a moment and listened while someone read you the Cressida’s specs you could be forgiven you were hearing the specs of a traditional Australian big car. It could have been a Commodore or a Falcon, but open your eyes and you immediately knew it wasn’t from Holden or Ford. It was a basic three-box design, with straight lines, softened only slightly by smoothed edges. With a fuel-injected twin cam 3.0-litre straight six belting out 142 kW at 5600 revs, along with 254 Nm at 4400 revs, the big Toyota had plenty of get up and go.
The engine never felt fussed at any time, it was superbly smooth, and returned quite good fuel consumption.
A torque control compensator cut torque while shifting, making shifts silky smooth, and a lockup converter aided the quest for fuel efficiency. Revisions to the front suspension, and the introduction of a new double wishbone independent rear suspension improved the Cressida’s chassis dynamics, without compromising the big Toyota’s smooth ride. Dealers rarely handle the Cressida, so the best place to look is the newspaper classifieds or the net.
Pay up to $11,000 for the GLX, which sold up to 1993, and $12,500 for the Grande, which sold from 1990 to 1993. It’s important with a car of this age to find out how often it has been serviced, and the date and mileage of its last service.
Toyota recommends replacing it every 90,000 km, so it’s important to know when it was last changed. Check service records for confirmation that the coolant has been changed according to Toyota’s recommendation, and the Toyota recommended coolant has been used, although this doesn’t guarantee there won’t be a problem. He says it’s a pleasure to drive, the body is strong, the 3.0-litre engine and auto transmission provides plenty of smooth power, and the suspension and brakes are excellent.
It has travelled 117,000 km, and has been regularly serviced, with the oil and filter changed every 5000 km.
It now has 217,000 km on the clock, and apart from some minor oil leaks and some work on the air con, she says it has been very reliable, although now starting to use oil.
Already, Ford’s highlighting the good and ignoring the rest, while Chevy and others will no doubt concentrate on the bad.
While Ford’s talking this fact up big time, the truth is that only the SuperCrew configuration of the pickup earned the safety distinction.
It looks good and the country-road ride and compliance is great, there is enough space in the boot and it's fine for a modern family with one or two youngsters. Both supercars, they plied their trade in radically different ways.Porsche pumped out the rear wheelarches of the 911 to fit larger rubber and a wider rear track and added a small table-sized rear tail to improve downforce. This update doesn't involve radical changes and there's not much call to do so when you've been at the top of the supercar rankings for more than 40 years.
We find you deals on all sorts of travel services and we create free tools that make your life easier. Astrenska Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority under firm reference number 442233. Cars are often neglected when they reach the Cressida’s age and it’s important to know this before handing over your cash.

In the time he’s owned it he’s replaced a starter motor, the bonnet struts need regassing, and the driver’s power window no longer works. The problems he has encountered have been a cylinder head gasket failure at 66,000 km, and a leaking rear heater hose leaking at 105,000 km. The SuperCrew has steel reinforcements that are positioned in front and behind the front wheels. Ford says it’s going to fix the flaws in the F-150, but some damage to its reputation is already done. The re-named Nissan Qashqai is the class favourite, ahead of the Hyundai ix35, but the newcomers are splitting the decisions and it's only a question of time - for me - before the CX-3 takes class leadership.
To see the nicest buildings stroll along the river near the Quai de la Douane (Customs House Quay). They keep the wheels from being pushed into the cabin, which in turn cuts down on the risk of injury in a wreck.
The SuperCab earned a marginal score in the test, with quite a bit of intrusion happening in the cabin, including the steering wheel and dashboard almost touching the crash dummy’s chest.
But what about the Captur?It's closely tied to the baby Clio, both mechanically and visually, and it shares lots of parts right down to the well-shaped handles used to close the rear hatch.It's a car I drove and liked - a lot - at a European preview, and I'm still a fan of the shape and the comfort of the seats and the headlamps and the way it drives. On top of that, the A-pillars deformed and other structural parts crumbled, which earned a poor rating from IIHS. It's not huge inside, but one of the trendy new double-decker boots with a lift-out false floor means reasonable load space and the back seats are set a little higher than the fronts to improve the view.Equipment is what I expect for the size and price, including that essential rear-view camera, and the infotainment screen is well sized and easy to use.
It ultimately doesn't have the on-track precision of a 911 GT3 but compensates with more creature comforts, driving aids, the best dual-clutch transmission in the game and all-wheel drive power distribution that makes it a more reassuring ride on public roads.In its latest guise the standard Chrono Sport pack is accessed from a mode dial on the new steering wheel with Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual settings. There’s no performing worse than that, which is something Ford should be concerned about.
A space-saver spare would normally earn a cross, but weight and space are a premium in all the small SUVs.The starter motor only has 66 kiloWatts and, even in a car weighing only 1135 kilograms, it's not enoughIf that was the end of the story it could be 'happily ever after', but it's not.
A "sport response" button within the dial can be depressed to preset the engine and transmission for maximum acceleration, for 20 seconds at a time.A dynamic boost function now limits turbocharger lag, thereby improving throttle response.
The base price for the Captur is $22,990 and that means a wheezy three-cylinder petrol engine and a five-speed manual gearbox. Australia is an automatic landscape, which means you have to pay at least $25,990, although the up-sell brings the benefit of an 88 kW four-cylinder engine.The starter motor only has 66 kiloWatts and, even in a car weighing only 1135 kilograms, it's not enough. A lift function raises the front spoiler by up to 40mm to improve ground clearance at low speeds.
Still, the shift is light and the fuel economy and range is good.It's impossible to write about the Captur without talking about safety, since it would have been only a four-star ANCAP car in 2014 because - like the Clio - there are no rear curtain airbags. Rule changes mean it's a controversial five-star performer in 2015, based on test results and not just a tick for the back bags.I have seen the actual NCAP side-impact crash car in Paris, complete with a baby capsule and booster in the back seat, and I'm convinced the child protection is fine without the airbags thanks to good design and high-strength steel in the body. And Renault has lots of numbers to show the risk in a side impact for a rear-seated child is tiny. Bottom line?

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