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Too many of the questions asked by preening journalists at these debates merely invite evasion or obfuscation. Do you think Ronald Reagan was wrong to increase taxes 11 times during his two terms as president? Was it okay for the majority of Democrats in Congress, many of whom had access to the same intelligence information as the Bush administration, to vote for the invasion of Iraq? Should you be able to protest in the name of free speech while keeping up your neighbors and children up at night?

Is it okay to vandalize banks or corporations or yell taunting chants at law enforcement in the name of free speech? Is it okay for certain groups of people to be able to make campaign videos and political contributions and exclude other groups of people to do the same thing?
Can a majority of people of 51% have complete control and dismiss the wishes and needs of the remaining 49%? I would demand of the candidates that they answer either yes, no or that they’re not sure.

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