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In a recent post I described some simple acrylic lenses I made using a simple press-molding technique.
I also took another picture of my backyard with a different chip and a different setup at 90x90 resolution. One comment- There was in fact some shrinkage in the lens, on the flat bottom part that gets placed onto the chip.
One lesson learned regarding the injection mold design: There are four slightly different lenses in the above assembly.
Make your own notebooks: chevrons, bling and butterflies, I have a friend who requests these notebooks as class projects several times a year. How to bind your own notebooks - notebooking pages, In addition to using binders, we also use a special binding tool to create individual notebooks for some topics and purposes.
I mounted these lenses onto some of our image sensor chips using the same methods as that discussed in the above-quoted recent post, painted on an iris, and sealed the chip up.
The field of view was roughly between 70 and 80 degrees, thus the pixel pitch was less than one degree.

However this was small and easily filled in with the optical adhesive, which has almost the same index of refraction as acrylic. As the mom to two young girls, Catherine spends a good deal of her time feeding her family, cleaning up after feeding her family and planning the next meal she will feed her family. Also, I had designed an assembly containing four minor variations of these lenses and submitted that for fabrication over the holidays. Two degrees per pixel may not sound like much, but many flying insects have this type of resolution and do quite well. When she isn't feeding people, cleaning, running errands or volunteering in her daughter's school, she enjoys running, reading, writing, and cooking for fun.
The injection molding step was a bit of an experiment- rather than using a full optic-grade firm, which would have cost us well into the five figures to try, we used U.S. Two factors probably contributed to this- First the finer pixel pitch could have exceeded the limits of the optics, second my method for removing fixed pattern noise was less accurate in this setup. However I made the mold family perfectly symmetrical (other than the small variations in lens thickness)!

It may be that with the right iris and better fixed pattern noise cancellation, I could get the sharpness down to one degree or pixel, but this will have to wait.
Fortunately I found the sprue (where the plastic charge gets injected into the mold) and with careful eyeballing under a microscope, identified the lenses.
Shortly into my tenure as a mom I realized motherhood - quite frankly - is a jungle and I was going to need to keep evolving to survive. But the lesson learned is that I should have added a slight marking or asymmetry to help me identify right from left.

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