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Virtually all wealthy people have several little “streams” of income coming in that eventually build into a “river” of wealth. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce an exciting new opportunity for you to start earning passive income from PGI. You see, we have a brand new affiliate program that permits you to get paid a commission every time someone you refer to us purchases one of our products or programs. This is one of the best ways to get your feet wet when creating multiple sources of income. Then, as you bring in additional sources of income, you’ll gain more and more personal freedom. Most of the bloggers limit themselves by using easy to use Adnetworks like Google AdSense or Chitka on their blog to earn. Well undoubtedly placing advertisement is the easiest way to get started with make money blogging but I don’t challenge your noble thought of not placing ads to give a great user-experience.
Here I’m sharing some of the working methods used by professional bloggers to earn income without placing ads, and you can pick one which suits your need. Let me give you some extra ideas, which you can implement on your blog apart from putting AdSense or any other ad network. If you are an expert in any field,you can write your book on the topic in which you are expert. One missing opportunity which you can use is by using your existing content of your blog to create a eBook.
There has been a big debate on if Native advertising is ethical or not, but the fact is major publications are making huge money with native advertising. If you are blogging on a niche topic you are more likely to earn a lot with freelance writing. If you are expert in any field and having large amount of readers on your blog, start offering premium content to readers. You can integrate membership option on your blog, and on a fixed monthly subscription charge, you can earn from it. Self-experience is the best thing and depending upon your niche, you can start your own consulting program.
Will love to know your idea, what do you think what can be other ways to make money our of your blog without using advertisements? Native advertising is best among all other methods mentioned in above list and thanks for sharing best options other than adsense. You have covered each and every aspect but I think u should also mention about affiliates in this article which will make this article complete..
Thanks for being a active reader of SML and the appreciation about the topic covered by me. Thanks to read the topic carefully.Be tuned here because another topic is ready to publish here at SML. Premium blog concepts work well when you blog something which is very rare on the web or something which is not easily available. Groceries must be self-bagged with bags brought from home, or you can purchase reusable bags at the register. As a blogger you make your blog and work on your terms and conditions without having any boss.
I’ve been a huge proponent of MSI ever since I passed out on the street in the mid-1960s from working too many jobs. If you like what we’re doing at PGI, and believe our products can help people in your circle of influence, this program can be a great benefit to you.
Well, don’t worry—we’ve set the program up through a company called Clickbank, and they have tons of resources to help you become successful as an affiliate. Just sign up for the program, tell others about us, and if they decide to buy, you get paid a percentage of the sale—a source of passive income. Multiple Sources of Income are a way of adding a new dimension of excitement and fun to your everyday life, while you are becoming wealthy.

You might be one of those bloggers who doesn’t believe in placing ads on your blog, and might want to explore other opportunities to earn from your blog. Even though you need to generate some income to pay your hosting and domain bills or if not, it’s still good to make some money. I also recommend you to read this guide by Harsh Agrawal, where he shared how he is making money from his blog.
I also recommend you to read: Online money making ideas, for more opportunities to earn from your blog. If you have created a series of posts and that can be converted into a eBook, you are almost there.
In native advertising you blend the marketing message for your advertiser in a way, which looks editorial and not an ad. If your writing is great and you think you can target wider audience, drop an email to other big blogs in your niche and tell them you looking for a writing job. There are number of blogs publishing sponsors reviews.You can start reviewing any gadget like iPhone or any other and start making money.
There are many famous bloggers like Om Malik or Neil Patel, they started premium blogging.They are prominent bloggers and gained good reputation in the blogosphere in their field. Though, you have to come up with premium content which you can easily outsource or create yourself.
For example, if you are into Finance niche, you can offer personal finance audit, coaching and similar stuff. Popularize your current blog, make it in-demand on the web and then start of the premium membership concept.
Then, with coupons in hand, I go to CVS and Publix for their very best deals and any additional grocery items I need.
Why are you not on the receiving end of the transaction and receive the flow of money?Yes, you can create a legitimate income online selling your service and products. This give you the ability to work anytime you want to and from any place as everything is available online. Because if you get a second or third job, you’ll have to trade your time for money, and eventually you’ll run out of time. Writing a book on a topic which will sell forever will guaranteed its sell for long time and hence you will keep making money out of it. Once you develop your identity in your field,you can start writing the paid posts for other blog networks.
Since making Aldi my primary grocery store, I have increased my savings each week on the healthy foods I love to buy. Married to my best friend for over 21 years, Tim and I live in Florida with our sweet dog Minnie. If you are not into selling eBook, you can always use it to increase your Email signups in return of free giveaway. Blogging is a huge platform for those who want to make money online from home.For many people, Blogging has come out to be one of the largest sources of income.
Bloggers keep on applying for Adsense advertisements and Adsense rejects them most of the times for one or another reason.
Yes, AdSense is considered to be best money-making program for a blogger as it is reliable and you don’t need to worry about the quality of ads. But looking at the difficulty of getting an Adsense account or while you are trying to get an Adsense account you can look for some Adsense alternatives.Don’t worry there are many alternative available to make money from the blog apart from Google AdSense. Google Adsense alternative will help you to get decent money while you are in a waiting for an Adsense account or your Adsense account got disabled.We have compiled some of the ways to earn good money from the blog even if you are not having Google AdSense account. There are many companies available which pay you for writing a post as per their choice on your website. This type of mouth advertising, link popularity, product exposure and brand credibility provides a chance to learn more about the sponsored products. Many people are making money by providing writing services.Top 10 Best Websites That Pays Very High To Blog There2.

Selling Ad spacesIf you don’t have AdSense account then doesn’t waste your site’s advertisement space just sells it. Marketers can promote their products through your site by placing their products ads and bring you handsome chunk of income. Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing is one of the ways to promote products and in increase the sale. It helps in increasing the sale up to 20% to 70% depending on the reputation of the blog and thus helps in financial strength of merchant.
This invokes the services of InfoLinks in your site and helps to get high revenue from contextual text ads.
But you must deliver only relevant ads in order to improve conversation rate and boosts the earning potential. Unlike AdSense, with Qadabra there is no need t wait for its approval so, it is fast and easy.6.
So, there is an amazing alternative Revenue Hits.Revenue Hits is a performance based ad network that actually helps you to earn money by cost per action based network. In this, advertisers pay you whenever a visitor delivers any action like having registration on the website. With revenue Hits you can have maximum return on investment and can get more revenue on each and every impression that you get from your blog.7.
Amazon affiliatesAmazon Affiliates is the right Google AdSense alternative when it comes to get the huge potential in terms of overall income. It offers high advertising fees also and provides a better conversion and high commission for your blog and for you also.Why Affiliate Marketing is better than Google Adsense?9. Direct AdvertisingIf your blog has large number of blog readers or subscribers and has good reputation then you can attract many advertisers to your blog. ClicksorLike InfoLinks there is another in text advertising network Clicksor through which you can earn up to 85% of your total ad income.
In order to start earning from this source you must have at least 50,000 monthly visitors on your website. Clicksor pays your through PayPal and Check and send payments with every 15 days.Top 10 Adsense Alternatives, Other Highest Paying Ad Netoworks11.
TaboolaIf your website doesn’t get banner ads or any affiliated programs don’t worry there are still ways to get good money.
You can monetize the content by publishing the content you may like.Adsense Arbitrage Can Boost Your Adsense Revenue By 200% Overnight.
BlogHer Publishing NetworkIn the world of bloggers there also exist women bloggers, for them ad networks exist. BlogHer Publishing Network is such an ad network for women bloggers which accepts high quality bloggers and also welcomes new applicants periodically which means you can easily apply with this ad network. You can earn money by showing CPM ads and earn more if your get sponsored posts and reviews. BidvertiserBidvertiser is another good way to earn money apart from Google AdSense and many blogger are already earning very good amount of money through it. Bitvertiser also comes in Pay Per Click category.It offers a wide range of formats including leader board 728x 90, banner 468 x 60, half banner 234x 60, skyscraper 300x 600, rectangle 180x 150, vertical 240x 200 and more. Bidvertiser pay via PayPal, check and Wire with the minimum payment of $10.Have something to add to the story? Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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