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Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". Tweet Today, women want a way to make extra income, that does not require a substantial investment.
A new opportunity to work from home and maintain a successful business, is to make extra cash with Stella & Dot. The company is one of the 500 fastest growing organizations and was created as a viable option for hard working women who want a real opportunity to make money.
The jewelry and accessories available to women are designed by top designers in New York, who have earned a reputation for their style and ability to create desirable products.
Women can choose to offer jewelry, handbags, totes, electronic accessories, scarves, and other accessories that are in demand.
By hosting trunk parties, women can earn points toward more merchandise, particularly those items they find most desirable. Another benefit is the chance to represent a well known company that many women admire and respect. Online sales can support the home sales part of the business, for women who need time to manage online sales.
When a women chooses to represent Stella & Dot, she will have complete support for marketing and promotions, including software, web support, and marketing promotions materials.
Women will have an opportunity to purchase several samples in the first month, for half the usual cost.
Becoming a Stella & Dot stylist provides a flexible way to earn income and where a women can spend as much or as little time as desired to promote products.
When I first announced that I intended to sell my “entire life” on eBay there was a huge amount of press and public interest.

I received many emails from people who suggested my choices were similar to those made by Christopher McCandless in the book and movie “Into the Wild”.
I watched the movie in the run-up to the “aLife4Sale” auction, and wrote about my thoughts in a blog post at the time. I quoted this line many times over my two of years of goal-achieving travels, and still sometimes refer to this when I give my inspirational talks. Today is August 3rd 2015, which is the very date I set out on my 100 goals in 100 weeks journey in 2008.
Initially I thought little would have changed in my opinion about Chris, but I was surprised to find that I identified much more with him on this second viewing. Budgets are tight and women who want to work from home may have limited funds to start a home business.
Women who choose this type of home based business have many new ways to promote the products they offer. This makes promoting the line of products more desirable and a better option than other home businesses. The high commissions and points on merchandise are two benefits of joining the Stella & Dot team.
When a woman chooses to represent the company, she will be offering products that other women instantly recognize and admire.
For those who are more technologically savvy, online sales may become the main source of revenue for product sales and promotion. Women can start representing the fine line of women’s products, for as little as $199, for the starter kit. This was where Chris and I parted ways – I decided I had absolutely nothing in common with him.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that much of our enjoyment in life comes from experiences shared with others. Maybe this is because I have spent the past seven years on my own extended journey, with little idea of where my own adventure will lead. I identify much more with the unplanned journey, the adventure, and the excitement of new experiences. His main motivation for choosing to get rid of everything he owned was his desire to leave society behind, to be completely and utterly alone.
His realisation, written in his diary, was “Happiness is only real when shared.” This was something I have always felt and known.
It is these shared experiences that build deeper friendships, strengthen relationships, and give us the material for the stories we tell.
This time around I see many more parallels in what we both chose to do, even though our reasons were different. Our experiences, particularly those we share with others, are what shape and define who we are. I suspect this is my perception because for seven years I have been living my life exactly how I want, making my own choices about where I want to be, who I want to be with, and what I want to do.

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