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Meme Creator - Loses all of your money on csgo betting Buys more skins to bet Meme Generator at! This entry was written by dejan, posted on September 28, 2014 at 8:18 pm, filed under Ticket Offers. I’m finally back from an unplanned layoff caused by a minor technical problem with my hosting company. Hopefully you haven’t forgotten about me already and are ready for more amazing horse racing related content. As you may or may not know I have no problem pointing out flaws in or asking questions about the horse racing industry. Over the past few weeks I’ve come across several things that (as the title above says) made me go hmmm.
I found myself scratching my head wondering why these things were the way they were and why the people that could change these things don’t do the obvious things to make these things better.
Here are two scenario’s selling the same product on an infomercial and there is only one difference between the two, which do you think results in more sales? I’ll bet that you saw the first infomercial scenario in the last hour if you were watching television. Because marketing experts realized a long time ago that inserting scarcity into the decision-making process of whether to buy or not to buy a product is the single most important factor in maximizing sales conversions. It’s the most important race in the United States for many reasons but the biggest is scarcity. A horse has one and only one chance to win the Kentucky Derby because the race is restricted to three year old’s. One would think that this blatant example of scarcity within the horse racing industry combined with decades of marketing research from all industries would set a clear path for all the decision-makers inside the horse racing industry to follow. I guess most of them are too busy to see the answer to all their problems staring right at them. I say most because a few are on the right path (Keeneland and Kentucky Downs come to mind).
To the rest stop being short-sighted and think about the long-term because there will be no future on the current path. Stop extending meets, stop increasing the number of races each day, stop creating hybrid race conditions and reduce the number of stakes races.
Fewer race conditions = increased scarcity (and makes the sport less intimidating to potential horseplayer’s).
Bigger fields, higher handle and bigger purses = everyone is happy (horseplayer’s, jockeys, horse owners, trainers and race track owners).
What’s the biggest complaint among horseplayer’s and gamblers that shun horse racing? Some horseplayer’s take notice but most continue betting into the high takeout pools they complain about.
The result is higher pools but not as high as expected based on the utter disgust regarding takeout rates that is put forth on a regular basis. If you aren’t chances are you unaware of the track that actually cares about you and has done exactly what you want. They only race a few days a year (scarcity!) but they should be number one on your list of tracks to bet. Mark your calendar and bet a few (but hopefully a lot of) dollars on the last two days of their meet this year (September 18 and 25) and remember to do the same next year (and if you’ve never bet a race there or want a little edge check out Support Kentucky Downs, which is a site I created while this site was down to promote the track). To the racing media take every opportunity to promote the low takeout rates offered at Kentucky Downs (and any other track that follows suit). Mention it just to mention it because every additional dollar bet there is further proof that lower takeout rates matter and will result in higher wagering handle.
Suppose I told you about a new product that was such a great deal you couldn’t pass it up?
Now suppose after telling about the great deal on the new product I ended the conversation and walked away without telling you what you needed to do to get the great deal?

Furthermore suppose you went home that night and searched for information about the great deal but couldn’t find anything. I read a few articles about it, I saw a few ads about it online and I heard it mentioned on television. After the Pick 4 concluded I checked the results charts to see the pool size and payout but couldn’t find it. Finally the next day I saw a blurb about it on NYRA’s website and not surprisingly the pool size was less than expected ($59,000). Once again we have an example of a track (in this case two tracks) listening to their customers and the results are poor at best. When past performances are available promote the bet again and include free past performances for the four races.
The following scenario takes place every day and the typical response from horseplayer’s is who wants to bet that race? I’d like to meet the people who cashed the winning tickets so I could ask them what is wrong with them?
That’s half a million dollars bet on a race that is about as unattractive as they come. Maybe I’m in the minority here but I work to hard for my money to risk it for such low returns. So stop betting them and maybe tracks will get the hint that they should stop carding them.
In summary don’t just say what you believe instead take the appropriate action to show what you believe.
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If I’m being honest, the person that I really wanted for this role was Kristen Bell, but at thirty-three, I think the window on playing a seventeen year old has officially closed. Rizzo lashes out at other people in public, but only because she feels incredibly insecure and alone in private.
Basically, I just refuse to let another Hollywood musical get made without Zac Efron in it.
Basically it’s supposed to be a big noisy group of guys, with their chemistry really being more important than anything else, which is how I cast it.
Jan is traditionally played by someone overweight, but I think we’re at a point where we can kind of abandon that part and focus on her other traits, which are loud and obnoxious. I was thinking about doing a follow-up post for more fringe-y characters if people were into it!

I really just hate Grease so much (I know-unpopular opinion) but I like the idea of Diana and Drake being the leads.
How many trifectas, superfectas, rolling pick 3s, doubles do horseplayers need in an average nine race card? It is also good to know general data pertaining to the company’s activity and origins, this you will acquire after reading the bottom two pages in the above list. Our site also reckons with their importance by laying out the basic details of all of them. By constantly expanding their spectrum of activities and territory of influence, WH has come to be popular, besides Europe, in Australia, Asia, Canada, USA (the enterprise there is currently on the rebound, as the consequences of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 are being slowly eliminated by legislative measures at the state level) and South America. However, their online bookmaking is also top-notch and all-inclusive – in order to find out more, click here. Become stronger by playing and learning the many related tricks and tips and see yourself outcompete the pros! There’s absolutely no way to come anywhere close to replacing the genius that was Stockard Channing, but I feel like Kat could completely nail the brash, moody vulnerability that the part requires. I feel like Kat could nail that juxtaposition, she has the unconventional but extremely appealing beauty thing going on, and she sang in Charlie Bartlett with exactly the kind of expressiveness that I have in mind for this part, so LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN.
He’s such a tiny little pocket person, but super expressive, and I feel like we can count on him to pull off the able to pull off the charismatic idiot thing, right? He can obviously sing the part, and in kind of the opposite situation to Josh Hutcherson, he can probably charm his way out of any situation where his acting isn’t quite up to par. She’s twenty-eight, but like everyone else in the cast, she has a very young face, and I feel like she could pull it off. America has proven in Ugly Betty that she has no issue with getting ridiculous for a role, and I’d love to see her as one of Pink Ladies.
And they can actually act (remember when Drake was in Degrassi?) Unlike Carrie Underwood and no I’m still not over how terrible she was.
Like now i want to see her grow up to be in movies where she has sex on breakfast tables and raises her witchy nieces. Imagine the anticipation if there was just one daily double to open the card, only a few exactas, one trifecta, one superfecta, and one pick 3?
All turf, and the Euro-style track configuration make that place the ultimate puzzle as a handicapper.
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There are rumors that he actually has a great singing voice, but even if he doesn’t, he can charm his way out of it.
I found out just now when I looked her up that she’s actually thirty, but she has such an open, earnest quality to her face that she seems much younger. You have all the types of activity and their respective monetary incentives covered; after getting to generally know them, you will become convinced that William Hill is clearly one of the best choices when it comes to gaming.
He brags in all his songs about the money, the women, the liquor, and then in his very next track, broods over the fact that none of it really means anything and nobody understands him. She’s supposed to be this super self-involved girl who takes herself way too seriously trying to act sophisticated and hitting on older guys, and I feel like Anna would have a really great time with that.

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