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A hem that hits above the heel sounds about right if you’re headed to a boardroom or a Bar Mitzvah. Old-timers will tell you that navy suits should never be paired with black belts and shoes. This fashion rule probably came from a long line of color-blind gents who couldn’t discern the difference between black and brown. After spending countless Sunday nights circa 2000 watching a solid-on-solid-on-solid obsessed Regis on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, it’s safe to say we were all ready for a plaid or a pindot. Socialtik Mag is a progressive platform for young, aspiring professionals to express our views on the issues and ideas in the world around us. To kick-off the new year, I sat down and chatted with online shopping expert, Michelle Madhok.
In what seems to be standards we may also encounter in anything we could pull off as we might consider it. With waterfalls running at full flow, this painting has a fresh, crisp look and would make a great addition to any wall in any room.Don’t miss out, purchase this stunning Waterfall painting today.
And for good reason: Most men need hard-and-fast facts to keep their style selections in check.

But if you’re blessed with the color-recognition capability of a kindergartner, focus your efforts on color coordination rather than cloning.
A slight turn in the wrong direction could land you with an agricultural aesthetic you weren’t exactly going for. But remember: It’s through interpretation, not total violation, that a personal sense of style is born. Michelle took the time out to offer us some key details of how to value items we already have. We always have to have our thinking caps on and forge new ways to market our products or make people want to use our services. Press, bloggers and celebrities, including Swizz Beats, were on hand at Yotel in NYC for the event.
Brown shoes, for example, should certainly partner with a belt of a similar tone (one that’s too light or of the cordovan camp would be needlessly distracting). If it’s still hot outside, white jeans and a seersucker suit should be fair game through September. In addition to the original content we produce, we post from sites around the internet to keep our peers aware of what’s positive, what’s fresh, and most importantly, what’s progressive.

By the same token, if you’re daring enough to sport drivers in, say, a rich, red suede, let the shoes do their job and let a more neutral belt take the backseat.
The mass appeal of ’90s-era pantaloons (thanks in no small part to MC Hammer and an Italian designer that shall remain nameless), with their wide legs and shapeless silhouette, gave pleats a bad name. Make sure your brown bluchers are polished to perfection to match the inherent sleekness of their darker background. Our take: As long as there isn’t an army of them and the legs are properly sized, you’re on the path to pleated perfection.
A blue gingham shirt with a blue and orange rep-stripe tie under the subtlety of a navy windowpane jacket, for example, should pay off handsomely. For example, a pair of black leather driving gloves will work well with a brown wool overcoat.

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