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To read more on Kris’s manager meltdown, pick up the current issue of National Enquirer on newsstands Thursday. Connery was the first actor to play James Bond in a full length feature film based on the novels by Ian Fleming and he took the world by storm. Audiences couldn’t believe their eyes and the plot based on super villains, secret weapons, global domination and exotic locations played to the phobias and fantasies of the time which were being stimulated by both the cold war and the rise of affordable international travel. With his dark good looks and deep voice Connery was the perfect James bond Alpha male; rough, tough and handsome with a hint wry good manners and an air of global sophistication. Even though they were aware of this issue, the Studio offered Lazenby the chance to act in a further seven Bond films.
Modern day film critics now believe that Lazenby’s portrayal of Bond was far better than was appreciated at the time.
Unfortunately and unfairly, George Lazenby became known as the actor that couldn’t hack it as Bond. When Sean Connery hung up his Walther PPK pistol again in 1971 it was Roger Moore who would pick up it up although he then quickly switched it for the more powerful and showy Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum.
Moore played the part for 12 years and starred in seven titles which, at the time, meant he had overtaken Connery by one film.
When Roger Moore announced he would no longer make any further James Bond Films enthusiasts reacted in much the same way they had when Sean Connery quit the series. Enthusiasts expressed mixed views about this more intense portrayal of the character and neither of the two films starring Dalton performed to expectations.
Eon, the producers of the mainstream James Bond Films, had for sometime wanted to use Pierce Brosnan to represent Britain’s most famous fictional spy. His character appealed to both men and women and he went on to complete four highly successful films.
The selection of Daniel Craig as the new James bond left many fans both surprised and discouraged. Fortunately the producers stuck to their guns and the success of Casino Royal established Craig as the right man for the job. Critics no generally agree that Craig is most like the original James Bond character than ever before. Over the decades each actor has worked with the producers to reinvent the James Bond brand.
There are two additional men who deserve to be mentioned as both of whom were cast as James Bond although they are widely excluded from the main list of actors.

Barry Nelson was actually the first actor to play the James Bond character but only as an American agent often referred to as Jimmy.
Visit our 'Images of Britain Gallery' to see some of our best and most interesting photographs of this remarkable country. At the time audiences and the producers were less than impressed with Lazenby and Connery was later persuaded to make two more films – only one of which was for Eon, the mainstream producers of the Bond films. In retrospect, Lazenby actually played a very reasonable Bond but many felt he simply couldn’t measure up to Sean Connery .
Lazenby then received some bad management advice and was persuaded by his agent Ronan O’Rahilly that the super-masculine Bond phenomena had run its course. His ability to be both a tough secret agent and at the same time a sensitive man who falls in love has never been repeated in the Bond series of films. Moore didn’t try to play the part as Connery had, instead he played James Bond as a charming, tongue-in-cheek, pun cracking, womanising playboy with a debonair devil-may-care attitude.
A decision was taken to try and portray Bond more as he was depicted in the original books.
This surprised the studios who believed the market of the late 1980’s was looking for this type of material. Previous commitments and contracts had prevented Brosnan from accepting the role but by 1994 he was free of restraints and became the fifth James Bond.
Brosnan successfully remodeled Bond as a daring Gentlemen rogue with a twinkle in his eye and a gun in his pocket. Conscious that he was aging and that audiences were now accustomed to seeing new actors play James Bond, he requested that he star in only one more film. More like Dalton and Connery than Moore and Brosnan, Craig presented a darker and more lethal version of Bond.
In the future, registration will allow you to sign up for newsletters, add comments to stories, save content and build your profile. From the turbulent love affairs of kings and queens to the strangest laws that still survive as legislation - this is our growing collection of feature articles. Here you can often find images of curious places that haven't yet been fully listed in our web site. Connery was 31 in 1961 when he made his first James bond film and 52 when he made his last in 1982.
Audience loyalty meant that Bond was Connery and Connery was Bond; anything else was simply unthinkable.

This situation was aggravated by the relatively poor relationship that Lazenby had experienced with Peter R. This was perfect timing for the audiences of the liberated 1970’s and so was the story line. Dalton brought a new broody ferocity to the character and his version of Bond was dark, cold, emotionally disciplined, ruthless, humourless and at the heart of everything, a lethal government-sanctioned killer.
The new Mr Bond was less chauvinist and more romantic – a seducer rather than a stud. As circumstances would have it, negotiations with the producers failed to reach an agreement and in 2004 Brosnan announced he would no longer be acting in any more James Bond films. Bond was dark and tall and every actor who had previously played the character had been over 6ft in height. Still, from time-to-time the new Mr Bond revealed moments of compassion and humanity which only served to accentuate the more violent and realistic portrayal of the character described in the works of Ian Fleming.
Lazenby revealed that tough guys can also fall in Love and in this approach he was ahead of his time. Discover more about this amazing country and feel free to tell us about what you would like to know. The Cold War was out and Voodoo was in as were funky nightclubs, fashion and sexually aggressive women. By the time the producers agreed to make another film, Dalton’s six year contract had expired.
Brosnan was the first James Bond not to smoke cigarettes and the first to report to a female head of the secret service with the introduction of Dame Judy Dench in the film Golden Eye. Moore was flippant but suave – just right for a decade more interested in fun than facts. Dalton reminded people that this was really all about national security and a dirty job that someone had to do. Brosnan did the same as Dalton but made it easier to accept by being just a bit less serious. Craig, swept away the last of the candy coating and made it real – or as real as any cloak and dagger series can be.

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