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Mi chiamo Alessia e Interior Break e la mia selezione quotidiana di ispirazioni sull'interior e il design. My name is Alessia and Interior Break is my daily selection of interior design inspirations. Homify: alla scoperta di quattro appartamenti in Italia Come sapete, amo perdermi alla ricerca di nuovi spunti e ispirazioni per la casa. I miei preferiti della settimana #28 Rilassanti tonalita naturali e una vista mare da togliere il fiato.
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If you love coffee, then keep a bottle of homemade coffee essence on standby in your kitchen.

Sterilise the jars or bottles and lids by boiling in water for at least a minute. Next, carefully strain the mixture through the sieve and discard the coffee grounds. Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company we stock a wide range of good quality coffee beans suitable for all uses, all at great wholesale prices.
All you need is some coffee, water, a jar to put it all in, and a fine mesh strainer (or cheese cloth, or dish towel) – forgot to include that in the photo, whoops. It’s great for flavouring pretty much any kind of dessert, or add a spoonful to stews or casseroles for a richer flavour. If it doesn’t have a fitted lid, cover it with aluminium foil and tie it down tightly with string. It’s been on my Pinterest taunting me for far too long and today I will finally take the leap!

I have a pretty large mason jar and it certainly looks the same as yours in the photo but when I tried to measure out 4 cups of water it wouldn’t all fit! Le immagini di mia proprieta possono essere usate soltanto citando la fonte e relinkando al blog. It’s also great for making quick iced coffee in the summer, or adding to other hot drinks for a quick pick me up. Carefully pour the hot water onto the coffee grounds, and give the mixture a good stir for 30 seconds with the spoon or spatula.

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