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Students learn how to create coils of clay by spreading their fingers and keeping them flat, and applying even pressure as they roll the clay. Spread your fingers and apply even pressure as you roll the shape into a long coil (something like a snake). I’m not sure anyone saw this coming, but now that it’s here, it makes good sense: parents have smartphones. Normally, I use it only to glue items together, knowing the the glue dries pretty instantly, and that ideally it won’t be seen.
But after recently perusing the Ad Tech booth at the most recent Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show and discovering glue gun sticks in more than your normal clear stick, I knew these just had to be seen!
I simply loaded my glue gun with one of the colored sticks, and as they needed to be replaced, I switched off between the four fun neon colors. After I knew all of the dots were dry and set, I rubbed my fingers along the top to remove the glue gun strings. I filled my frame with one of a fun picture of my girl, and now it is a great pop of color in my office.
You may also enjoy this past project, where I created enamel dots with my glue gun, but colored them with nail polish on the backs of them. If you liked this post and want more, you can subscribe to be on our mailing list and make sure to get your free Cupcake Toppers Printables for Every Occasion. To begin, I took three medium-sized glasses that I picked up from the dollar store and some used E-6000 glue to adhere them to some smaller spice jars I also sourced at the dollar store. If you start to notice the clay drying out before you can mould it into place, just wet your fingertips to moisten it again — I found I had to do this quite frequently with vases two and three.

Once you're happy with the overall look of your vases, set them aside for at least 24 hours to dry thoroughly, especially if you plan on painting them. Draw a design on a canvas with Elmer's glue, then paint and hang on the wall for an instant pizzazz. Doodle in white 3D paint all over the surface of a canvas painted in a favorite color to work with the decor. I came home with samples of their Glow in the Dark glue sticks, Neon glue sticks, and Glitter sticks. I used a plain wood frame that I found at my local Michaels, my glue gun and, of course, the neon glue sticks.
I squirted random glue gun dots all around the frame, until I had filled up the whole front of my frame with colored dots. As always, press down on the glue firmly after it's applied for a couple minutes, then let it dry for several hours. I opted for an air-dry variety called Das that I picked up at Michaels, but first a quick word of warning: This stuff is seriously smelly. Did you know that you can create a weathered crackle finish on wood and fabric with just paint and Elmer's glue? Wait 1-3 hours until it's tacky, then apply the silver leaf, let that dry over night and then use a dark glaze to age the piece, it makes all the difference in the world !!
But since moving away from Victoria a few years ago (a serious Mecca for antiques and collectables), searching for treasures just hasn't been the same.
Do yourselves a favour and make this project by an open window — I learned that one the hard way (wink wink).

Check out this crackle paint finish tutorial from Ann at Make the Best of Things to see how it's done! Once the 3-D paint is dry, paint over the top of the designs & then wipe the paint away- just enough to pull the pigment from the top of the dried 3-D paint.
That's why I thought it might be fun to recreate the vibe of a plain West German vase with this sneaky DIY, and you know what? Now that your space is properly ventilated, start by taking chunks of the clay and flattening them into relatively thick strips. The colored side up should be different than the last color up.15Fold the strips from the tube underneath, glue in place and your Jacobs ladder is finished.16Enjoy! Turns out it was fun, and it made me seriously want to 1) rewatch Ghost, and 2) take a pottery class. Apply them over the entire surface of the glasses, pressing down into the clay as you go to create an uneven finish. Anyway, if you're interested in how I made these simple vases, keep reading — easy doesn't even begin to describe it! It will take you a while to evenly cover the surface of the glass, but take your time to ensure you create a finish you're happy with; this stuff dries as you go, so you want to get it right the first time.

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