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Authorities on one hand and companies involved in the auto industry on the other struggled in the last decades to make traffic safer for those with eye problems, including color-blind people who can't even get behind the wheel of a car. As you can see for yourselves in the adjacent photos, there are three available signals, just like in a regular traffic light: triangle-red-stop, rectangle-amber-stay, round-green-go. However, such a project could stir lots of questions and there's obviously plenty of room for improvement.
Secondly, the use of LEDs or newer technologies for this kind of systems could make them a lot cheaper and thus easing periodic replacement and maintenance. The biggest problem has always been the traffic light colors and even if some countries have made the first steps towards supporting new projects, only a few of them actually made a significant progress in this matter.

Uni-Signal, an acronym for Universal Signal Light, is based on a simple idea: every single color will come with a unique standardized shape and thus allow color-blind people understanding the significance of the light at any given moment.
This way, a color-blind driver can spot the shape of the signal even from a bigger distance and thus act accordingly. In addition, adopting a new traffic light system would take months, or maybe years in some countries, and would be costly which, in the current economic conditions, is somewhat unacceptable.
From this reason, an octagon would be more useful, especially if taking into account that such a shape is also being used on the stop traffic signs. Plus, a one-piece traffic light, with a single light bulb that would illuminate the whole assembly and its shapes, would also cut costs.

A traffic light consisting of 3 round lights is easier to manage, as the same design for all three pieces means lower replace rates, repair and maintenance costs.

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