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One corner of this garage has been transformed into a laundry powerhouse, complete with plenty of storage for washing paraphernalia.
Double-wide doorways can offer a spacious connection between any two rooms in your household. The crew at Artisan Hardware is devoted to working with customers to design and build the product of their dreams.
Techniques, founded in 1988 by Brian Gateson, is an appointed Morgan Service Dealer and Morgan Motorsport Dealer.
If you would like any advice or information, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01462 835500 and we will be happy to assist.
3 WheelerThe iconic design of the Morgan Threewheeler has been updated with 21st Century technology. Aero 8Lightweight, powerful and effortlessly stylish, the new Aero 8 is a true British sports car.
The temperature difference between an internal space to ground is significantly smaller than the temperature difference between the internal space to outside air. When considering the location of the insulation below or above the slab, it is useful to consider the likely heating use pattern of the occupiers. GreenSpec accepts no responsibility or liability for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your use of this web site.
A traditional way for homeowners to separate these areas has often been installing inward swinging, interior french doors.
Sliding barn doors are an alternative to interior french doors, and can offer aesthetic benefits that you would not receive otherwise. We believe a door can be a form of self expression and add a personalized touch to any home. We can assist you with any Morgan needs you might have, from buying a new or used Morgan, servicing and repairs to upgrading your car, supplying parts or even supporting you if you would like to enter into Morgan Motorsport.

If you are in our neighbourhood, do drop in to our Stotfold premises on the border of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire for a visit; you will be made to feel most welcome. The latest diagnostic equipment is used for all current and recent models and, more importantly we have highly skilled and knowledgeable staff to make sense of all these computers!!
At front of house, we will try and make you very welcome and hope that you can stay for a hot drink and some Morgan banter!
The combination of lightweight and skinny tyres make for a perfect entry level sports car whilst it’s affordable price make it the ideal introduction.
Powered by a 3.7 litre Ford engine, the Roadster is exhilarating to drive and represents the qualities of a pure Morgan sports car. A lightweight aluminium chassis and 4.8 litre BMW engine sit beneath the traditional Morgan body. This, the most refined Aero product to date, is a fitting evolution of Morgan’s most technologically advanced range of vehicles.
These loads are usually localised or point loads associated with the use of the floor (eg furniture) and result in increased localised loading acting on the insulation. Other problems might include unequal step heights at staircases and the raising of step heights at external doors.
It is argued that a screed finish is more durable and can offer a modicum of thermal mass otherwise absent. Where old floorboards are relayed or new ones installed, careful attention is needed to ensure that all joints between boards are adequately sealed.
One consideration might be to attach a breather membrane to the underside of the floor joists - but check first with local Building Control that this is acceptable. The Building Regulations require that ground floor U-values are calculated, in accordance with BS EN ISO 13370: 1998.
When considering extensions to existing buildings, the floor dimensions may be taken as those of the complete building including the extension.

Data and information is provided for information purposes only, and is not intended for trading purposes. If you are looking for something fresh and stylish to replace your interior french doors, Artisan Hardware has just what you are looking for.
If you are bored with interior french doors, give us a call at 801-698-2461 to start designing the sliding barn doors of your dreams!
Our premises have been fitted to meet the needs of our loyal but demanding customers for high quality work on their Morgans. At just 1220kg, the Plus 8 is one of the lightest V8 passenger cars in the world and is fully approved to European safety standards.
The designer should balance the extra benefit(s) attached to installing a new slab with the cost, marginal carbon gains and pragmatics involved. Likely point loading should be considered in calculating the required thickness of floor finish, particularly where the insulation is located above the slab. When specifying, confirm with the product manufacturer their installation methods and expected performance.
It might be considered that these problems are irreconcilable with building regulation requirements and could rule out this method of insulation. Board finishes, on the other hand, can be quickly installed and provide a quicker thermal response time.
Neither GreenSpec nor any of its partners shall be liable for any errors in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. There is safe and secure parking on our garage forecourt making Techniques a convenient and hassle free place to visit.

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