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LinkedIn has made it very easy to set up a professional network, but how often do we meaningful network? The famous Harvard Grant Study looked at 268 male Harvard undergrad’s lives across 75 years, and found that life happiness was influenced not so much by money or success, but simply by the extent to which you find contentment in your work. There are plenty of online tools that can help you connect with others professionally to advance your career through thoughtful networking.
The key is knowing who to include in your network and how to actually use that network for professional growth. A good starting point is to classify your professional contacts into four different groups. By definition, this group of people is the easiest to identify, since it’s made up of people you already know well. Who better to turn to for a job recommendation or word of advice than the people who already know and like you? Since you already know and talk to these folks regularly, common apps and sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are perfectly acceptable ways to do this. Of course, since we’re talking about advancing your career, you’ll want to use these tools for purposes beyond just shooting the breeze or seeing how things are going. Just continue to converse regularly with your closest contacts, but make an attempt to establish a professional relationship with them, too. See the perfect open position for your cousin? You can use apps like Drafted to get those closest to you thinking about a career change. The app offers you cash rewards — a few thousand dollars to be exact — if you refer someone who gets hired. These are the folks you don’t necessarily talk to on a regular basis, but maybe see semi-regularly at a company event or a mutual friend’s house. You probably wouldn’t feel comfortable flooding these people’s inboxes throughout the day, but you might have a strong enough connection with them where you wouldn’t feel weird asking for a piece of advice or two.
One way you might be able to create a stronger professional relationship with these people is through NetParty, a site that sponsors business and social networking events for young professionals. It’s one thing to occasionally email or text message a connection, but it’s another to have a face-to-face conversation with them in a setting filled with like-minded professionals. Another networking option is Meetup, which helps people organize gatherings catered around specific interests, including professional networking. If you leave your acquaintances with a lasting positive impression of yourself, there’s always a chance you’ll be at the front of their mind when they see a job opening advertised or when you need a reference from someone in their industry. You may know some of these people and they may know who you are, but these relationships are basically based on name only. Making this list of people and then taking steps to get to know them is important because it gets you to consider all the professionals in your life who could help you drastically improve the skill sets found in your industry. Schmoozing this group of people with drinks or a plan to hang out could come across as a bit weird, or even manipulative if you try to play it off like you just want to get to know them.
If you plan to ask this person for career advice in the future, your relationship with them will likely benefit from some uncomplicated, open honesty on your part. The single greatest "people skill" is a highly developed & authentic interest in the *other* person. If you prefer to do your connecting via phone, it could be helpful for you to use a local number when reaching out to professional who live some distance away from you.
For example, my cousin’s friend called me the other day asking about what it takes to get regular blogging gigs. Access Direct allows you to create local numbers too, except without the need to set up the numbers yourself.
The title of this group of people may be a bit misleading – it’s mainly made up of CEOs or social media stars in your industry. You may end up networking with these people or you may not, but the important part is learning from them so you can make your career a better one. This could be as simple as following industry influencers on LinkedIn, Twitter or Medium. Both platforms give experts from all industries the chance to express their professional and personal opinions, which can not only help you keep up with industry trends, but can also show you how role models in your industry behave.
Some good Twitter accounts to follow might be those of The Muse, Levo or Harvard Biz Review, while the Medium publications The Startup and Young Professional Insider offer regularly informative posts about business trends and career tips.

Outside of these common content-sharing websites, there are also free apps like Reach to find professionals that share commonalities with you. Reach also lets you switch from the app’s recommended networking suggestions to people who are nearby, so if you decided you do want to expand your pool of acquaintance contact, you can do so easily. Your professional network may seem like something that is only important to your career, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hopefully, you’ll find an app or industry influencer in this post that inspires you to do work you love. The next time you find yourself looking for a job, fighting for a promotion or just trying to wow a new customer, you’ll have a capable and experienced professional network to turn to for advice. Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app.
This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. You probably know that Google Docs, the online word processor app that's a part of Google Drive, is free if you have a Google account. LinkedIn is a social networking platform that caters to businesses and people in professional occupations.
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The all-new board brings a host of new hardware, including a Broadcom 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor and 1GB of RAM.
The Pi 2 Model B is the sequel to last year’s B+, and keeps the same tempting $35 (roughly ?23 or AU$45) price tag, going on sale today from Element 14 and RS Components.
Raspberry Pi is on a collision course with Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 operating system. A note of caution — the version of Windows 10 that the Pi 2 ends up running could be quite different to the normal, consumer-centric version of Windows 10 that most computers will be running. As such, Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi is unlikely to appeal to ordinary consumers looking for the familiar Windows OS, but could appeal to geeky types who love the thought of delving into Microsoft’s developer tools.
Additionally, our connections with others were also suggestive of life satisfaction and happiness. In this way, professional networking is an act of self-improvement because it allows you to relate with people, as well as find greater contentment in your work. Your already established relationship with these people makes this group the most important on this list. Share stories about the latest news and trends in your industry, and keep each other up to date on the major goings on at the key companies within your field.
The idea here is that HR professionals get easy introductions to new employees, and potential employees get introductions to a job they’ll love. Leave that person feeling like they’ve learned something new about you, or that you’ve helped them in some way. This could be especially helpful if you need to learn about a new niche or business to qualify for an open position. She called me from an out-of-state number, which made me suspicious of the call and prompted me to let it go to voicemail. You can call connections from your browser using this number, and even set your Voice account to “Do Not Disturb” when call timing is inconvenient.

For just under $20 a month you can hire someone to set up your local numbers for you and make your professional calls from them. It’s even been used by overseas professionals to land jobs in the States. Our careers play a huge role in our quality of life so, if you want to change your life for the better, starting with your career or professional network is a good place to begin. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. By paying for an upgraded account, profiles get access to additional features and are allowed to make more connections using the platform.
The profiles have a professional listing side and a social media site that allows for Facebook-style postings.
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Those upgrades, the Raspberry Pi Foundation says, make the Pi 2 Model B a much more powerful computer — not just a good computer for its $35 price.
It looks and feels very basic, but can be built into any number of geeky projects, and is designed to get youngsters interested in coding.
The Foundation says the new board is six times more powerful than its predecessor, and will make it strong enough to runWindows 10, as well as the more usual Linux operating systems. The Pi-compatible edition will be part of Microsoft’s Windows Developer Program for IoT (Internet of Things), which is concerned with bringing Windows development tools to small devices. Microsoft says it will be divulging more information in the next few months, so stay tuned.
Make a deal to reach out to one another if your respective companies are hiring, or help one another identify areas for skill improvement. You don’t want to be too pushy, of course, but in the long run this is all about improving both of your careers. I’ve seen him at the coffee pot before.” These are folks you never talk to but who could nonetheless be a helpful professional connection. It also allows that person to do some light research on you and your career history so they can understand where you’re coming from before they respond. However, if she would have called using a local number, I probably would have answered and we could have connected a bit sooner. By the beginning of 2013, LinkedIn had more than 200 million users in more than 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn allows users to maintain a list of “Connections” made up of contacts they have a relationship with. Depending on the type of profession and state, a LinkedIn profile may constitute advertising and thus may subject to ethical constraints (e.g.
The best professional relationships are balanced and benefit both people involved, so get thinking about what skills you have to offer others, and what skills you could stand to improve.
Users who try to invite too many people they don’t know can have their accounts restricted or closed, which helps promote a higher quality of professional interaction among users of the platform. Users can also list information about themselves such as their resume, publications, work experience, skills, and more.

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