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We have posted many tutorials which help you in customizing Windows look-n-feel as well as tweaking Windows functionality. Almost all these tweaks and tips-n-tricks work in all Windows versions such as Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. Since Windows 8 is based on Windows 7, almost all Windows 7 tricks and guides work fine in Windows 8. Similar to Windows 7, Windows 8 also comes with these 3 Aero features: Aero Peek, Aero Shake and Aero Snap.
Microsoft has added a built-in option to remove Favorites from Windows 8 Explorer's navigation pane. How to Rename "Favorites", "Libraries", "Homegroup", etc in Windows 8 Explorer's Navigation Pane?
How to Add Program Shortcuts and Useful Shortcuts with Icons in Windows 8 Desktop Context Menu? And if you want to add many program shortcuts in Desktop context menu but don't want to increase the size of context menu, you can add the shortcuts by dividing them in various sections. Don't forget to check our exclusive all-in-one tutorial to tweak and customize Desktop context menu of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Similar to Desktop context menu, you can also add program shortcuts in My Computer context menu (the menu which appears when you right-click on My Computer icon).
Windows 8 comes with same Windows 7 Taskbar aka Superbar which allows you to pin program shortcuts for quick and easy access.
By default you can't add any new shortcut in the main My Computer window which shows hard disk drives and removable drives. Windows 7 and Windows 8 Taskbar shows current time and date in system tray or notification area but did you know you can customize its appearance to show day name, month name and AM or PM symbols? System Properties in Windows shows various useful information about the OS and computer hardware such as Windows version, processor name, amount of RAM, etc.
Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 come with a built-in Administrator account which is disabled by default. Many times we want to restrict other people from using our computer or from accessing certain things in Windows. If you want to modify or replace a file, folder or a key in Windows Registry, you first need to take ownership. Microsoft removed the good old "Quick Launch" toolbar from Windows 7 and Windows 8 follows the same. Similar to Windows 7, Windows 8 shows large iconized program buttons in Taskbar which don't contain any text.
Microsoft has removed the good old Taskbar toolbar aka Taskband feature from Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) version which used to minimize WMP to Taskbar in form of a mini toolbar. How to Add “Network Connections” Shortcut in My Computer Context Menu in Windows? You'll need to modify shell32.dll file in Windows 8 to move details pane at bottom but there are some known problems while doing this, thats why I have not shared the method. Tip: Change the 'day' in the short date format to ddd from dddd and your date will be shorter. Facebook is among the most popular Internet website to share your information such as picture galleries, videos and messages etc.

Each Internet support carriers claims that they have offered really broadband internet link when you opt for Broadband connection. Windows 7 taskbar includes some great Features like Thumbnail sneak peeks and Pin this program. In my previous experience i had a new laptop with a no operating system installed and after i set it up i forgot my password for windows 7. I know that i had the chance to reinstall the operating system, because it was a fresh install there and i had no important documents in there yet.
So i decided to buy and give it a try for just getting smarter, what can it do for me when i have forgot my password for windows 7. This entry was posted in Password Reset Disk and tagged forgot my password for windows 7 by PasswordResetDisc. Not long ago I had some trouble with my laptop, because I forgot my Windows password, silly ..
Instructions to turn on hardware virtualization in your PC BIOS are specific to OEM models. These tutorials also allow you to add new functionality to Windows such as adding new options in context menus, etc. Now Microsoft has released a new OS Windows 8 which is actually an improved version of Windows 7. That's why today in this article, we are going to feature some best and most useful Windows 7 tweaks and tips-n-tricks which also work in Windows 8. Windows 8 Explorer comes with same navigation pane which shows various shortcuts such as Computer, Network, Libraries, Homegroup and Favorites.
This trick allows you to add your desired program shortcuts in Desktop context menu (the menu which appears when you right-click on Desktop). But you can't pin many system shortcuts such as Recycle Bin, Control Panel, etc to Taskbar. As you can see almost all tips-n-tricks, Registry tweaks and other tutorials which used to work in Windows 7, also work absolutely fine in the new Windows 8 OS. Realized that i was not alone, there were many other people facing the same situation, looking for some solution.
It was just for getting prepared in the future, preventing the question and see what can it do for me when i have forgot my password for windows 7.
It is important that after changing your BIOS settings the PC is completely shut down at the power switch before restarting so that the new BIOS settings can take place. The clearness for your post is just spectacular and i can assume you’re knowledgeable in this subject. Its based on Windows 7 OS but comes with many new features and a brand new user interface which is known as Metro UI or Modern UI.
Many computer manufacturer companies use this method to add their company logo and information in System Properties window. If you are new to Windows 8, check out our exclusive Windows 7 and Windows 8 sections to learn more about the OS.
So do i, but when installing the operating system it was late night and was tired and i really don’t know why the heck i had to mess with it and to put on the administrator account password. And what if i have something really important in the future and i dumbly forget the password.

Just installed the software on my old 2 GB memory stick to make the password reset disk and voila, i can boot the system from it and reset windows password.
However, for most people still running Windows XP, if your computer has 2GB of RAM or more, there is no reason you should wait to upgrade your personal computer. Fine along with your permission let me to grasp your feed to keep up to date with imminent post.
This article is designed to guide you through the initial preparation for your upgrade, including manual backups of your files. Then i was looking for some reviews of the programs i found and i choosed the one that had most positives (see the banner on this site).
There is also option to use a blank CD to create a password reset disc and use it the same way. I went to their home page and was impressed how professionally it was presented to me, differently the other ones i found (were looking cheap and untrusthworthy). Then after few more tries i realized that i forgot my password for windows 7 that i was just installed yesterday. You will need to backup your files to a separate hard drive, partition, or external media such as DVD+R discs and then start from scratch. All of your programs will need to be reinstalled, and your personal settings and files will need to be restored from your backup.The easiest way to backup files is to connect an external hard drive to your computer, create a backup folder on it, and drag-and-drop your files into this folder.
If you need to completely reformat your computer, a recovery partition will restore your computer’s primary hard drive to the day it came from the store. So, how do you know which files you should keep?Documents, Photos, MusicAt a minimum, you will want to backup your My Pictures and My Music folders in your My Documents folder. Many software programs create folders in your My Documents folder (I had a NeroVision folder, a Sansa Media Converter folder, an AdobeStock Photos folder and a few more that I did not create).
These often have saved game files, configuration files, and sometimes even documents and templates created by the program. If you are not using these programs or you do not want to keep the data in them, feel free to omit them from your backup.DesktopAlthough generally considered a bad practice, many users keep dozens of files on the desktop. If multiple user accounts are on your computer, each user folder will contain that user’s Desktop files, My Documents (by default), Favorites from Internet Explorer, Application Data, and more. There is no easy way to determine what should be backed up, so go through each of the folders and see if there are any important files. Many files for games purchased on Steam are kept in the Steam folder in Program Files.Saved GamesAs stated above, saved game files can be found in the Application Data folder, the Program Files folder, and the My Documents folder.
There is no standard place for saved game files, so you’ll need to hunt around for the ones you want to keep.
Windows 7 will recognize and install most hardware without a problem, especially if it has an internet connection, but there may be some things that it does not recognize right away.Assuming you have the drivers you need and a live internet connection, follow these instructions to install Windows 7 or just wing it (choose Custom installation).

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