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Once the engine is warmed up, check the exhaust for blue or white smoke, either of which could indicate that the engine burns oil. When all’s well with your suspension, you’ll be able to steer easily, even on rough terrain. Inspect steering shaft U-joints, pinch bolts, splines, pitman arm-to-steering sector shaft, tie rod ends, and linkages. Check kingpins, steering knuckle bushings, locks, bearings, seals, and covers for wear and tear. Check shock absorbers, bushings, brackets, and mounts, which should be solid and free of wear and tear. Check leaf springs, center bolts, clips, pins and bushings, shackles, U-bolts, insulators, brackets, and mounts for wear and tear. Check axle aligning devices such as radius rods, track bars, stabilizer bars, torque arms, related bushings, mounts, shims, and cams. Brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety system since they control slowing and stopping. Hydraulic brakes use the properties of liquid—brake fluid—to transfer the brake pedal movement to the wheels and slow or stop your vehicle. Test the anti-lock brake system warning light operation (includes trailer and dash-mounted trailer anti-lock brake warning light).
From headlights to reflectors and turn signals, you need to see and be seen to operate your heavy-duty truck legally and safely. When you realize we have not even begun to discuss all of the systems you’ll need to inspect, you might be overwhelmed. Vancouver Axle & Frame has been a great asset to our company throughout the complete decision process of truck alterations, starting with design and finishing with implementation. We’ve all heard of, or experienced, horror stories about used vehicles that seemed to be in good condition but turned out to be nightmares costing thousands to repair and maintain. Check body panel gaps on doors, deck lids and hoods (as well as bumper covers and fenders) for any sign of uneven spacing, which may indicate a collision. When checking undercarriages, look for rust on fuel and brake lines as well as on floor pans and fuel tanks. On the tires, check for any uneven wear across the face of the tread that can mean alignment problems.
We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles using Facebook commenting Visit our FAQ page for more information. After you’ve taken your prospective new motorhome for a test drive, you should inspect the vehicle and its habitation area closely.

Walk slowly across every inch of the floor to feel for any soft areas; this can expose delamination.
Look for any identity marks on the windows – the vehicle registration or an ISR (International Security Register) number.
When the sale has been completed, drive it away with essential documents such as MoT certificates, radio codes, spare keys, and manuals. AIM Vehicle Inspections will also carry out motorhome-specific vehicle inspections (up to 3.5 tonnes maximum gross vehicle weight). RAC Pre-purchase history checks and base-vehicle inspections are also available and you can ring them on 0800 085 2529 or visit the RAC website to find out more about the data checks and inspections, too. Even if you’re mechanically inclined and try to do your own inspection, you might miss a defect that could be costly to repair. This could be caused by low brake fluid, a leaky master cylinder, air in the hydraulic system, worn brake pads or shoes. While you might choose to perform your own cursory heavy duty truck inspection, your safest best is to get a professional mechanic to inspect your vehicle.
All of our team members truly appreciate the great cooperation and follow through experienced with all Vancouver Axle employees. Open and close the hood, deck lid or liftgate, and all doors to check for their ease of operation and latching. Pay specific attention to the leading edge of lower components, such as the front control arms that attach the wheel units to the sub-frame. Take a torch and a camera with you and use the torch to check the underneath of the motorhome. Ring 0845 300 8905 for a quote or visit the HPI Check website to find out more or get an instant check result to see if a motorhome has been reported as stolen or has outstanding finance on it or has been previously written off. Not only do we put each vehicle through a comprehensive 175-Point Quality Assurance Inspection, but we also run a Carproof Vehicle History Report to ensure its worthy of our Certification process. Results will remain visible allowing you to click on individual vehicles and alternate between vehicle detail pages. The caps keep dirt and debris from the stems; if enough dirt works its way in, your tires could lose air. The same traces can be found on the plastic cover of the engine’s radiator or on the edges of window and door trims.
While light scrapes and marks aren’t much to worry about, any severe gouges or dents on these very tough metal arms may mean some substantial impacts that can affect wheel alignment. Any severe cupping or jagged wear here can mean worn struts and shocks or tires that have seldom been rotated.

It is also useful to have a few snaps to refer to when you’re at home afterwards pondering over your prospective purchase. Ring the MCE on 01249 651 036 or visit the Mobile Caravan Engineers' Association website for more details.
Then, each vehicle is reconditioned to Vellas exacting standards by our factory-trained Technicians. Drag results to the GET YOUR EPRICE pane to quickly request information on vehicles of interest.
We’ll outline the components to check and problems to look for during a used semi-truck inspection.
A safe bet is to get an engine oil analysis to test your oil’s viscosity and to check for the presence of fuel, water, coolant and dirt in the oil.
After the engine has been running, check your oil, coolant, air, and fuel lines to make sure there are no leaks underneath the truck. Plus, you’ll have more power at the negotiating table when a professional mechanic inspects your vehicle and lists the problems that need attention. If the body is clean and you feel any grit, it may be from over-spray on the paint’s clear-coat. Look for the rubber bushings that are located on control arms and other suspension parts to see if there is any displacement (they’re not sitting flush in their spots) or for any dry-cracking of the rubber. Pull the dipsticks; vehicle fluids can tell you a lot about what type of life their component has had. We believe this helps maintain the value, as well as creates pride in ownership of Vella's Auto Certified Pre-owned.A Every vehicle must pass a comprehensive 175-point inspection and history report review to become Vellas Auto Certified Vehicle. Another possibility is a power steering fluid leak or problems with the power steering pump. We Inspect Virtually every mechanical system from the engine to the door locks to meet precise specifications, and a thorough appearance inspection scrutinizes fit and finish- inside and out - to ensure that every vehicle upholds the luxury and sophistication of our dealership . Our technicians also inspect all placements of the Vehicle Identification number to ensure that the VIN plates match. If you see any metal flake sparkling, it’s metal deposits from worn transmission parts.

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