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The convergence of the Athabasca and Clearwater Rivers in Fort McMurray make it an excellent jumping off point for jet boat excursions. There are numerous waterways in our provincial parks and recreational areas where power boating and waterskiing are allowed. Alberta is an angler's paradise, attracting novices and experts, with more than 600 lakes, 245 rivers and 315 spring-fed creeks and ponds. Many of these animals can be seen on wildlife tours through Alberta, road trips and safaris, canyon adventures, train journeys, Lake cruises, hiking trips, and more. Bison (also commonly known as Buffalo) are one of the most associated animals with the province. Not all of the wildlife in Alberta is the friendliest as this province is also home to a lot of wild grizzly bears.
Moose can be found in many parts of Canada including Alberta where they are popular for hunting. The prairie rattlesnake is the only venomous snake found in the province and it is most commonly seen in southeastern Alberta. Alberta is a great place to go fishing with many fish in abundance like the Walleye, Salmon, pike, rainbow, speckled and bull trout which is known as the provincial fish. Hopefully on you trip to Alberta you get to explore and see some of the above wildlife and more.
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Back in my room, snuggled up with a cup of tea, I chuckle at how gullible Wally must think I am, getting a girl from Toronto to kiss a fish. Not even below freezing temperatures and arctic cold, snow and ice can keep fishermen from their appointed rounds lakes and streams. Needless to say, in and around Banff, Alberta, even in the depths of winter, anglers get the urge.
Several Banff-based outfitters offer ice fishing, or vertical jigging as its called, from December through May, depending on ice conditions, obviously. Outfitters typically provide hotel pick-up and drop-off, fishing equipment and special winter outdoor gear and clothing (i.e. There are lots of good hotels and campgrounds, like the Lions Campground, and there is one Bed and Breakfast, the Wild Rose Guest Ranch in Peace River. The cutthroat trout in this lake are plentiful and you can sight fish when the wind is calm. Fishing, jet-boating, wakeboarding, house boating and cruising are all popular boating activities in Alberta, whichever your interest, you'll be able to find a lake in Alberta to enjoy a day on the water! A common misconception is that jet boats are powered by jet engines, however this is not true, the jet boat's inboard water jet pump is powered by either singe or twin engines.

Take an interpretive river tour, which includes a brief history of Fort McMurray while you cruise past Waterways historic waterfront and the oil sands, surrounded by the beauty of the Clearwater River. Bring your own boat or rent from the many operators in the district, who also rent water skis and PFDs. In the province alone there are four climactic regions which are home to various species of animals.
Originally there were millions of buffalo that roamed the southern and central prairie grasses of the province.
Often more aggressive than the black bear if you come across a grizzly make sure you know what to do. Known as an omnivore if a Black Bear gets to close to you in the wild it is recommended that you act big, make noises and if possible fight back if attacked.
The male Bighorn sheep in Alberta can reach up to 500lbs with their horns alone weighing at least 30lbs.
These Mustang’s numbers are declining with an estimated 900 or so left in the wild in the province. From hawks to eagles, owls, ducks, geese, swans, pelicans and more there are plenty of birds to be seen.
Some restaurants in the province serve it up on their menus which might be the safer way to get up close to one. Alberta is an angler's heaven, gaining amateurs and professionals, with more than 600 waters, 245 estuaries and rivers and 315 spring-fed streams and waters. My fishing guide Wally loads up his boat with gear, gallantly helps me in, and pushes off from the dock, heading toward the first of his favourite fishing spots. It was an after-dinner cottage tradition for my sister and I to go out on the lake with my dad.
I feel a few nibbles here and there, my fishing rod gently bending and bobbing in the water.
Although ice fishing isn’t permitted on lakes within the boundaries of Banff National Park, there are nearby lakes where you can get your winter angling on in the hunt for lake trout and Rocky Mountain whitefish, among others. What better way to fish on a frozen, ice- and snow-covered alpine lake set in the middle of the Canadian Rockies, than in the comfort of a heated hut with your favorite hot beverage at arms length?
Located a short distance from Seven Rivers Fly-Fishing Lodge , this Brown Trout fishery is a must do for adventurous Anglers .It fishes best early in the season when we can get or drift boats down it .
Think of a jet ski but the driver and the passengers ride inside the boat rather than on top of it. Fishing in Alberta's National Parks requires a separate, national license, found at park information centers, campgrounds and points of interest. Long ago it was a place where many dinosaurs roamed and it is now home to various carnivores and herbivores which can be found all throughout the province.

After early settlement their numbers decreased greatly but are now seen to be on the rise again with the majority living in National Parks. Stay calm and it is recommend to lay on the ground and don’t move until the bear has left.
To keep yourself safe from either type of bear read all signs before entering any parks, don’t hike alone and you might even want to consider carrying bear mace with you.
Whether you want to forged, troll or fly seafood, get geared up for a top quality experience. Angling in Alberta’s Country wide Areas needs a individual, national permit, found at store information companies, campsites and destinations. I have my new, requisite hunting and fishing license in my pocket—though pulling it out if I’m asked to produce it could prove near impossible. I post the photo to my Facebook wall (yup, Reel In Resort has wireless) and wait for the comments to roll in. And we do just about everything year around here in Western Canada, and that includes fishing.
There was lots of action in this lake as well as I caught many fish and received allot of bites and fish following.
Jet boats range in size from 12 to 60 feet, they use a conventional hull, and can seat 6 to 12 passengers. Catch and release was always the name of the game, but mostly because we rarely caught anything big enough to eat. Wally has been navigating the waters for years, so I’m not nervous, but the darkness, unmarred by light pollution, is a little disconcerting. This means getting to the lake takes allot more effort as you either have to walk or bike the road to the Resort. Lesser Slave Lake, which is 108 kilometres long and 15 kilometres at its widest point, is home to much bigger fish. But, when Wally helps me take my second walleye of the night off the hook and hands it to me, I gamely give it a smooch.
Northern pike, burbot, whitefish and yellow perch also inhabit this enormous body of water, but at this time of year, we’re hoping to catch a walleye.

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