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A selection of well-known design schools from around the world that offer Courses in Transportation Design. German 3D artist Andre Kutscherauer has published a 600+ pages instructional ebook that teaches how to create a high-quality 3D model of an Audi R8 in Rhinoceros for visualization and animation purposes. It is a 624 pages step-by-step guide that explains the modeling process of a high quality exterior of an Audi R8, mostly using class A-surfaces and keeping only a blueprint as reference.
Talking about this project, Andre explains, “It began with a knowledge gap on my side. He then decided to switch to NURBS modeling, also inspired by Thomas Suurland‘s works.
During his first attempt at creating a complete Audi R8 3D model, he made extensive researches and developed his own techniques and the idea of a complete NURBS modeling book came into his mind. This time he worked on every single step until an optimal solution was found and then documented.

When the 3D model was completed, Andre decided to create a high quality promo video: the complete natural environment with 80 Millions trees took almost 4 months of rendering time, during which he fine-tuned the book and translated it into English. In addition, it is also possible to buy a printed edition as well as the final 3D model in 3dm format. At the beginning we used to build scale model car kits following the instructions and adding lots of details we had seen in pictures of real cars from books, magazines collection or model car contests. We built amazing showroom models.
Meanwhile, our hobby became our deepest passion: Making model car dioramas and junkyard dioramas.
By building many junk model cars, continuous trial and error and lots and lots of fun, we perfected our skills.
With this book, you will learn how to make the coolest junk model cars and junkyard diorama yourself! Check out more books from our collection to learn scratch building techniques, how to make barn finds, old wooden barns, garages, gas stations, gas pumps and anything else that makes the perfect model car diorama!

He works in the 3D visualization field, creating designs for a household appliance manufacturer and 3D animations for marketing and advertising.
We even built showcases out of real car parts we collected at grandpa’s junkyard to store and display the models.
We started with one single model junk car, and we freaked out! We realized we could have our own junkyard, just as we always wanted!

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