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Sure, there are many things to fear in the world, but here again in Luke we’re reminded not to be afraid of being coerced by our God.
Today’s gospel challenges you to ask, “Where are my priorities?” Do you have them in the right place?
Jesus shares the example of being dressed for action to emphasize that we have been given everything good and so that we can see the world as an abundant gift from a generous God. Welcome To Our sale For your offerding pleasure we have a Vintage Harley Davidson Motorcycle Advertising Glass Ash Tray. Payment is due within 3 days of sale ending unless other arrangements have been made with the seller.
If you have a problem with an item it can be resolved only if you contact me before leaving response! We appreciate all our customers to post a response, We will always post response to our customers and hope you will take the time to do the same. Lindsay Lohan and her SERIOUSLY complicated relationship with fiance Egor Tarabasov just took a turn for the worse — again. Last month, we reported Lohan and Tarabasov got into a heated argument and possible physical altercation at Lindsay’s home in London. Most recently, however, Lindsay and Egor were captured on video in a clip originally circulated by Radar Online, which shows the couple engaging in a wild physical fight on the beach. Egor Tarabasov then swings the driver side door open and runs out on the beach to grab the phone.
Tarabasov approaches Lohan from behind, wraps his arms around her and attempts to grab the phone. The incident gets physical pretty quickly as the engaged couple violently wrestles each other on the beach — and the rest is history.
I know I have one day a week to cram it all in, but it’s only 9am – I’ve got the whole day, right?

Sure, Jesus is talking about money here – so we thing gold, silver, jewels, and diamonds, which are a girl’s (or boy’s) best friend.
If an item is grossly misrepresented I will refund your money, once returned, minus shipping cost.
Having teleported from the bustling city of New York to sunny SoCal, he now sets his sights on expanding the voice of generation Y. While this might seem extremely difficult in our world of competing interests, it is essential for our lives as Christians. Anyone want to share?) We hear that we should fear immigrants because they might take our jobs.
As a verb we can treasure something that might have little to no monetary worth to another. We’re more likely to notice the homeless person, when we’re looking for the homeless person.
Pretend you’re on the beach or in the wilderness and take a moment to think about your priorities, where are they?
One author suggests that the difference between a command and an invitation is only in how it strikes you.
If you worship your body, beauty, or sex, then you will always feel ugly, and when time goes by you’ll age and die a million deaths.
If we prioritize giving, serving, and being ready to serve, then we too have our hands open in a readiness to receive. Best of luck and please ask all questions.Thank you for looking and please check out our other sales. Please let me know right after an sale has ended if you are offerding on other items and I will combine your shipping.
The ancients recognized how intertwined these three were in a more holistic way than we sometimes do.

As one author reminds us: “Human sinfulness encourages us to believe that giving, instead of taking, will lead to destitution, deprivation and desperation. Please email if you have any questions, we check our sales as often as possible, and will return a reply as soon as we can.
Remember, the kingdom is already yours, so this last part of the text isn’t about justification, but rather it’s about vocation.[2]  You already have the promise of the kingdom, and a promise always leads to freedom. The gospel promises, however, that giving from what we have will make us mindful of the God of blessing and ready to receive the gifts God offers… The less we want to have, the less we need to have. Before I know it the time is 3pm, I haven’t showered, done laundry, cleaned, gone to the grocery store, or cooked before I have dinner plan. You see, these are the unconscious things we treasure, or, as Foster puts it, the default things we worship.
We hear that we should fear walking on the streets of Chicago because we might get mugged or shot. The less we need to fear, the more we know that a life of giving allows us always to live, not on the brink of destruction, but on the brink of blessing,”[5] where we can readily hear that our God comes to bless us and bring us peace. I’m going to leave those questions rhetorical for now, so we can see what else Luke has to say. As Foster puts it, “the really important kind of freedom involves attention and awareness and discipline and being able to care about other people and to sacrifice for them over and over in myriad petty, unsexy ways every day.
So don’t let anyone try to make you think you earn God’s kingdom or that you earn God’s favor, because you’ve already got it.

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