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When you’re in your car, truck or SUV, and you suspect your car brakes aren’t working like they should, you should give them a quick test to see if your problem is, indeed, a brake issue. When brake pads are worn out, they tend to make noises, like squeaks or metal scraping on metal. Located in Fullerton, Fisk Automotive can help you with complete brake service and brake repair.
The next time you’re in the Fullerton area, come into Fisk Automotive for a complete brake service and safety check-up. This entry was posted in Auto Repair Shop, Brake Repair and tagged Brake Pads, Brake Service, Car Brakes on June 18, 2013 by Fisk Auto. Find out more about our Professional Affiliations that help make Fisk Automotive your best Fullerton Auto Repair choice.

September Carrino - 34JJ Cup is back in blue She's blessed with indescribably awesome all-natural curves, an irresistibly cute face and a wholesome charm that's simply devine! If you hear the noises get louder when you use the brakes, it could be a good indication that your brake pads need replacement as soon as possible.
When the brake pad is fully worn out, the wheels will appear cleaner, which means they need replacement as soon as possible. It is our preference that you visit us for a brake repair check-up before you find yourself with failing brakes. If you’re not near Fisk Automotive in Fullerton, head directly to an auto repair shop that services brakes so you remain safe. Our job is to keep you safe, and we can do that better when you make regularly scheduled car maintenance visits.

Our staff is well trained, we have the latest in diagnostic tools, and we make certain that your vehicles always meet factory specifications. When you come to Fisk Automotive in Fullerton, it is our promise that we will provide you the best possible auto care and brake service and repair so you and your passengers can remain safe and worry free from brake failure. Similarly, if you see a slot in the center of the brake pad, that could serve as a wear indicator.

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