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Four foam machine models to choose from, models that are table top, ground based, on a tripod and off the ground and a cannon. These 3 machine all professionally made by a world famous FX manufacture that hold US patent for Snow machines and Flogo foam machines, not from a carpet blower retrofitted, and these machines are designed to produces the best foam and were the first to come to markets.. Single-handedly designed and produced by 22 year old Global Special Effects production professional Cody Porter, this brand new, revolutionary foam machine can fill a 6,000 to 8,000 cubic ft room completely full of foam in just 8 to 10 minutes!
Allthough the idea of dancing away and then having thousands of gallons of foam sprayed and poured all over you until you are covered to neck height may sound a bit wierd or even horrible and messy the reality is that it is the greatest and most enjoyable, fun thing to be added to a disco.
You might think foam is made from water and soap, so I am going to get all cold and wet and sticky.
Not so, although you clothes will get damp you will not feel cold when you are in the foam,it will keep you warm.
Normally at a Foam Party the foam will not start for a few hours to let everyone get in party mood.
You might need to fix up sheets of plastic around the edges to stop it spreading too far.
You could also set up a slide going into the foam near one end then the people could slide down into the foam and disappear under it for a while. For some outdoor foam fun in the summer you could hire a bouncy castle and fit up one or two foam machines to pour or spray foam onto the people bouncing inside. Filling a dance floor with foam can raise the humidity to near 100% causing water to condense on pipes, windows, metal doors, and any other surface that is below the dew point. One common method of protection is the use of a ground fault interrupter on devices that could come in contact with the foam.
There have been several reports in the media of severe allergic skin or eye reactions to party foam, but in almost all cases this has been the result of inexperienced operators using dish washing liquids instead of non-irritating foam.
Generating hundreds of cubic meters of foam in a club environment is difficult because foam breaks down rapidly after it is generated.
Since the introduction of foam machines and foam generators, many small operators use inferior equipment and cheap chemicals. This is why our machine are the best foam machines produced and safest foam machines which cost more to rent.

No matter how carefully you cover the walls and floor of the room you do this in with plastic, some water is going to get onto the walls and floor.
Our solutions are the driest foam in the industry once the water to foam is made lasting hours if untouched. Water - Once the fluid is turned into foam only about 5% of the foam will become liquid as it dissolves.
Customers Clothes - People partying in the foam will experience a humid, or dampness on their clothing, depending on how long they remain in the foam and where they are standing relative to the machine. Compact foam machine to be connected to the water supply including an automatic mixer by venturi sucking system. Find a place to hang by a C Clamp or use the machines stand with adjustable angle or lay on its ball feet. You will need a water supply and we supply a 32-foot hose from water supply and the foam fluid bottle is connected to the water supply.
Holidaymakers who like the idea of exploring the great outdoors but shudder at the thought of a freezing, insect-infested tent may be interested in hiring a palatial motorhome - as long as they have A?8,000 a night to spare.The glittering tour bus, once used by F1 stars Jenson Button and, before him Jacques Villeneuve, is now being offered as a unique 'seven star' hotel. Glitter: The motorhome is now being offered as a unique 'seven star' hotel for tourists with a fat wallet.
Then the foam machine or foam cannons are turned on covering everyone with foam and filling the dance area to about 5 foot deep. The foam machine could by set up at a window above to let the foam pour down onto the partiers.Another idea is to set up an above ground swimming pool or large deep paddling pool in the garden and fix the foam machines in place to fill the pool and cover the people with foam.
This will also keep the foam contained in one area allowing it to build up into a deep pile as high as the people. Because foam contains water and soap, it readily wicks into painted surfaces, wooden floors, and drywall at the base of walls. Visitors of foam parties also may attempt to protect personal electronic devices like cameras and mobile phones from the foam.
Sore throats have also commonly been reported, but it is not known if the exact cause is the foam itself, perhaps from harsh soap or dishwasher products. We use professional Machines made by the Leading Special Effect Manufacture in the world Global Special Effects in business for 22 years.

If you do this in a room with a hardwood floor and plaster walls, you are going to destroy the room. Designed for an easy use, low noise and very reliable, it is the perfect partner for smaller foam parties. Single-handedly designed and produced by 22 year old Global Special Effects production professional Cody Porter, this brand new, revolutionary foam machine can fill a 6,000 to 8,000 cubic ft room completely full of foam in just 8 to 10 minutes! The foam machines usually drop foam near a dance area and it builds and piles up, they are moved side to side to cover everyone. If drainage is not provided for the hundreds of 50 gal an hour of water over the course of the event while most is foam, it creates additional safety hazards and may even flood the venue if not closely watched. The foam company should have a MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET called a MSDS sheet to conforms to WITH OSHA code. Works direct from water source with a Gal of water with the concentrate make for over 25 minutes of foam. Whether you stay a night or a week, you will enjoy a unique getaway for two or for the entire family! Carpets are of particular concern because water can be absorbed by and trapped within the carpet padding, creating an environment for mold and fungus growth. The foam has hypo allergenic cosmetic grade chemicals that will not hurt your eyes or skin. But, if you want some winter fun, you can also do it inside, in a concrete-floored basement with concrete or cheap wood-panel walls. We also have Dermatological test data4 regarding its safety for general use It is important to note that, if the floors have been cleaned with bleach, it can react with the foam.

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