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Independent Advice On The Best Hair Removal products For You, Your Skin Color & Hair Type.
Thank the stars I did take them up on this trial as the NONO answers a small prayer which I’ve often whispered, but never really believed would come true.
I know I’m asking a lot but I think having high standards is a positive quality even though it often leads to disappointment! Many hair removal experts have written No No Hair Removal reviews which heap praise on this awesome little device. The magic formula behind the NO NO and what makes it so unique, is its use of Thermicon technology.
Put simply – the NONO heats the hair, the hair heats the hair follicle and the follicle is destroyed by the heat.
Thermcion treatment is revolutionary in that because it doesn’t target the melanin in the hair follicle like a laser does, people with dark skin or blond, red, white or gray hair are able to use the device without any risk of burning or skin discoloration.
This was very encouraging and makes the free trial offer worthwhile, since if you haven’t seen a change within the 8 week trial period, you can simple return the device without any hassle. When I first set out, I followed these instructions to the letter and once I entered the 5th month, I stopped all treatment and waited to see what would happen. As I write this review, I have just started working on my arms and bikini line and after 7 weeks of regular treatment, I am seeing a very similar pattern. Compared to any other long-term or permanent hair removal treatment, THESE TIMES ARE REMARKABLE and I did all of these (with the exception of my bikini line) while I was watching TV – I’m a big fan of British nature programs! You simply choose the appropriate Thermicon tip for either long or short hair and the treatment level, then glide it across your skin at a steady pace and finally, when you have finished an area buff your skin to leave it smooth. The status screen lets you know how much battery life you have left, the condition of your treatment tip and whether you are using the NO NO correctly. Since No No Hair Removal uses a heat pulse to remove your hair, it leaves a crystallized remnant where the follicle has been burnt. THIS WILL BE A VERY POPULAR OFFER AND STOCKS WILL BE LIMITED SO TO AVOID MISSING OUT YOU NEED TO ACT NOW.
The trial period is the perfect way to see if the NO NO is for you and because 60 days is more than enough time to start seeing results, you can’t really lose. Since the NO NO treats your hair by essentially burning it, this smell can be a little unpleasant at times. I should say again that the NONO Hair Removal System is not a magic wand and you do need to put the time in to see results. Persistency, commitment and consistency are key and it is not a permanent solution to hair removal. But like many other No No Hair Removal reviews will testify, the NO NO does give you a guaranteed solution to long-term hair removal in a way which is simpler and cheaper than any other product on the market today. I waited a long time for a solution to hair removal like the NO NO and will always be happy I gave it a chance. In a field of strong competition, the NO NO stands out as a unique hair remover system which delivers on a promise often made but rarely kept: Professional, pain free, long term hair removal at home that’s safe for all skin types and hair colors.
This entry was posted in Hair Removal At Home, Long Term Hair Removal, Painless Hair Removal, Recommended Hair Removal Product, Top Rated Hair Removal Product and tagged Best Hair Removal Product, Hair Removal At Home, Long Term Hair Removal, Painless Hair Removal, Recommended Hair Removal Product on February 24, 2010 by Ally Gilbert. So I left a post back on 9th June, 2012 saying that I had managed to pick up the No No while the original free trial offer was running and would be back to post my results.
I still use the No No 8800 now and again but honestly, I stopped treating myself regularly about 10 months ago because it had done the job I wanted it to. You should ignore all the hype about the No No and stick to the facts: the No No 8800 is a really handy, pain free home hair removal kit which gives you long term hair removal.
If you are reading this and the free trial is still available from the No No website, then I encourage you to try it and see for yourself. My struggle was particularly with facial hair, as I was simply shaving the other parts of my body and dealing with the aftermath as best I could (usually meant that I covered up) but my face was another story. Now I’ve said good by to my “stache” I’m beginning treatments on other parts of my body as well. Anyone who, like me, has been on a quest to find an easy to use, pain-free and effective solution to hair removal should be psyched that someone finally thought up the no no hair removal system. I have been using the no no hair removal system for about 9 weeks now and i’m very pleased to say that yes it works. I bought my No No almost nine months ago (missed the free trial sadly ?? ) and I’m more than satisfied with the results I’ve gotten. I love clean, soft smooth-looking legs and with spring and summer around the corner, I get that renewed desire to look my very best. Among the many things I love about summer, I particularly love trading in my winter coat and boots for cute sun dresses and open-toed sandals but the one thing I don’t look forward to is dealing with ways to get smooth skin!
So here below are the devices that I have tried in my quest for a more permanent solution and hopefully it will give you some guidance if you are looking to make any purchases.
Just so you know that the Flash & Go works best on hair that contains more melanin which means it responds well to dark hairs.
It comes with an instructional dvd, the device itself as well as an international plug for use internationally. Here are some links to the products (or similar ones) listed in my post if you want to purchase or view. I clicked the link for the silk not flash and it says that it's not safe for dark or naturally tanned skin.
I clicked on the link for the silk not flash and it says not safe for dark or naturally tanned skin.
In continuing my review of Victoria's Secret I would like to say (as I'm sure you already know by now) that I am truly a HUGE fan of VS!

This is a one time special offer it will only be available until the beginning of April in order to guarantee all orders are met before stocks run out.
Last year, after reading many reviews I finally settled on a depilatory cream which was the closest thing I could find to perfection. However, the best endorsement a product can get is from regular folk like you and me who are just looking a simple, long term answer to hair removal.
Many other NO NO Hair Removal system reviews have been singing the praises of Thermicon without describing how important Thermicon is to the NONO. This is a remarkable breakthrough as it makes the NO NO a truly democratic hair removal device which can be used by everyone – something which the hair removal industry has needed for a long time. Like any hair remover system, the NONO does require a time investment and it takes on average 4 – 6 weeks of treatment to see a significant difference in hair growth. It’s a win win situation but I would be surprised and interested to learn if you do make use of the return policy. It is best not to use the device more than 2 – 3 times a week as you have to wait for some hair to grow back although all you need is 1mm of stubble before you can use it again. This found that women who had followed the advice of NO NO Hair Removal reviews and used the NONO Hair Removal System twice a week for just 6 weeks had a 64% reduction in hair and over a 12 week period, 48% was permanently removed. My arms are currently taking just over 10 minutes each and as I mentioned, my bikini line is averaging around 20 minutes.
However, as part of their Spring Special Promotion, Radiancy have re-opened their famous free trial offer and right now you have the chance to try the NO NO for a whole 60 days completely risk free.
IN ORDER TO GUARANTEE THAT ALL ORDERS ARE MET BEFORE STOCKS RUN OUT, IT WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE UNTIL THE BEGINNING OF APRIL AND WILL EXPIRE THE EVENING OF Saturday, 20 August 2016. With the old NO NO Classic model, it was sometimes a little tricky treating the smaller parts of your face such as your upper lip or chin. However, this is also a sign that the device is working properly and can be easily masked by incense or hair fresheners.
Some hair will grow back and you do need to re-treat yourself every month or so to keep your skin hair free. My life would have been so different if I hadn’t tried it out and seen for myself the amazing results it gives you.
I’m Ally and I’m originally from Nebraska but moved to Springfield, Illinois a couple of years ago.
Fortunately, I have found excellent ways to overcome this and am so please I have the chance to share these with you. Honestly, I had forgotten I made my original post but recently returned to this blog and was a little disappointed to see my comment had so much negative feedback.
If you want a completely permanent solution then go with something else like the Tria or Silkn.
I hope some people find my experience to be useful and that this time around, people might give me more of a vote or approval. I didn’t want to shave (for obvious reasons) and the chemicals in creams would make me break out. I have about 60% hair reduction at this point and i’m looking forward to even more good results in the very near future. I use it less and less, as my hair grows back very fine now (a vast improvement over nine months ago!).
Now I have confidence to wear shorts and skirts, and I’m not always obsessing over touching up spots I missed when waxing or shaving! I wish Amazon and the No No manufacturer was sort out this confusion between the No No 8800 and No No Classic. Thanks for visiting!Given the time of year I really wanted to share my latest experience with hair removal. Results do vary on different people so I’d like to make a quick disclaimer here and say that these are my opinions based on my own experience. It didn’t feel like it was removing the hair below the skin’s surface and I found the head of the device to be too small therefore not covering much area. I’m actually wondering what I’m gonna do with it once I won’t need it anymore…hmm…maybe I’ll rent it out!
Red does show some response according to Silk’n while white, grey or blond usually don’t respond well. You have 3 different settings and at times you’ll feel a little ‘zap’ but for the most part it’s completely comfortable and tolerable! So with that, our legs are more exposed and so are all the…ahem…little imperfections as well! Radiancy have announced they will be pulling the offer at midnight PST on Saturday, 20 August 2016 so don’t miss out on this). Thermicon is based on the same principles as laser hair removal but with one big difference. However, after 3 weeks I had begun to see some hair reduction on my legs and underarms and 2 weeks later, they were 70% clear.
The NO NO not only slows re-growth but it also permanently decreases your hair density which is why over time, you use it less and less and with longer intervals in between treatments. I have also started treating my face including eyebrows and upper lip and this is taking just under 14 minutes.
There are no nicks or cuts like you get from shaving or rashes like you get from some creams. Radiancy recommend also using a moisturizer or a non-alcoholic lotion although I personally found this wasn’t necessary. However, the new NO NO 8800 has solved this problem by giving you the option of using a smaller treatment tip which has made treating the smaller and more sensitive areas of your face very simple.

As the weeks go by and less hair grows back, the smell will lessen and in the case of my legs, it disappeared entirely. Like was mentioned in an earlier comment, the No No 8800 works and the Classic model does not. But if you don’t mind doing a quick touch up now and then, then the No No is an excellent choice. I managed to pick up the No No while the free trial offer was still running and I’m so pleased I did as the no no solved this problem completely. The burning hair smell did get a little while to get used to, but since my hair is so fine now after treatment it’s not really an issue anymore.
In fact, because of the incredible results I experienced I felt I needed to pass along what worked for me.  You will find the best at home permanent hair removal system below. I’ve tried almost everything (except professional laser treatments) to achieve smooth, silky skin so I was really desperate and determined to find a more permanent hair removal solution that I could do in the comfort of my own home! I’m not a fan of waxing.
I have not received anything for free so the opinions expressed are solely based on my experience.
I don’t remember exactly how much I paid it…I believe it was over $100 and that was a few years ago so I am only speaking to the effects of an older model. I also felt I had to go over the area many times before beginning to see any type of results. I’m not a fan of infomercials but In my personal quest for a more permanent solution, I was so tempted to give it a try and I am so glad I did! I'm a hard working gal and an enthusiastic beauty blogger based in the beautiful city of Montreal! I can tell you that being Italian I am not exactly pale and it was perfectly ok on me, however, when my sister in law tried mine on a few spots on her leg she said it left some sort of a dark mark that she noticed days later and it wasn't going away. This is a pretty big deal as 60,000 people can’t really be wrong and these guys only hand out award to the best of the best. Unlike lasers which relies on light and the heat generated by that light, the NO NO is solely heat based.
For microscopic precision, the new 8800 model is also compatible with the NO NO kit for small areas which gives you a range of even smaller treatment tips for those really challenging hairs. I’m sure this was because my leg hair is quite thin and fine so for people with similar a hair type, expect to be smell free by the second month. Now I know it’s my fault for leaving everyone hanging but still…it hurt my feelings a little!
Amazon (in particular) or Radiancy have not been very helpful in making this distinction clear so make sure you don’t make this mistake. I’m a little busy at the moment but will try to return to this page once every couple of weeks.
I do still tweeze my eyebrows, but i’m thinking about getting the attachment so I can start no no – ing my brows too because it would be awesome not having to pluck them out everyday. I start to think about exercising, eating healthier, and make an overall conscious effort to make improvements.
You ‘smell’ the hair burning so that made me feel like it was working but my overall impression was not favorable. The only thing I haven’t tried are professional laser treatments for a few reasons: cost and time so I can’t speak to the effects of this procedure but I can definitely speak to the effects of my baby Flash !
Also, I don't have to deal with ingrown hairs either which were a big problem so I'm absolutely thrilled with it. It works by emitting a gentle pulse of heat which travels down to the hair follicle and prevents hair growth from taking place. Make sure that when you are reading a review, the writer actually refers to the No No 8800 because if they don’t, it is likely they are speaking about the No No Classic or an even old model. I know it’s not supposed to hurt, but since it burns the hair follicle, I expected more heat.
I didn’t like it for large areas like the legs, however if you’re working smaller areas it’ll do the job and the results will last you a few weeks. You won’t have to deal with ingrown hairs or scarring that shaving and waxing can bring. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT to anyone who’s tired of shaving, who hates waiting until your hair grows long so you can get it waxed (totally impractical for summer as far as I’m concerned) and to those who don’t want to dish out $$ for the pricey laser.
I've recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and will endeavor to share all my healthy tips with you. I just checked online for you to see if I could find something on the matter and all I found was this that 'if your skin is too dark the light pulse attacks the melanin (the pigment found in hair, skin and nails) and can cause blisters, burns or dark spots'. I also got some small scrub pads to buff the skin away and maybe even a tube of cream (I don’t remember).
The device rips the hair out from below the skin’s surface along with the follicle leaving your legs smooth to the touch since it leaves no stubble behind. It does have an indicator and the pulse should not activate if it detects the skin to be too dark but again it did activate on my SIL and she had some marks. I even remember reading reports of Amazon shipping the wrong model and of course, stay away from ebay. I cannot deny that it is somewhat painful depending on your threshold for pain but it does work. If you can deal with a little pain, you can have smooth legs for a few weeks but after a while even that began to be a pain (no pun intended!).

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