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So I’m trying to prove there is life outside rugby, and this weekend I had even more time to fill being a Bank Holiday weekend. I started with the shooting, which was fun, but being a true petrolhead I needed to get on the quad bikes to see how great I was. The surge of adrenaline, the wind in my face and the satisfaction of overtaking my friends was getting all too much for me to fight.
In hindsight (and I will admit to this, begrudgingly) I was going a ‘touch’ too fast and completely messed up the corner, forcing me onto a different track and field, losing the rest of the group. Realistically I was nowhere near the shooters (well, not according to the health and safety guy in the activity centre), but when you’re disorientated, lost, wearing a full face crash helmet and goggles (splattered with mud), I could have been in a First World War battle for all I knew.
So for the rest of the weekend, I was obviously the butt of far too many jokes, but happy still being in one piece.
Apparently (random fact alert) the first ?1,000,000 cheque was written at the Coal Exchange during a transaction at the turn of the 20th century…it has since been converted into a performing arts centre (due to the lack of coal I guess), so to check out future gigs by clicking here. For all you MySpace fans out there, the Mighty Fuod have a page, so go and have a listen to their cool blend of music. Last Friday I enjoyed the trials and tribulations of the end of season dinner for my rugby club London Welsh. As you can probably guess, one drink led to another (and another, and another), the singing started (as only the Welsh know how) and things became a little hazy…. It made me think about how men and women perceive themselves and each other, in terms of the tasks that they undertake.
It started a few days ago, when perhaps in a two fingers gesture to the impending smoking ban in public places, I decided to fish out my trusty Dunhill Unique lighter from the cupboard. After getting really fed up with cheap plastic lighters I decided it was time to drop the Dunhill lighter off at the shop and see what it would cost to fix? As I walked away, with my lighter looking like new it reminded me that it’s really quite easy to build customer loyalty; just do three things really well - quality (of product), attention to detail and service.
It was a lovely breakfast, good company, good strong coffee, fresh apple juice and pancakes, but about half way through I felt like my ears were going to start bleeding. Please believe me when I say that I am not jumping on the bandwagon, but who on earth does James Blunt think that he is?
I have a close friend who admitted to me that Mr Blount (NB not a typo thats his real name) actually sang to him on his 30th. I think my soul has only just dared creep out of my socks following Saturday night’s cringe-worthy Eurovision Song Contest; and I only caught 15 desperate minutes of the all-night epic.
Apologies if there are those of you out there who sat with national flag in one hand and warm Lambrusco Bianco in the other.
Apparently, a record breaking 42 countries took part in the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki.
As voted for by us, the general public, the United Kingdom was represented by reformed four-piece pop flop SCOOCH. Dressed in red, white and blue airline outfits, they cleverly remembered all the words of aptly named ‘Flying the Flag’, and pushed their air-hostess trolleys with precision. And as for the rest of the world, what is it with dressing up as left-over aliens from Star Trek, or resembling Doctor Who’s Cybermen? If you did happen to see this years show, and actually enjoyed it, again my apologies go out to you. Of course, we mustn’t forget to congratulate Serbia, whose winning ballad took the title with a very respectable 268 points. All the more credible is the fact that the sounds produced are from one guy called James, from his Northamptonshire bedroom. Before David Blaine was the biggest illusionist on the block, David Copperfield amazed audiences with his larger-than-life tricks. One of the comments is so true – how many times HAS the old lady seen the Statue of Liberty disappear?
If you want to modify your quad bike for road use, you’ll also need to register it with a relevant vehicle licensing authority, provide a tax disc and insurance, and make sure that minimal safety requirements have been met.
Despite popular misconceptions, quad bikes can actually be far faster than cars or vans when used over short distances.

Motorbikes, vans, and cars are designed for the road – which clearly puts them at an advantage.
Getting your quad bike road legal should be on the top of your to-do list if you need a versatile vehicle which is quick and affordable. Pedal power epitomises the type of solutions we need to embrace for a brighter future: efficient, accessible, human scale, non-polluting, simple, field-repairable, etc.
A Cornwall farmer's attempt to diversify into quad biking has come a cropper after councillors voted to close the operation.
The unauthorised quad bike centre near Looe has led to eight complaints about noise from neighbours. Caradon councillors voted to take enforcement action against Chris Gillbard who started the business at Wringworthy Farm just before Easter.
Mr Gillbard said he was revising his planning application and re-submitting it in the hope of winning permission to continue with what he regards as farm diversification.
Kim Spencer who has holiday cottages next to the farm, said: "The quads go right behind my cottages and out across the land and disturb other people. She claimed that if the centre was not shut down, she would take legal action because it would eventually ruin her business. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I was putting heavy wear on my tires so I found a place on the internet to get rims made that would take standard 14 inch car tires.
With that much hair and beard, would you even need one or would you be able to find one that fits? When I get older (or hit the lottery jackpot), I definitely want to buy a place in Montana or Idaho or Nebraska or somewhere around there where roads are empty and less populated so I can totally enjoy riding. In my mind I was a cross between Carl Fogarty and Evel Knievel which was a heady and dangerous combination (to a normal person), but hey, I’m invincible! I ended up riding contiguously with the other half of our group, who were in the process of clay pigeon shooting.
The conclusion to this weekend - quad biking is excellent fun, but it cannot replace rugby, because for me, I would end up the same way as Evel Knievel! The night was a great success for both the first and second teams, finishing highly placed in their respective leagues (again) and also on an individual level for many players who won various awards.
We start with a bumper Bank Holiday weekend with a trip home to Wales for a stag party……… I’ll let you know how I get on next time (providing I survive)! I bought this accessory of great beauty many years ago and it has a feel and quality about it which makes it a joy to use.
I had it serviced a few years ago so I’d almost resigned myself to a two week wait and a significant bill into the bargain. Not from the quality of the conversation, but rather because the restaurant were playing James Blunt, and not just one song, the entire album! My irrational hatred (and I do realise that hate is a strong word) is nothing new but I just can't stand him.
Its a clip from an aussie stand up called Tom Gleeson and its about the only way I will listen to James Blunt. Well, didn’t they do well - finishing second from bottom with a rip-roaring 19 points out of a possible 504. Gone are the days of The Brother Hood of Man’s ‘Save your kisses for me’ and the skirt-spinning delights of the Bucks Fizz classic ‘Making Your Mind Up’. I’m off to download Chaz & Dave’s karaoke classics in preparation for next year’s auditions…. Perhaps his most famous stunt was in 1983 when he made the Statue of Liberty disappear (and then reappear) on live TV. Copperfield addressed the audience, the stage was apparently rotating very slowly on a lazy Susan type turntable. This might seem like too much of a bother, but the benefits of making your quad bike road-worthy are numerous, and easily outweigh the trouble involved. They might lack horsepower and torque when compared to more conventional options, but quad bikes accelerate quickly and don’t take much time to start, so using one on the road could shave down your daily drive time.

That means that any repairs which you need to conduct will be much cheaper for quad bikes than they would be for conventional vehicles. While there have been many phablets with gaming accessories to hit the market, the iReadyGO Much i5 Quad Core Console Phablet combines everything in one go.
I would not ride it because I know how zippy they are without the agility and maneuverability of a motorcycle which is already dangerous to ride in So Cal as it is so I cannot even imagine what would happen if I rode an ATV around where I live.
Much to their amusement, I was hunkered down on the quad (thinking I was going to be shot) petrified because all I could hear was the shots ringing over my head and the prolific smell of cordite in the air.
Feeling very, very sorry for myself, I started pondering what I was going to do with my Saturday (provided I could leave the sofa), and then it hit me… there was no more rugby until September.
But no, this time they took it apart, cleaned it, polished and fixed it – all while I waited. His music will make me actively walk out of a shop, turn off a radio station, turn over a TV channel or if nothing else block my ears and hum loudly. My friend is still my friend even after this admission, although we have agreed never to mention the incident in public ever again. When the curtain opened, it seemed the statue had disappeared, but in reality, the audience's view was blocked by one of the columns.
They also cause far less damage if you need to take them off-road during the trip, so they can make a great choice for the eco-friendly. The parts are easier to fit, so most jobs can be done yourself, and the cost of the part itself won’t see you emptying your wallet. The photograph above, from that collection, shows Vietnamese bicycles transporting bamboo fish traps. Just when you think that a product is useful or fun by itself, a different item comes out that tosses two things together, making it even bigger or better than what it was originally. It has four buttons, a D-pad, and two analog sticks for gaming, and will work as a phablet as well. It has a camera in the front and back, though as always, the back camera is much better (8 megapixels). Would you like to buy some Dunhill flints sir?” The technician had already put a new Dunhill flint in it for me and refilled the gas, but it seemed churlish not to buy some, after all they’re only ?1.65 each.
Bicycle Cargo, Chapter 1For many people, both in developed and i developing countries, a bike is sole means of transport, not just for commuting or recreation, but also moving around their goods and chattels.
Chapter 2Another highlight the myriad forms of trailers that bicycles can tow, from single wheel cross country touring models to smooth riding trailers for safely moving children.21 Bike Trailers. Bike Cargo, Chapter 3Some clever folk believe the utility of a trailer can be blended right into the bike itself, by some judicious extension of the frame. The Cutting EdgeA lawn mower has wheels and so does a bike, so one should've expected that sooner or later they would breed and spawn some rather quirky offspring.
Though practicality may not have been a trait that survived intact from the union.13 Lawnmowing Bicycles.
The Cutting Edge10 Bike Speed Events, How Fast Can a Bicycle Go?If it moves, human curiosity wants know the limits of just how fast it can move. Snow clad mountains, volcanoes, desert roads, salt lakes have all been enlisted to answer this question.10 Bike Speed Events, How Fast Can a Bicycle Go?10 of the World's Best Biking TrailsHave bike.
The planet is waiting.10 of the World's Best Biking Trails16 Bike Types and How to Choose Your Ride (Slideshow)With so many forms of the venerable bicycle on the market, we wanted to strip away any confusion that might be halting any potential new rider from seizing the opportunity to ride the world's most efficient human-made transport.
But that's okay, we need our inner child enlivened more often.10 Wild 'N Crazy Bike Designs10 Best Bamboo Bikes For Style and Performance (Slideshow)Efficiency squared! The planets benefits no matter the wealth of the rider.8 Designer Bicycles for Two-Wheeling FashionistasAnd this list doesn't even cover the hundreds of individual bicycle posts we've highlighted during the past six years.

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