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Sub-Zero and Miele are the largest family owned companies in the world, yet they really compete minimally. Sub-Zero focused on refrigeration and cooking while Miele really was a dishwasher and laundry producer.
You can add custom cabinetry to them so that they blend in with your cabinetry, or you can get stainless panels to complete the look of a professional kitchen. They can be installed side by side to create a seamless side by side configuration, or installed in different parts of the kitchen separately allowing you to decide how much refrigeration vs freezer storage you really need.
Leta€™s compare Sub-Zero and Miele Columns; two of the industrya€™s leading innovators for appliances.
For the longest time, their exclusive dual refrigeration system was what set them apart from the rest; end result, better food preservation. Sub-Zero manufactured the first 27" wide column instead of the more popular 18, 24, 30 and 36 inch sizes. They offer an integrated all refrigerator, all freezer or combination unit with a single side swing door on top and double freezer drawers, which has become popular in the design community. Miele is a German company typically known for their attention to detail and high standards of service and quality. Whata€™s unique with Miele is they assemble 90% of their appliances in one factory from start to finish. Miele seemingly has better lighting and the remote vision for service issues is interesting. However, Sub-Zero offers better filtration and has added a lot of upgrades like spill proof shelving, the digital controls (like your smartphone) for better temperature control of 1 degree as well as the air scrubber to reduce food spoilage.
In addition, they offer a unit with two drawers on bottom, which is a unique look over the standard Miele. Read the Yale Counter Depth Refrigerator Buyers Guide with differences of every type of refrigerator including integrated versus other counter depths. Whether you are looking for 84″ tall refrigerator or one you can put under the counter, Trexler-Haines has the refrigeration solution for your needs.
Trexler-Haines wants to ensure that its clients are satisfied with their appliances, and to help facilitate this we strongly recommend visiting out regional showroom and speaking to one of our experienced sales representatives.
Appliances are designed to fit cabinets, so most refrigerators match standard cabinet widths. All of these 30 inch brands feature twin compressors, so the air is distributed more evenly. 30 inch will be the most expensive counter depth, because unlike the other sizes, larger, commodity companies like GE, Jenn-Air and KitchenAid are not in this niche with regular, less deep refrigerators. There are only 5 companies currently manufacturing the 30 inch counter depth (I am not including columns which are just refrigerator or freezer): Sub-Zero, Thermador, Liebherr, Bosch and Miele. Thermador, Miele and Bosch are all manufactured in the same factory with slighly different specifications.
Liebherr CS-1660 $4,399 and HCB1560 $5,879 and $6,529 in stainless: Liebherr is another high quality German company.
Download the Yale Counter Depth Refrigerators Buyers Guide with features, specs and inside tips to every counter depth refrigerator.
Paul Groux has been with Yale Appliance + Lighting for over almost 20 years, specializing in appliance sales.
ROSEMARY HARRIS: If you blindfolded me in my own kitchen I could not tell you what brand of refrigerator, stove or microwave I have. I thought it all faintly ridiculous until Alberto, the installer came to measure the weird (of course) space where the fridge went. Will someone please stop me before I buy the Wolf stove or the Northland custom side by side? Our stove is an equally unreliable gas thing that I have to keep making sure still has a lighted pilot light.

I have to confess, I love reading shelter magazines (Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Southern Living) and I often fantasize about having one of those fabulously retro kitchens, where all the appliances have rounded '50s corners and come with cool pastel paint jobs and chrome trim. LUCY BURDETTE: We do have a fancy dishwasher because of the size it has to fit in, but Debs is completely right--repairs are a nightmare! By the way, my engineer daughter who works in the energy sector spent more than a year researching appliances for the State of California.
Appliance shopping for me is going into Sears and going to the cheap end of the row and when the salesperson tries to move me to the other end of the row I dig my heels in. Sears was my first stop and I was shocked at how expensive things were - and they did have appliances in all price ranges but even the Kenmore Elite line seemed pricey to me. Their flush installation makes them virtually invisible, while also maximizing kitchen space. With efficiency standards increasing, more companies will market and produce this style of refrigeration. There is no odor or flavor transfer from freezer to refrigerator, so typically foods last a lot longer.
They are produced out of Madison, Wisconsin and are the oldest built-in refrigerator brand on the market.
Because of this, they have a high level of quality control and can often reduce the risk of any positional issues, usually before the units get into a customera€™s home.
Jessica has recently become a new mother and enjoys singing, dancing and participating in local theater.
It also eliminates the drier air of the freezer being cycled to the refrigerator and the moister air of the refrigerator being sent to the freezer. Two years ago, they improved the design with an air scrubber to "scrub" the gasses of foods in the refrigerator, so food stays fresher for a longer period of time. Like the Sub-Zero IT-30CIID they can install flush into the cabinets creating that integrated look. Consider that if you are not from the Boston area (we are a factory service agent for Liebherr).
The only reason I know I have a Bosch dishwasher is because I hate it and I'm about to replace it and its fellow appliances. There are lots of sales and they like it if you buy a bunch of appliances at the same time. It was designed for small little German plates and cups and you couldn't fit anything in it.
When we need to replace something, we walk into Sears, pick the Kenmore that got the best rating from Consumer Reports and buy it. We went through this recently--had to wait a month (washing by hand, mind you!) and then it ended up costing about the price of a regular new dishwasher.
The oven temperature gauge did not reach maximum capacity and all my chicken dishes became anemic looking.
I just take whatever the Manhattan apartment has - and use these items as sparingly as possible. I now check the internet to see if I can do it myself, after having been burned by once trusted repairman, who charged $60 to tell me that I accidentally pushed up float in dishwasher.
A head of lettuce may last a month vs roughly seven days with the traditional style refrigerator. So your ice cream and other frozen items will have a better taste because it will not be tainted by the odors from the refrigerator.
The door (not the body) of Sub-Zero BI-30U and other traditional counter depths will stick out another 3-4 inches.
I hated that thing so much I pulled it after five years and am happy to be back with Kitchen Aid or whatever low-rent brand I actually have. He led me to a door in the back corner of the showroom (really), opened it, and VOILA there was another football-field's worth of appliances.

The broiler only works intermittently and the oven is unreliable and so coated with decades of stuff that it would take a blaster furnace to clean it.
And I agree with Jan--who would ever want to have people looking at what's IN your fridge?  And a fridge without magnets? Nothing fancy, but I can't wait to get the front-loading high-efficiency washer and dryer installed. The first dishwasher which was our first one with a touch panel, would light up like a Christmas tree and turn itself on.
It's huge and is filled with - condiments and the sauce packets from Chinese restaurants. When I replaced my stove a while back, I opted for self-cleaning, something I would recommend. Miele also offers a wifi hook up and can monitor the refrigerator for service (pretty cool or somewhat creepy depending). They also offer a taller, more pro-looking refrigerator with double freezer drawers at a higher price. And my brother has a stove that belongs in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen but it uses the same gas that I do. That apt also has Bosch dishwasher (the old ones are better than the new) and Jenn-Air stove. I'm going to have to replace my refrigerator, which is still chugging along after 29 years and two repair calls, and my dishwasher, which has been gone for years. The neat feature to Liebherr is their bio fresh drawer, which preserves fruit and veggies longer. The second dishwasher which was about three years old did the same thing, only this one began smoking and was going to catch on fire, thank God our son was home ad he was able to turn the power off at the junction box. The last working burner is slowly losing it's workability factor, so I will soon be on the lookout for a new stove. The top rack, adjustable (and it seemed like a good idea at the time) broke, so that it won't wash anything. We did just buy a lovely new washing machine, front loader, huge capacity and it really does get things clean.However, I do confess to twinges of car envy sometimes. The fridge has the freezer on top and you can't find anything while you stoop down and search the fridge. When the repairman came to check it out, he said that these dishwashers didn’t like water. Within a year, she had trouble with two burners, and the cost to replace them was so high that she just uses the other two all the time.When I was a young wife and mother, my first husband spent my stove money on a state-of-the-art (8-track) stereo system when we bought this house. The washing machine, which sits at the end of the kitchen, doesn't get anything clean and is hugely noisy (and last Friday right before weekend guests came the old hose sprung a fountain-like leak, so the kitchen floor got flooded for a few minutes and then was nice and clean!). So for three years, I cooked three meals a day for a family of four on a hotplate and a toaster oven, including his college graduation party with dozens of enchiladas and tamales, carnitas en chile, sopa de arroz, and homemade tortillas.
Reliable, good solid transportation, but part of me wants that low sleek sportscar with the rag top, or better yet the Mercedes sports car with the top that folds at the press of a button. And next year when it comes time to remodel the kitchen, I think I'll look for a red stove, Hank! We will get another one at our favorite appliance store, have them install it, and then call the priest to exorcise it. I learned to cook on an old gas stove in college and didn't have gas again until we moved into this house seventeen years ago.

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