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A twenty year old man was shot and killed on Sunday evening in San Francisco’s Aquatic Park whilst playing Pokemon GO. Calvin’s family moved to the San Francisco area from a high crime East Coast city for a better quality of life.
Pokemon GO is an augmented reality treasure hunt game based around players locating Pokemon monsters on a real world map and traveling to them. Simone Biles took home the gold medal in the womena€™s individual all-around gymnastics competition Thursday. As the first female gymnast to win three consecutive world all-around titles, the 19-year-old was the top contender to win the all-around gold in Rio.
Biles builds on America's impressive Olympic winning streak of women all-around champions, which includes past gold medalists Gabby Douglas in 2012, Nastia Liukin in 2008 and Carly Patterson in 2004. He graduated from Serra High School in San Mateo and played for the San Joaquin Delta College baseball team.
When they are close enough, the application switches to the camera view and players must flick Pokemon balls at the monster in order to capture it. Biles showcased her explosive power in her Olympic debut, stunning audiences with her signature move named "The Biles," to score individual all-around gold and propel the U.S. Biles's record 10 world championship gold medals, the most ever won by a female gymnast, made her the one to beat in Rio.

Calvin and his friend, John Kirby, noticed a suspicious man watching them from the top of a hill overlooking the park. Once captured, Pokemon monsters may be trained and developed to compete against other players.
However, as it was dark and the group were playing Pokemon they did not pay much attention to the stranger watching. Nintendo and the game developer, Niantic, have included real world locations such as Pokemon Gyms and Pokestops, and an in-game currency of Pokecoins, allowing players to train their monsters and top up on monster hunting figure goodies. Calvin was walking ahead of the group, went around the corner and appears to have been shot in the back without an argument. The game has very quickly been adopted by players in those countries where it’s been released. It has been linked with criminal activities, whereby unsuspecting players have been targeted by robbers.

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