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Though the rupee’s fall has a great effect on students planning to study abroad, it still does not outweigh significant advantages of the prospect. An improvised understanding of global economics, culture and their inter-dependencies gaining a different view of international social issues, affairs and politics and developing a new academic perspective or interest on your major while you are abroad being just a few of the advantages of studying abroad.
Since the rupee started sliding, parents and students are aware that the cost of education has been increasing. The ASSOCHAM Report, published in June says that though the rupee’s slide seems to have shaken the eagerness of studying abroad, it has not shattered the dreams of students completely. Rupee fluctuation has been a reason of concern for several years now, and the recent fall of the rupee has surely increased the burden on students.

Indian students have predominantly chosen run off the mill careers in Medicine, Engineering, Law or Business. Students can handle the currency fluctuation by talking to their respective banks for further loans. Filed Under Abroad Tagged With Education in Abroad, Studies in Abroad, Study in Abroad, US Work Study Program. Since factors like generator size and a customized installation process can influence the cost of installing a home generator, the best way to get a quote is to get in touch with a local dealer.
A stint at a university abroad provides students with an opportunity to study subjects that are unavailable back home. Students to need to pay 15-20% more on everything, from their fees and education loan to living expenses due to the fluctuation in currency. A foreign education’s potential return is the core reason for students applying to foreign varsities even in the advent of the currency fluctuation. There were approximately 55,000 students travelling to the UK and 100,000 students travelling to the US for their UG Studies in 2012. But now students have to invest in an education that will prepare them for jobs or opportunities that will gain momentum in the future. To fill the gap created by the exchange-rate fluctuation, banks have also initiated top-up schemes for education loans.
Students from anywhere can now access the best universities around the world due to globalization. And the more than a nice boost to the resume and the improved post-graduate employment prospects, particularly in the areas of government services, business or international affairs is an added advantage.

Even with the unfavorable economic situation of India at the moment, students are willing to take that extra financial burden. Just as the jobs around computers and IT were non-existent 20 years ago but are a norm now. In case you have a relative in the destination country, perhaps you can take a loan from that country’s local bank. Please no link dropping, no keywords or domains as names; do not spam, and do not advertise! All the efforts related are worthwhile as the UK and the US provide the best and the most progressive education streams. More specifically, the US is well-known for its flexible choices and dual majors during university studies.
If you are employed in the same country after the completion of your education, this can provide you with an option of repaying your loan in the same currency. And not just education, with programs like US Work Study Program, students can even start earning through internships or work while studying.

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