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A: The quick answer is Champagne is from France and Prosecco is from Italy, but there are some other things to know about both wines –especially if you like bubbly wine.
Champagne is a sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France around the city of Reims about 80 miles (130 km) Northeast of Paris.
Prosecco is a sparkling wine made in the Veneto region of Italy around the city of Treviso about 15 miles (24 km) North of Venice.
Tasting Notes: Since Champagne is aged longer on the yeast particles (called lees), it will often have a cheese rind like flavor that in finer examples comes across as toasty or biscuity.
Food Pairing: Since most Champagne is intensely dry and has high acidity it works wonderfully as an aperitif matched with shellfish, raw bar, pickled vegetables and crispy fried appetizers. Tasting Notes: Prosecco tends to have more present fruit and flower aromas which are a product of the grape. Technically speaking, Champagne is more expensive to make than Prosecco but one of the biggest factors in the big cost discrepancy is market demand. Champagne is a cooler growing region than Prosecco and thus makes less fruity, minerally wines.
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It’s still enough time for the iPad Air 3 to be there among fans (expected by October this year), and the talks are already on regarding the upcoming device.
Rumour mills are not leaving any stone un-turned in terms of bringing updates for the above stuffs, and the speculations are already at the seventh heaven. According to the rumour mills Cupertino is going to make an additional stylus well compatible with the slates. It is an attempt Cupertino made so that the product look trimmed and handier in terms of usage. Touch ID is nothing new now for iPad Air fans, hence the expectations are at the peak for NFC this time.
Americans who live north of the Mason Dixon line are preparing for winter – and in Canada, Vermont and even Utah there have already been big freezes and inches of snow. Because while the tensile strenth of real and faux wood is vastly different, the look of them is not. Household pollution is a big issue at the moment, with homeowners on the lookout for zero VOC paints, carpeting, furniture and more. Last week, we spoke about the danger of bringing termites into your home through the use of reclaimed wood from improper sources. FauxWoodBeams We are excited to introduce a brand new color option for many of our most popular beam textures.
FauxWoodBeams Customer Adam tells us how much he loves his home's new look, what do you think? I managed to pop along to the Imbibe Live event at Kensington Olympia on Tuesday to see what was  new in the world of on-trade drinks.
During the talk the issue was raised of the whether the pint glass and the pint, as a measurement, was outdated. We all know beer is as complex and well-crafted as any wine or spirit but yet its perception is one of inferiority. If beer is to be taken seriously then surely the volume it is offered up in has to be questioned?
For as much as CAMRA proclaim that there are an increasing number of women trying real ale the fact of the matter is that women are still put off by the sheer volume of liquid in a pint. It has long been known that beer can be paired with food as well as, if not better in some instances, than wine. The pint is synonymous with British beer and consequently I don’t think it is going to fall into a hasty retreat anytime soon. Mike Levine from Ford gives SlashGear a look at all the interior features of the new 2017 Ford Raptor. It should come as no surprise that Mexicans, like those of us north of the border, drink a lot of soda. Mundet's apple soda was founded in 1902 by Don Arturo Mundet, who was an early adopter of the then-recently invented crown caps.
The Coca-Cola Company owns the Lift line of soft drinks, and different flavors have gained popularity in different parts of the world (lemon in Australia, grapefruit in Guatemala).
Not to be outdone by its longtime rival, PepsiCo also owns a Mexican-produced line of sodas: Sol. The Topo Sabores line of sodas is owned by the Topo Chico mineral water company, whose claim to fame was securing the first Coca-Cola bottling franchise in Mexico back in 1926 (that or having one of its bottle caps used in the episode of The Office where Kevin tries to repair a broken turtle shell). Adam Lindsley is a Pacific Northwest-based writer, musician, and the author of the pizza blog, This Is Pizza. Lately it seems like every other e-mail that hits my in box is touting Social Security as the new marketing “secret-sauce” to attract the Boomer generation and their assets. In this case claiming benefits at age 62 would produce a monthly benefit of only $1,500 per month compared to $2,000 per month by waiting until age 66 (FRA).
With the winding down of company sponsored pension plans and the dramatic increase in IRA and 401k contributions and account values, advising clients when to begin their Social Security Benefits can be tricky and could cause additional and unnecessary income taxes.
It’s true that waiting until age 70 will produce the highest possible Social Security benefits but what about the potential income tax on those benefits.

This piece of legislation was intended to help Americans supplement their personal retirement savings, not replace it.
It was never the government’s intention to return our income tax dollars so we could retire comfortably at Uncle Sam’s expense. To ensure that the money would be available for its intended purpose, President Roosevelt promised that as long as he lived, Americans would pay no income tax on their Social Security benefits. Working Americans pay into the Social Security system with after tax dollars, and those who are receiving benefits and continue to have income over the thresholds are also paying income tax on their Social Security benefits. The better people do to earn income to support themselves during their retirement years, the more likely they will end up paying income tax on their Social Security benefits. Anyway, the iPad Air 3 is expected to be keeping the fundamental design intact as of its predecessors.
On this context, we bring you some of the most probable this time with the slate those will make the product a trend setter.
Through the improvement with the device that suited the application parts the users could play the features efficiently in Control panel. A 2013 paper from the University of Transilvania (not joke) describes one more way in which that might be true. Because our products are made from durable, high density polyurethane, they actually hold up to extremes of temperature better than real wood. Given the storage limitations of real wood, and its significantly higher weight, this is something worth thinking about when choosing what decor to add to your home. Our products are practically indistinguishable from the real thing – and, as you can see from the paper we cited, might even continue looking as good or better for longer. I was lucky enough to squeeze in to the Beer trends 2013 talk and tasting given by Ben McFarland although I was unlucky enough to have to stand – yes it was busy! This got me thinking on whether the pint glass is a help or a hindrance to the brewing industry. Wines maintain an air of supremacy as consumers savour and caress every ounce of the delicate liquid.
This, coupled with the outdated real ale drinking stereotypes, results in a bad formula for encouraging women to drink beer. Their stronger beer presented in smaller, bespoke and more decorated glassware enables them to treat beer like the French treat their wine. There are however opportunities for brewers to adapt and change with the potential to drive sales in areas out with the traditional pub.  The changes in the beer industry over the past decade have been tremendous but it shouldn’t stop at what’s in the glass. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Most gringos have at the very least heard of Mexican Coke, which is widely available in this country, but there's more to the sweet fizzy beverages from our neighbors to the south.
The brand's 11 flavors, including guava and mango, tend to veer toward the sweeter side, so skip them if you don't like your soda candy-sweet. Mundet comes in two flavors: Sidral (the "red apple" variety) and Manzana Verde ("green apple"), the latter of which is much more difficult to track down in the States. In Mexico, the overwhelming favorite is Manzana Lift, an apple-flavored soda (made with high fructose corn syrup) that goes straight for the Jolly Rancher profile.
Like Jarritos, Topo Sabores sodas come in a range of dayglo flavors like strawberry and pineapple and are definitely on the sweet side, comparable to the Sunkist and Crush brands here in the U.S. While it does somewhat resemble sangria thanks to the presence of wine grapes, it more closely resembles a sweet, mixed-fruit wine cooler. Even if Kenji's taste tests suggest people prefer the taste of American Coke, there's no denying the cultish fervor this soft drink instills in its disciples.
Social Security Maximization – Social Security Timing – The Wrong Choices can Cost you a Fortune – Do You want to Maximize your Social Security Income?; Sound familiar? This chart illustrates, assuming Full Retirement Age of 66 and a benefit of $2,000 at Full Retirement Age, the monthly benefit will be $2,000.  If benefits are claimed prior to FRA the benefits can be reduced as much as 25%.
If benefits are delayed until age 70, the monthly benefit will grow by 8% per year (not compounding). Before saying wait as long as you can and you’ll get more, other retirement accounts like IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b) plans, Sep IRAs, 457 and TSP plans should be taken into account.
Your clients may be forced to pay income tax on as much as 85% or their SS Benefits or they could be taxed on as little as 0% of their Social Security Benefits. Federal legislators recognized that American workers were not saving enough and might need government support to ensure they had the basic living necessities during their retirement years.
In 1983, Congress broke that promise and today, if you have an income of $25,000 and are single, or a combined income of $32,000 and are married, you will pay income tax on 50% of your Social Security benefit. Uncle Sam gets to double-dip, while senior citizens struggle to make ends meet and are left without the safety net the federal legislators originally intended.
This is important because distributions from a traditional IRA are taxed as ordinary income. In addition, the demand for notebooks is increasing highly for the slates than the notebooks.
This time it is expected Cupertino to bring a physical toggle switch at the sides of the device, which will certainly make many happier. In fact, as part of our quality control process, we test the material at the limits of the temperature you might experience in nature.

Tradition dictates that hardened beer drinkers are expected to drink in excess of 3 litres in a single sitting.
With beer sales having been in decline for a number of years, discounting half of the potential market does not make for good business sense.
Also, Mexico sodas aren't as reliant on high fructose corn syrup as those in the States, though the rising cost of cane sugar has convinced many Mexican soda producers to make the switch to syrup. We're particularly fond of the tart Tamarind variety, but the Jamaica carries intense hibiscus flavors and is particularly pleasant on a hot day. Despite what it claims on the official website, Mundet barely has any real apple juice in it (less than 1%—it says so right on the bottle).
It has a lighter body than Sidral Mundet, with a miniscule percentage of apple juice concentrate tossed into the mix that can't compete with the instantly recognizable "green apple" candy flavors. The apple-flavored variety, Manzanita Sol, won our apple soda taste test back in 2011, enticing us with its perfect balance between sweet and tart and vivid apple cider parallels. The most recognizable of the bunch, and our favorite, is the orange, which offers the classic orange soda experience without taking the sugar levels into the stratosphere. Your brain might be tricked into thinking otherwise, but there's no alcohol to be found in this full-bodied beverage.
In case you don't know the difference, it pretty much comes down to one factor: Mexican Coke uses cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Many of these advertisements are inferring that it’s generally a mistake to start you benefits before you absolutely must. Conversely, if benefits are delayed until age 70 the monthly benefit can be increased to as much as 132% of the normal benefits if taken at age 66 (FRA). So in the case above waiting until age 70 will increase benefits from $2,000 to $2,640, an increase of $640 a month for the rest of your life. Distributions from qualified plans are counted 100% in the formula to determine if Social Security Benefits will be taxed and what percentage of the total benefit will be subject to income tax. Keep in mind; the more the participant takes out of their qualified retirement plans, the more likely they will pay taxes on their Social Security Benefits. It gets worse: if you have income of $34,000 and are single, or an income of $44,000 and are married, you will pay income tax on 85% of your Social Security benefit. A tablet can be definitely more flexible to deal with if it is not required to plug in for charging. Yes there are ABV issues but it is very difficult for anyone to treat a drink with reverence or respect when it is offered up in quantities of a pint. Not necessarily a bad thing as carbonation helps drive the many wonderful aromas of beer but the results can leave drinkers feeling bloated. While it may not have an authentic fruit flavor like other apple sodas in this roundup, Manzana Lift is a good pair for saltier, fattier foods that require a bright acidity to cut through the richness. Manzanita Sol is beginning to make serious headway in the Unite States: earlier this year, Taco Bell started selling it at select locations, with plans to expand throughout 2014. Spanish-born Mexican resident Don Manuel Gomez Cosio came up with Sangria Senorial in 1964, and the soda has gained wide popularity since then thanks to Mexican distributor Novamex (which, incidentally, also distributes Jarritos and Sidral Mundet). However, it was recently revealed that a large percentage of Coca-Cola produced and sold in Mexico uses corn syrup, not sugar, and that only the Coke exported to the U.S.
He will do just about anything for a good doughnut, Belgian beer, or taco, with a near total disregard for the consequences. So this brings me to my question; Does it really make sense to wait until age 70 to receive a larger Social Security benefit? My point is: taking Social Security timing out of the context of other retirement plans can be a tax disaster and create tremendous liability for the unskilled advisor. The probability of the above spec is gripping especially after Samsung showing interest on this regard.
It is such a high demand as the quality of the videos and size f the games are getting bigger. The closest comparison in the culinary world would be the KFC chicken bucket – hardly an advocate for high quality, well-crafted food! Switching to smaller measures of beer could see it challenge wines dominance with food and open up new markets.
Taco carts often offer Sidral Mundet, and it happens to pair beautifully with a salty carnitas taco hot off the grill. Of the brand's other flavors, Tamarindo Sol is worth seeking out for its slightly earthy, sweet and sour undertones. Serve it ice cold with a squeeze of lemon or lime to brighten the grape and cherry flavors. So getting back to the original question; Does it really make sense to wait until age 70 to receive a larger Social Security benefit?
Mexican Coke is sometimes sold at a premium, so if you consider yourself one of the devout, you may want to try the two Cokes side by side to see if the gap is as wide you assumed. Mexican Coke pretty easy to track down these days, and you can even buy it in bulk at Costco.

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